8 Best Qibla App Android

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Download the Best Qibla App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe Qibla, or the direction of prayer towards the Kaaba in Mecca, is one of the most important aspects of Islamic faith. Muslims all over the world orient their prayer mats towards the Qibla during their five daily prayers. With the increasing use of smartphones, it has become easier to determine the Qibla direction using a Qibla app. In this article, we will explore the top Qibla apps available for Android devices.

When choosing a Qibla app for Android, there are several factors to consider. The accuracy of the Qibla direction, ease of use, and additional features are some of the key factors that can impact the user experience. A good Qibla app should be able to provide real-time Qibla direction based on the user’s location. It should also offer additional features such as prayer times, nearby mosques, and a compass for navigation.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Qibla App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Qibla App Android

1. Ezan Vakti Pro – Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran

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The Times Athan app provides a range of features to assist users with their religious practices. The app issues a warning in Times, reminds users before entering Times, and has an automatic mute feature in both Times and Masjeeds. The app calculates time based on the user’s GPS location and provides monthly downloads of religious objects that can work without internet. The app also features a wake-up alarm for Sahor, reminders for fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, and a reminder for Friday prayers.

Other features include the ability to listen to the entire Qur’an, share verses, times, pages, and Juz-based content online, and autofocus on verses. Users can track Hijri Day and Month, track auto kadha, and use the Qibla compass and map. The app can also locate nearby mosques using Google Service and provides multiple audio options for alerts, including individual sounds for each prayer time.

The app includes a high-volume alarm to wake users up for morning prayer, a library, and Tesbihat for recitation. Additionally, it includes a prayer of supplication and time, a Hijri calendar converter, weather tracking, online tracking of Kaaba, and a 5-year important religious day and night feature. The app is available in 21 languages, and its downloadable content has been minimized with the program size.

It is important to note that the app may not work with the SD card widget.

2. Qibla Compass: Qibla Direction

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The Qibla Finder app is designed to assist Muslims in locating the direction of Qibla from any location in the world. Qibla, also known as Kaaba, is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and all Muslims face towards it while offering prayers. The app uses GPS technology to accurately determine the Qibla direction from the user’s current location. In addition to Qibla direction, the app includes features such as a nearest Mosque locator, Islamic calendar, and 99 names of Allah in Arabic and audio.

The nearest Mosque locator feature enables users to find the closest Mosque to their location, while the Islamic calendar provides accurate dates and events for both the Hijri and English calendar. The app also offers an attractive user interface and multiple Qibla dials with different designs to choose from. The Qibla direction can be viewed on a GPS map, and an arrow on the map shows the direction towards Mecca.

The Qibla Finder app is free to download and easy to use. It does not require unnecessary permissions, and it uses the sensor of the user’s android device for accurate Qibla direction. The app can be used both online and offline, and it offers a functional and accurate compass app for Muslims worldwide. Overall, the Qibla Finder app is a useful tool for those seeking an accurate and reliable way to determine the direction of Qibla from any location.

3. Qibla Compass: Prayer Quran

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Qibla Compass Pro is a comprehensive Muslim app that includes an Islamic compass, Islamic prayer times, and a Hijri calendar and date converter with a holy Mecca background. This app can be used anywhere in the world to accurately determine the qibla direction. It is particularly useful for Muslims looking to check salat timing and find the qibla direction, which plays an important role in various occasions. Muslims are buried with their bodies at right angles to the qibla, with their faces turned toward the qibla direction.

The Qibla Finder feature of the app allows users to find qibla direction anywhere on a map, displaying the distance to Mecca from their current location and magnetic and spirit level indicators. The Qibla Compass feature helps Muslims face the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca during salat or namaz. This feature allows users to find the qibla direction anywhere in the world, use their device’s last recorded location to show Mecca direction, and use the app offline. The feature also includes 15 qibla compass themes.

The Prayer Times feature shows salat times for every day namaz, including Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib, and Isha times. It includes alarm and notification settings for every prayer time, daylight saving feature for each prayer, and multiple azan sounds.

4. Muslim: Prayer Time, Qibla

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The Muslim Assistant app is designed to meet the daily Islamic needs of Muslims, providing basic features such as prayer times, qibla direction via compass, Quran, hadith, and a dhikr counter. However, the app also includes additional features to function as a real Muslim assistant, such as Friday messages, nearby mosque locator, Kaaba live broadcast, and message editor.

Using the GPS feature of the user’s device, the app provides accurate prayer times for any location in the world, with the option to set visual or audible alarms for prayer times. The qibla compass allows users to find Mecca and Kaaba on the map and determine the direction accurately, even offline. The app provides audio recitations of the Holy Quran by 27 different muezzins, with the option to adjust text size and quick access to specific verses, Surahs, and prayers.

