8 Best Pin Location Android App

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Download the Best Pin Location Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLocation-based services have become an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to navigate unfamiliar areas, find nearby amenities, and stay connected with friends and family. As the demand for location-based apps continues to grow, Android users are turning to pin location apps to improve their overall experience. These apps allow users to save and mark locations of interest, making it easier to navigate to their desired destination. In this article, we will explore the best pin location Android apps available, their features, and how they can benefit users.

Pin location apps are designed to help users save and navigate to their frequently visited places. With these apps, users can mark their desired locations, such as their home, workplace, or favorite restaurants. The app then uses GPS technology to provide directions, ensuring users can easily find their way around their city. Moreover, these apps allow users to share their pin locations with friends and family, making it easier to coordinate meetups or share useful information.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Pin Location Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Pin Location Android App

1. Google Maps

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Google Maps is a comprehensive navigation tool that covers over 220 countries and territories, as well as millions of businesses and locations. It offers real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information, allowing users to explore local neighborhoods and find places to eat, drink, and go, no matter where they are in the world.

One of the key benefits of using Google Maps is the ability to get real-time updates on traffic conditions, estimated time of arrival, and public transit schedules. This feature helps users beat traffic, catch their train or bus, and save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic incidents and road closures.

Google Maps also allows users to explore local neighborhoods and discover restaurants, events, and activities that matter to them. Users can see what’s trending and new in the areas they care about, and get a personalized Your Match score to help them decide if a place is worth visiting. Group planning is made easy with the ability to share a shortlist of options and vote in real-time, and users can create lists of their favorite places to share with friends.

In addition to navigation and local discovery, Google Maps also offers offline maps for use without an internet connection, Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums, and more, and indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls, and stadiums. However, some features may not be available in all countries, and the navigation feature is not intended for use by oversized or emergency vehicles.

2. Polaris GPS: Hiking, Offroad

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Polaris Navigation GPS is a user-friendly GPS system that provides high performance navigation capabilities for travelers without requiring any account setup or subscriptions. It can turn a smartphone into a powerful navigation device for various purposes, such as hiking, off-road, nautical, and trail GPS applications. The system provides offline maps and waypoint navigation arrows that enable users to navigate without internet access. The Polaris Navigation GPS is known for its stability, reliability, and flexibility and is used by land-sea search and rescue, military personnel, and millions of others worldwide.

The navigation system offers unlimited access to offline vector and raster maps, including topographic maps, marine, and hiking maps. It also includes offline nautical charts for the USA, and a Polaris Places Picker that helps find hiking trails, camping locations, and more. The system comes with GPS compass and magnetic compass, GPS info panel, odometers, altimeters, speedometers, and chronometers. Users can connect waypoints and navigate the track they define, and split distances on tracks. Polaris Navigation GPS offers a comprehensive set of GPS tools and diagnostics, a dynamic waypoint-finding compass, and altitude profiles, location sharing, and supports British OSGR and OSGB-36 DATUM.

The system supports various coordinate formats, such as latitude/longitude as degrees, deg:min, deg:min:sec, and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), military grid coordinate reference system (MGRS), and hiking trails.

3. Badger Map – Route Planner for Sales

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Badger Maps is a sales mapping and routing tool designed to help sales reps increase their productivity. With Badger, reps can get 20% more meetings per week, drive 25% fewer miles, and spend 50% less time on administrative tasks. It helps sales reps organize all their leads and customers in the field by key metrics and create optimized routes to meet the right customers.

Badger is a multi-stop route planner that enables sales reps to plan their sales routes ahead of time, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. It is a fast and easy-to-use tool that helps reps stay organized while on the go.

One of the key features of Badger is its ability to optimize routes with multiple destinations, allowing sales reps to drive fewer miles. It also allows reps to quickly select their accounts for the day and create routes with one swipe, making planning sales routes in advance a breeze.

Badger enables sales reps to easily upload their customer list as a spreadsheet or excel file, and immediately visualize their customers and prospects on an interactive map. It also allows reps to access all their customer details on the road and capture data from the field automatically.

