7 Best Sql Editor App For Android

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Download the Best Sql Editor App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSQL is a standard language used for managing data stored in relational database systems. The demand for mobile-friendly and versatile SQL editor applications has increased with the growing popularity of Android devices. A reliable SQL editor app for Android can help developers manage, edit, and query databases on-the-go. In this article, we will explore some of the best SQL editor apps for Android that offer advanced features and functionalities for database management.

Firstly, a good SQL editor app for Android should provide a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate through its features. It should enable users to connect to various databases, including SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. The app should also support advanced SQL syntax highlighting, code completion, and error checking to streamline the coding process. Moreover, it should provide support for running SQL scripts and queries, as well as exporting and importing data in various formats.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Sql Editor App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Sql Editor App For Android

1. [Discontinued] Navigation Gestures–Swipe Controls

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Navigation Gestures is an app that allows users to add swipe gesture controls to any Android device. It replaces the navigation bar buttons with gesture controls and can completely hide the stock navigation bar without root access. Users can customize the gesture pill and choose from a variety of gestures, including taps, swipes, and split pill. The app offers both free and premium actions, such as launching apps, pulling down notifications, and toggling WiFi. The app also provides appearance and behavior customization options, and troubleshooting tips are available on the XDA forum thread and GitHub page. However, the app is not compatible with Android 11 and later, and users should be aware that navigation gestures will not be receiving any more updates.

2. SQL Editor

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SQL Editor is a user-friendly software tool that enables users to edit SQL code efficiently. Its key features include syntax highlighting for nodes, attributes, properties, and events. It also supports autocomplete functionality, search, and replace. Additionally, it can open files with the default .sql extension.

3. SQL Code Play

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SQL Code Play is a mobile application available on Android and iOS devices. It features a built-in editor for SQLite queries, allowing users to practice SQL on-the-go. Additionally, the app offers offline access to SQL tutorials, making it a useful tool for SQL developers preparing for interviews. SQL Code Play includes 30+ simple query examples with explanations and live outputs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to learn SQL basics.

The app’s features include an SQL editor for practice, an offline SQL tutorial, detailed explanations, the ability to run SQL code, and 30+ easy examples. Users can edit and save existing code for future reference, making it a convenient and efficient tool for SQL learners and developers alike.

4. SQLite Database Editor

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This tool allows users to access and modify SQLite databases on their device. Root users can also modify databases in the system memory and view a list of installed applications with their respective databases. This tool is especially helpful for developers working on applications that use SQLite databases, as it provides graphical visibility and direct editing capabilities from the device.

5. Learn SQL

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SoloLearn has released a new free All-in-One app that provides a greatly improved learning environment for SQL. The app offers more lessons, real practice opportunities, and community support. Users can access the app through this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sololearn.

The app’s SQL tutorial is free and provides users with the ability to learn and practice SQL. Users can create, access, and manipulate databases while also earning points, unlocking levels and achievements, and competing with other learners from around the world.

SoloLearn’s SQL tutorial covers a broad range of SQL-related topics, including database basics, key SQL statements, retrieving, updating, and filtering data, functions and subqueries, creating, updating, and deleting tables, joining multiple tables, and creating custom views.

The app aims to take learners through the fundamentals of SQL in a highly interactive, rapid, and effective manner. Users can become an expert in SQL in a fun and easy way with SoloLearn. The app is available for free, and users can continue playing while learning.

6. SQL Client

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SQL Client is a mobile application that enables users to connect to multiple DBMS through their smartphone or tablet. Its main functions include executing queries, navigating through tables or views, and exporting data. The app supports various SQL statements, such as insert, update, and delete, and allows users to execute multiple commands in one query. Although the app does not allow direct editing of values in the table view, it offers syntax highlighting and undo/redo features for easy editing. SQL Client also enables users to filter, sort, and search tables and views by type, schema/database, and name.

SQL Client can connect to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Its features include executing and saving SQL statements, sharing SQL statements, and exporting data from tables, views, or queries to csv-files. The app is equipped with syntax highlighting and undo/redo features, among others.

It is important to note that the app acts solely as a client to a database server and cannot be used without a database server.

7. SQLTool Pro Database Editor

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SQLTool is a comprehensive database SQL editor that allows users to connect and manage various databases, including MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, MariaDB, Derby, and Oracle, from their Android devices. It offers rich features, such as customizable SQL queries, exporting table row data to a CSV file, full table listings, and blazing fast select, insert, and update queries. It also has different user interfaces for tablets and phones, and supports SSH tunneling for accessing protected databases.

SQLTool does not work with Oracle 10.2 and higher; it only works with Oracle 10.1 and below. Users can manage Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Sybase ASE, Derby, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases using the query editor or through a limited amount of built-in shortcuts. Additionally, SQLTool does not connect to external web services, and all database connections are direct based on the information provided to ensure data safety.

SSH tunneling in SQLTool supports both password authentication and public key authentication. For public key authentication, users need to generate private keys in OpenSSH format with a recommended encryption strength of 2048, and save them to the SQLTool directory on their devices’ internal storage with a .key extension.

If users encounter issues with SQLTool, they can contact the product website for troubleshooting assistance.