7 Best Ttc App Android

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Download the Best Ttc App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn the world of fertility and family planning, there are various tools and technologies available to assist couples who are trying to conceive. One of the most popular and convenient methods is the use of a TTC (Trying to Conceive) app. These apps provide a range of features to help users track their menstrual cycles, ovulation dates, and other important data points that can affect their chances of getting pregnant. In this article, we will explore some of the key features and benefits of the best TTC app for Android users.

One of the main advantages of using a TTC app is the ability to easily and accurately track fertility-related data. With just a few taps on their smartphone screen, users can input information such as the start and end dates of their menstrual cycle, any symptoms or changes they experience during that time, and any other relevant details. The app then uses this data to predict ovulation dates, provide insights into fertility trends, and offer personalized recommendations for optimizing the chances of conception.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Ttc App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Ttc App Android

1. Transit: Bus & Subway Times

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Transit is a multi-functional app that provides real-time city travel information for over 300 cities worldwide, covering buses, trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and other modes of transportation. It offers users precise real-time predictions for public transit, smart and efficient travel plans, and step-by-step navigation, making it ideal for unfamiliar destinations. The app is designed with a clear, bold interface to ensure that users don’t get lost or stuck at the stop.

Regardless of whether one is new to a city or a frequent subway rider, Transit is an award-winning app that is highly recommended. Supported by over 200 transit systems, the app has received numerous accolades such as Best Overall App to Navigate NYC, and is trusted by major media outlets and tech critics.

Transit offers various useful features such as real-time maps that show the location of one’s ride, subway maps, a trip planner that works offline, and the ability to explore different combinations of trips to find the best and fastest route. It also provides real-time predictions for specific transportation modes and a step-by-step navigator, including transfers, with voice reminders to start walking to one’s stop, hurry up if the bus or subway is arriving early, and where to get off. Additionally, the app has schedules, route itineraries, and connecting lines at every stop.

2. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

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Clue is a cycle tracking app that provides users with accurate period, ovulation, and PMS predictions, and insights into how factors such as skin, stress, and energy levels can change throughout the menstrual cycle. It offers users a customizable ovulation and period reminder feature and a science-backed period, fertility, and health encyclopedia. Clue is designed to help users stay informed and make empowered health choices, regardless of their life stage, and does not sell user data.

The app includes features such as a period tracker, period calendar, ovulation tracker, fertility tracker, and fertility friend to help those trying to conceive. Users can log their symptoms, flow intensity, moods, and more to find patterns in their menstrual cycle, and set up calendar reminders for upcoming periods, ovulation, and PMS. Clue also includes a pregnancy app and a week-by-week guide, allowing users to track pregnancy symptoms and baby movements.

Clue users can view their period lengths and cycle variations, see the symptoms they tracked in relation to their menstrual cycle, and use the app to manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and irregular cycles. The app is designed for anyone who menstruates and uses gender-neutral language. It should not be used as a contraceptive.

In addition to its app features, Clue provides a menstrual cycle encyclopedia and resource for period, fertility, birth control, sex, and LGBTQIA topics.

3. GLOW. Ovulation & Period Tracker

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Glow is an app that offers users the ability to track their menstrual cycles, ovulation, and women’s health information. By logging physical symptoms, sexual activity, and moods, users can increase their chances of getting pregnant. The app includes personalized period information, fertility FAQs, and ovulation and pregnancy resources. Glow provides users with resources such as a dedicated ovulation tracker and fertility calculator. The app can be used for natural conception, IVF, or IUI. Glow values user privacy and offers a privacy policy and terms of service. Technical support is available through email.

4. Clue Period, Ovulation Tracker

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Clue is an app that allows users to track their menstrual cycle and gain insights into how it affects their body and mind. It provides period, PMS, and ovulation predictions, as well as details on how factors like stress, energy levels, and skin can change throughout the cycle. Customizable reminders help users prepare for upcoming events. Clue is backed by science and is female-led, and it does not sell user data. The app is designed to help users make informed health choices at any stage of life, from period tracking to pregnancy tracking.

