7 Best Touch Lock App For Android

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Download the Best Touch Lock App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to mobile security, locking your device’s screen can go a long way in protecting your personal data. While most Android devices come with built-in screen lock options, these may not always meet your specific needs. This has led to the development of third-party touch lock apps that offer more customization and features. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best touch lock apps available for Android devices, their unique features, and how they can enhance your device’s security.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that touch lock apps offer a convenient way to lock and unlock your device’s screen without having to repeatedly enter a password or pattern. Many touch lock apps also come with additional features such as fingerprint unlocking, intruder detection, and even the ability to lock individual apps.

One of the main benefits of using a touch lock app is the level of customization it offers.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Touch Lock App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Touch Lock App For Android

1. Enovix KLCK

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This app offers a collection of custom lock screens with animations and colorful designs. Users can enjoy the ability to showcase a different lock screen with these themes. The app features 12 animated lock screens and a simple, visually pleasing interface.

It should be noted that these themes are only compatible with the KLCK app. To fully utilize the functions of these themes, users must first install the KLCK app and its respective key. The KLCK app can be downloaded through the following link: https://goo.gl/CmA5wB. The KLCK Key, which is necessary for unlocking all functions, can be downloaded here: https://goo.gl/SwpNxc. Users are reminded not to rate the app poorly due to its compatibility requirements.

2. Touch Lock – disable your touch screen

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Touch Lock Lite is a popular app that prevents unintended operations on touch screens and buttons, making it useful for people with finger trembling disabilities, commuters, students, and elderly users. It offers a range of features such as QR code scanning, screen freeze for mobile games, and no interruption to navigation. Additionally, it allows users to enjoy one-handed cinema, transform their device into a drawing board, and turn their MV into a pocket music player.

The app enables soft key lock, volume key lock, fingerprint sensor lock/unlock, and full-screen mode. Users can go premium for additional features such as hide unlock screen and VIP services. However, there are limitations such as the inability to block the device power button, the need to enable accessibility permission to disable touching soft keys, and the app not being able to make the device waterproof or water-resistant.

There is an issue with video pausing when the screen is disabled on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, which can be resolved by following the user guide and enabling usage access permission. For Mi Phone/Pad users, the app needs to be enabled in settings and battery and performance options to function properly. Touch Lock never observes, collects, or uses any user privacy data.

The app’s official site is http://www.kidscrape.com, and some photo licenses used in the app include White Feather Photo by evieshaffer on Unsplash and image: Finger from Freepik.com.

3. Touch Lock – Screen lock

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Touch Lock is a mobile application that helps users to disable screen touch and hide buttons while using any video player. The app aims to prevent interruptions while watching videos or listening to music, especially for parents with young children, by locking touchscreen and disabling touch for navigational buttons. This ensures that users stay locked inside the video streaming service and can enjoy uninterrupted video or audio playback.

The child lock feature of Touch Lock serves as a parental control feature that blocks screen touch and locks keys, allowing toddlers to safely watch any video player without interruption. By using this feature, parents can be reassured that their children are not accidentally exiting a video player or accessing other apps while watching videos.

In addition, Touch Lock provides a screen off feature that allows users to listen to music with the screen turned off, thereby saving battery from screen usage. Users can cover the screen, which will really turn off, and put their phone in their pocket while listening to a music playlist without interruptions.

Touch Lock offers several features such as locking all touch while watching videos in any video player or stream service, listening to music with the screen off, and a baby lock feature that allows parents to run a fun baby video or toddler app and lock the phone with an invisible touch lock. It also automatically shows a floating lock icon over the video player for easy touch lock access and enables users to unlock the screen with a fingerprint or pattern.

