7 Best Taxi Meter App For Android

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Download the Best Taxi Meter App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world, the taxi industry is rapidly growing, and with the advancement of technology, it has become more convenient than ever before for both riders and drivers. One essential tool that taxi drivers require is a reliable and accurate taxi meter application for their smartphones. A good taxi meter app can help drivers calculate fares accurately, keep track of rides, and manage their finances effectively. In this article, we will explore some of the best taxi meter apps available for Android devices that can help taxi drivers streamline their operations and provide an exceptional experience to their passengers.

The primary purpose of a taxi meter app is to calculate the fare based on the distance traveled and the time taken for a ride. These applications use GPS technology to determine the distance traveled and calculate the fare based on the fare rate set by the taxi operator. Taxi meter apps can also help drivers keep track of the number of rides completed, the distance traveled, and the earnings made during the day.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Taxi Meter App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Taxi Meter App For Android

1. POS Print

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POS Print is a Bluetooth-based point-of-sale printing solution designed for Androidâ„¢ devices. Individuals may purchase this app if they have an app that supports POS Print, such as Taximeter by Planet Coops, or are developers seeking to add support for POS Print to their application.

POS Print aims to provide a WOPA (Write Once Print Anywhere) mobile, point-of-sale printing solution, allowing individuals to print documents written in HTML-like language to a variety of Bluetooth mobile printers. The language supports images, bar codes, and formatted text such as bold, underline, and rotated text. Over time, the app is expected to expand the list of supported printers and features.

Currently, POS Print supports Western European/US Latin alphabets for various printers, including Citizen CMP-10, Intermec PR2 and PR3, Zebra MZ220 and MZ320, Star SM-L200, SM-L300, SM-S220i, and SM-S230i (in emulation mode), Epson Mobilink TM-P60, SPRT SP-RMT9BT, and ZJiang ZJ-5802LD/DD, ZJ-5805LD/DD, POS-5802/5805 variants, and ZJiang ZJ-8001LD/DD and POS-8001 variant. The app also supports HTML e-mail printers and generic line printers with limited support.

2. TAXImet – Taximeter

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The Taximet app for Android calculates charges for taxi rides based on distance and waiting time. The app allows for configurable tariffs and does not require an internet connection. Users can easily start and stop the taximeter and view fare information on screen. The app also offers features such as printing bills, sending e-bills and SMS bills, a history of previous journeys, and tax computation. There is also a customer app feature that allows users to connect with taxi drivers. To print a bill, users must pair the app with a supported Bluetooth printer. The app can also track previous rides and apply filters to view summaries. To remove ads, users can make a payment through the app. It is recommended to keep the app open and running on the dashboard for best results. However, it is important to check whether the app complies with taxi regulations in the user’s country. Additionally, for Android 10 and above devices, users must disable battery optimization for the app to avoid it being closed by the operating system.

3. Taximeter for all

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This article discusses a universal taximeter tool that is easy to use for all taxi drivers. The program allows for customization of tariffs and includes features such as minimum cost, price range, travel time, and waiting time. Additionally, the tool includes the ability to add extra services as needed. One of the key features is the ability to change the tariff on-the-go, allowing for flexibility during trips. The tool requires a device with GPS for accurate tracking and offers customizable design options. There is also a widget available for easy access during use, and the tool includes shift tracking. The program can be used with miles instead of kilometers and offers a way to report localization errors.

4. Taximeter

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The Taximeter is a taximeter for Android designed with the input of drivers and regulatory bodies. It is used by thousands of professional drivers worldwide. The taximeter boasts a realistic LED effect appearance and operation, with over 200 predefined presets in more than 40 countries. The latest presets can be downloaded online, and Planet Coops will add rates for free. The taximeter also features customizable presets with up to 10 tariffs, a custom preset wizard, lockable presets, and location-controlled tariffs. Additionally, the taximeter has integration with PayPal Here, Square Point of Sale, SumUp, or Zettle payment processing, generates PDF receipts, and has roof light control.

Furthermore, it has an event log with alerts, resettable totals, a talking taximeter for the sight-impaired, and the ability to use On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) speed data to calculate distance instead of GPS. It also has a Preset Update Service, data logging, and an API for integration with third-party dispatch systems. The taximeter supports Samsung Multi Window, LG Dual Window, and Android Multi-Window, and includes a screen saver and floating widget.

Applications for the taximeter include private hire, medical transportation, limousine, courier, airport transfers, avoiding being ripped off overseas, carpooling, and family taxi. For more information, visit the Planet Coops website.

5. Free Taxi Meter HappyGo

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The Happygo Free Taxi Meter is a fully functioning application designed for use by taxi drivers and taxi companies. It can be used in various types of vehicles, such as tuk tuks, cars, vans, and buses. The application allows the user to customize tariff values and offers two trip types. The digital font is clear and easy to read, with a user interface that closely resembles that of traditional taxi meters. The app also includes reporting features and supports English and Sinhala languages, with Tamil language capabilities coming soon. Additionally, the app offers bill sharing among passengers.

The Happygo Free Taxi Meter is a free application that aims to cater to the needs of Sri Lankan, Pakistani, and Mauritian taxi drivers. The developers plan to localize the app for other countries in the future. The app promises more features in the coming updates. The developers can be contacted through their Facebook page for any inquiries.

6. TAXImet – GPS taximeter

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This notice is for users of the Taximet app on Android devices. To use the newest version of the app, users must follow a setting in their phone’s settings, specifically: Settings -> Apps -> Taximet -> Battery -> Battery optimization -> All apps -> Taximet -> Don’t optimize.

The Taximet app offers several features, including distance charge calculation, waiting charge calculation, configurable tariffs, no internet requirement, easy operation, print bill and e-bill/SMS bill options, a list of previous journeys, summary of journeys, tax computation, connection to the customer app, a security lock with a password, and fare announcement.

To use the app, users should place their mobile phone on the taxi dashboard, open the app, enable GPS location, and press the Start button when a good GPS signal is received. The user can then press the End button to stop the Taximeter, and pause or resume it as necessary. The app also offers settings to adjust currency, color theme, print settings, and charging rates according to the user’s area.

Users can print a bill by turning on a portable Bluetooth thermal printer, pairing it with the phone’s Bluetooth, pressing the print button on the app, and selecting the printer from the list of Bluetooth devices. The app also provides a preview of the invoice before printing.

7. TaxiController Driver

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TaxiController is a GPS and OBD based Taximeter app that has been in operation since 2011, designed in cooperation with taxi drivers and companies to provide accurate, reliable, and cost-effective service. The app provides pre-set tariffs from 230 cities in 70 countries, offers a free version with more functionality than paid versions of other apps, and offers a paid version with additional features. The app’s three modes (LOCAL, LOGIN, and DISPATCHING) provide a range of options for drivers, taxi companies, and dispatchers.

The LOCAL mode is a free taximeter that doesn’t display ads and doesn’t require any set-up work besides clicking the FOR HIRE button. The app selects the tariff nearest to the driver’s location from its pre-set database, which can be customized if needed. The app also calculates fares in advance, offers navigation and credit card interfaces, and connects to printers, OBD, and taxilights.

The LOGIN mode is intended for taxi companies and offers centralized management of the company’s own tariff, as well as tracking all driver activity in real-time. The company can create and maintain its own tariff using the app’s tariff configuration tools and create driver profiles and cars. Detailed reports on driver and car activity are available for accounting and tax purposes.