Clue offers a variety of features, including a free period, ovulation, and fertility tracker, accurate predictions for upcoming cycles, a menstrual diary and calendar, and reminders for periods, ovulation, and PMS. Users can track recurring symptoms, like cramps, pain, and headaches, and plan their schedule around their cycle. The app also includes a birth control tracker, cycle analysis, and health insights.

In addition to its period and ovulation tracking features, Clue also offers a pregnancy tracker and week-by-week guide. Users can set their expected due date and track pregnancy symptoms, baby growth, and more. Fact-checked health content is available to guide users through their pregnancy week by week.

Clue allows users to analyze their menstrual cycle, track symptoms, and receive predictions for cramps, pain, and other symptoms. The app is female-led, science-based, and does not sell user data.

5. My TTC – Toronto Transit Bus, Subway Tracker

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My TTC is a popular mobile application that provides real-time arrival times for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) vehicles. It also supports other transit agencies such as Mississauga Transit, York Region Transit, Brampton Transit, Go Transit, Oakville Transit, and Durham Region Transit. The app’s features include a trip planner, alarm setting for bus departure, weather forecast display, various themes, real-time vehicle arrival times, service alerts, favorite stop saving, route-based stop finding, map-based location search, offline usability, subway maps, SMS service, auto-refresh, pull-to-refresh, and social sharing.

Users can plan their transit trips across the Greater Toronto Area using the app’s trip planner, which covers various transit modes, including TTC buses, streetcars, subways, MiWay buses, Go trains, Viva Transit, Oakville Transit, Brampton buses, Durham buses, and more.

My TTC app aims to provide an efficient and user-friendly experience for TTC riders with features like Street View for stop identification and real-time alerts for service disruptions. The app does not have any affiliation or endorsement from the TTC, but it employs the nextbus TTC data for its functionalities. Users are encouraged to rate and provide feedback to improve the app’s performance.

6. Transit Now Toronto for TTC 🇨🇦

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The Transit Now app is recommended for new devices in 2018 for the optimal TTC experience, and can be downloaded from https://goo.gl/LMDfCW. This app serves as a companion to the TTC, providing real-time tracking for buses and streetcars, customizable stops with labels, a countdown timer with voice announcements, and service alerts for unexpected delays, detours, and subway closures. Additionally, the app features a subway map and offline platform maps, subway open-close times for schedule information, and the ability to send SMS texts to the TTC for real-time stop departures if offline. The app is optimized for performance and has a high-contrast, color-coded interface.

The new 2018 version features Material Design and can be downloaded from https://goo.gl/LMDfCW. However, the original app will continue to be supported. For bike share users, the Cycle Now app can be downloaded from https://goo.gl/38Fdc5. Feedback can be provided through social media and the app is available on iOS.

Transit Now utilizes Nextbus for TTC real-time tracking, schedules, accurate predictions, arrival times, bus tracking, and streetcar tracking. The app provides offline maps, navigation, and travel information for the TTC. All features are free to use.

7. Rocketman – Bus & Train Times

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Rocketman is a real-time transit app designed to help commuters plan their daily trips with less stress. The app provides real-time public transit arrival times, transit crowding reports, and delay alerts for a variety of transit agencies including TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Zum, Mississauga Miway, BC Transit, TransLink, and Calgary Transit. Rocketman is simple, reliable, and easy to use for buses, trains, and streetcars.

Features of Rocketman include finding to-the-second arrival times for your bus, streetcar, or train, locating the nearest transit stops to you, seeing your bus move along its route in real-time, receiving real-time service delays and alerts relevant to your route, seeing reports from transit agencies and other riders on how crowded your route is right now, setting reminders for arrival times, and getting exclusive offers that are available to Rocketman users only.

Rocketman is supported in various regions including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and others. Users can provide feedback, ask questions, or share compliments by emailing support@rocketmanapp.com or messaging @rocketmanapp on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The app does not collect or share personal information or geolocation data, and users’ location, selected routes, and travel times are not collected or shared.