The app also offers a dhikr counter and daily hadith notifications, in addition to the main features. Users should use their phone horizontally on a flat surface and away from electromagnetic fields and metal objects for accurate location detection. The app requires location access to determine prayer times, direction, and nearby mosques, as well as storage access to save downloaded content. The Premium version can be purchased securely through Google Play Store account.

Overall, Muslim Assistant is a comprehensive app designed to assist Muslims in their daily Islamic practices.

5. Qibla Connect® Find Direction- Prayer, Azan, Quran

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The Qibla Connect® is a smartphone application designed to assist Muslim mobile users in locating the direction of Qibla and obtaining accurate Namaz timings to help them perform their daily prayers. The application uses a unique and easy-to-understand Qibla Compass to display the course of Kaaba. For precise pointing, it is recommended that the device be kept flat and at a proper distance from electromagnetic fields.

Among the distinctive features of the Qibla Connect® are the ability to find the Qibla direction anywhere and anytime, track Kaaba location using both online and offline modes, and calculate the distance of Qibla from the current location in both kilometers and degrees. The application also allows users to choose multiple Qibla dials with different designs and supports multiple languages. Additionally, users can use the Salat Timing feature for accurate Salat occasions of all five daily prayers and receive automatic notifications through Adhan Reminders offered in three different voices present in Tone Settings.

The upgraded version of the Qibla Connect® app includes new features such as Muslim Prayer times, Azan(Adhan), Salat Tracker, Quran Tracker, Muslim Duas, 99 Names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), Muslim Mosque and Halal Finder, and Hijri(Islamic) Calendar. The purpose of this upgrade is to help Muslim users perform their Islamic duties and obligations in the rightful way.

6. Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri (Islamic Date)

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Ramadan 2019 is set to begin globally on May 5-6, and the Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri (Islamic Date) app is available to help users locate the qibla direction, Salat timing and Islamic date. The app includes an Islamic Compass, Islamic prayer times and a Hijri Islamic Date Calendar, and can be used both online and offline from anywhere in the world.

The Qibla Compass, also known as the Qiblah or Kaaba, is an important direction for Muslims to face during prayer. The Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri (Islamic Date) app provides an exact direction of the Kaaba, located in Mecca, to ensure accuracy during prayer.

To use the Qibla finder, users must first set their location or city from the new location button at the top right corner of the app. Then, to ensure direction accuracy and needle rotation, users should click on the calibrate button at the top left corner. The app is capable of showing the Qibla direction anywhere on the globe, and can use a device’s previous last recorded location to show Mecca direction.

The app also includes prayer times for every day Namaz on selected location based, including Fajr, Sunrise, Zuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha times. Users can set alarms and notifications for each prayer time, as well as choose from multiple Azan sounds.

7. Qibla Compass

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Qibla Compass is a mobile application designed for Muslim users. Its primary function is to assist in determining the direction of Qibla (قبلة‎‎), which is the direction towards the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. With both online and offline modes, the app can display the Qibla direction at any location and at any time.

The online mode of the Qibla Compass app utilizes GPS technology to determine the user’s current location and display the corresponding Qibla direction. Alternatively, the offline mode allows the user to manually input their current location and obtain the Qibla direction.

The Qibla Compass app is especially useful for Muslim mobile users who are traveling or living in areas where determining the Qibla direction may be difficult. With its easy-to-use interface and reliable functionality, the app helps ensure that users are able to accurately perform their daily prayers in accordance with Islamic traditions.

8. Accurate Qibla Direction Without Internet

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Qibla Compass is a smartphone application that assists users in finding the precise direction of Qibla, or Kaaba, in Mecca from their current location. With this app, individuals can easily determine the direction of Qibla, regardless of their location, including places such as the Sahara Desert, African forests or New York City. Users can select their location manually or allow the device to automatically detect it.

Aside from Qibla direction, the app also calculates the distance from Mecca and the angle at the user’s location. The Map View feature provides a 100% accurate visual representation of the Qibla direction. The app also offers three different themes and four types of compasses that users can choose from.

The app is designed to provide accurate readings and will issue a warning if the device is not placed horizontally. The graphics of the app are clean and beautiful, and it can be used offline. Additionally, the app is an excellent tool for Muslims to use in following their daily Salat, or namaz, either at home or in a mosque.

The app is free, but users should expect to see some ads. For optimal functionality, users are advised to keep their phone away from electromagnetic fields and place it horizontally on surfaces. The developers are also working to translate the app into other languages to make it more accessible to a wider audience.