4. Touch Protector

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Touch Protector is a free app that prevents accidental operation of your phone’s touch screen and physical buttons. It has been continuously developed since 2013 and offers rich customization options. One of the main features of Touch Protector is its convenience for certain use cases, such as locking the touch screen while using a map app or preventing accidental camera operation during video recording. Basic usage involves locking and unlocking the screen with notification bar, shake, or volume key. Recommended settings for shake sensitivity, proximity coverage, and upside-down locking can be adjusted to suit user preferences. In the event of an emergency unlock, there are several methods to try, including pressing the volume button or connecting the phone to a power source. However, there may be restrictions for Android 8 and later versions, where the app can no longer disable the notification and navigation bars. To prevent the app from being terminated by the phone’s battery control feature, users can exclude Touch Protector from battery control settings.

5. Screen Lock : turn off screen

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The Screen Lock – one touch to lock or turn off screen app has been downloaded over 4.5 million times. It offers virtual buttons to replace the physical power button and extend its lifespan, as frequent use of the physical button can cause damage. Users can set the buttons to display on the home screen, notification panel, or float on other apps. The app provides built-in icons or custom icons, as well as vibration, sound, and animation for the locking process. Additionally, the app can be set to perform other actions, such as opening applications, system settings, and media control.

The floating button feature of the app offers adjustable size and opacity, as well as multiple shapes, weather info, and a clock widget. It can also be set to automatically show or hide when the screen is in fullscreen mode, or when a specific application is displayed. Users can easily trigger actions with a single tap, double tap, or swipe.

Advanced features include air gesture, smart flip cover, long-press on home button, and shake to lock screen. The app also allows users to block touch screen to prevent accidental touch during video playback, especially for children.

The app requires the Device Administrator permission, which must be manually disabled before uninstalling, and Accessibility Services to support various features such as turning off or locking the screen, media control, and blocking touch screen. A FAQ section is available on the app’s website for further information.

6. Lock My Touch: no ads

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The Lock My Touch app aims to prevent accidental taps while using popular applications by providing four smart lock modes that disable touchscreen and buttons for various apps, including toddler games, video chats, and YouTube. The app can be quickly launched by a single tap, shake, or voice, making it easy to use on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The Standard Lock Mode allows users to lock the touchscreen, gestures, status/navigation bars, and hardware buttons, except for the power button. Users can unlock the screen with a simple swipe and keep the display on while reading text, recipes, or other content. The app also allows users to transform their tablet into a drawing board to improve their drawing skills without any ads.

The Partial Screen Lock mode allows users to make only part of the screen untouchable with the Frame Mode. The feature helps manage video and audio, avoiding accidental touches. Users can also make their gadget like a baby gallery, keeping the possibility of swiping and scaling photos while locking unnecessary features. This mode is suitable for children to watch movies and play educational games without accidentally stopping or exiting.

The Blackout & Screen Off Mode provides features such as Blackout Mode and Delayed Start, which allow users to enjoy video services like YouTube, Netflix, Disney Now, and Amazon Prime Video. By using the proximity sensor, users can save battery charge upon watching videos. They can also put their phone in their pocket with GPS navigation on.

7. Touch Locker – Touch Protector – Screen touch lock

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The Touch Lock app is designed to prevent unintentional touches on the screen while listening to music or watching videos. It functions as a touch protector app that disables the touch screen and locks the mobile screen to avoid unwanted touch. The app also serves as a child lock screen app that allows toddlers to watch videos without the issue of unintended touches. With the video touch lock feature, users can enjoy their favorite playlist from YouTube without any unwanted touch on the mobile screen.

The app is easy to use and requires only three simple steps: open the Touch Lock app, tap on start notification, and lock-unlock touch screen from notification. Once locked, the Touch Lock app blocks all touches, and to unlock the touch screen, one can swipe down from the status bar and stop the service from the notification.

The app comes with several features that include the ability to quickly activate or deactivate touch lock from the notification, lock touch screen while watching videos or streaming on YouTube, listen to music with screen lock to save battery, block touch when a child is playing with the phone, and child lock to lock touch screen when a child is watching baby videos or running a toddler app.

Users can contact the developers via email at yogi.306@gmail.com to report bugs or make suggestions. The app requests system overlay permission to lock the touch screen and internet permission for in-app purchases to eliminate ads. If users find the app useful, they are encouraged to leave a 5-star rating.