In addition, Badger enables sales reps to find nearby leads based on location, industry keyword, or company name. It helps fill in gaps in the schedule while in the field and ensures sales reps never miss an opportunity.

4. Map Marker

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The Map Marker Android app utilizes Google Maps and other sources to enable users to place markers even without an internet connection. The app allows users to set a title, description, date, color, icon, and pictures for each marker, and move them freely on the map. Markers can also be organized into different folders and searched easily through a text-searchable list. The app features offline maps as a beta function, which enables users to acquire offline map files elsewhere and use them to view the map even when offline.

The app allows users to search for places with Google Places API and create a new marker from the result. It also enables users to open a marker’s location in any other map application already installed, display and copy marker GPS coordinates to clipboard with one click, and display a marker’s address if available. The app features path-markers and polygon-markers that users can create and measure their distance, perimeter, and area easily. Users can also share markers as KML files, import markers from a QR code, or import/export markers from/to KML or KMZ files.

The app enables users to open exported KML files with Google Earth to view their markers, or open map-related links to add them as a marker (Google Maps link, event location of an event from the Facebook app, contact address, etc.).

5. Pin Locations – Save, Navigate & Location Reminder

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Pin Locations is a free and user-friendly mobile application that allows users to safely share their GPS-tracked location with friends and family in real-time. The app offers several features, including the ability to add a reminder to a saved location, request a friend’s location, and save locations for easy navigation at any time.

One of the app’s main functions is its simple and secure sharing feature, which allows users to share their location with specific contacts in real-time. Additionally, users can save frequently visited locations and set reminders for future visits.

Another notable feature of Pin Locations is the ability to request a friend’s location. This can be helpful in situations where a user is trying to meet up with a friend and needs to know their location.

Finally, Pin Locations allows users to save frequently visited locations and easily navigate to them at any time. This feature can be a useful tool for users who frequently visit the same places and want to save time and effort in finding them.

To stay up-to-date with Pin Locations, users can join the app’s Facebook and Google Plus pages.

6. Fake GPS location

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The FakeGPS app allows users to set up a fake GPS location on their phone, fooling other apps into thinking they are in a different place. The app comes with Tasker support and can be started or stopped from the command line. However, users should be aware that after using the app, their location may be locked to the last mocked location event, even after uninstalling FakeGPS. This is not a bug but can be fixed by installing GPS Status or setting the real location and leaving it for several hours. For rooted devices, the app can be moved to the system folder and apk permissions changed to rw-r-r to mock locations without enabling Allow mock locations option. The app is provided as is and should be used for testing purposes only.

7. MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav

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Maps.Me is a comprehensive, offline mapping application that provides fast and detailed maps with turn-by-turn navigation. It is trusted by over 140 million travelers worldwide and is an ideal app for home and travel. It enables users to save mobile data as no internet connection is required. The app allows for driving, walking, and cycle navigation anywhere in the world. In addition, it saves time planning trips and helps users not to miss interesting places with ready-made travel guides. These guides are designed in partnership with the best travel content creators and cover hundreds of destinations worldwide, making it an ideal travel companion.

Maps.Me provides incredibly detailed information, including directions to points of interest (POI), hiking trails, and places that are missing from other maps. The app is regularly updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors daily. OpenStreetMap is an open-source alternative to popular map services. The app is fast and reliable, providing offline search and GPS navigation along with optimized maps to save memory space. Users can save locations they love and share them with their friends, making it easier to navigate to their favorite places.

Maps.Me is available worldwide and is essential for home and travel. It covers popular destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle, San Francisco, California, Rome, and London, among others.

8. My Tracks

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My Tracks is a mobile application designed to track outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, boating, skiing, climbing, and driving. The app features a user-friendly interface, which masks its complex functionality and makes it easy to understand.

The app offers various features, including the ability to record a route, display the current location on a Google Map with details such as time, duration, latitude, and longitude. Other features include dynamic charts about speed and altitude, route recording, pausing, resuming, saving and listing, automatic photo joining with a route, voice reports at predefined frequency, exporting and importing routes to/from GPX/KML/KMZ files, syncing and restoring from Google Drive, multi-route display on the map, and printing a route with the map.

The application also allows users to share their routes globally, create groups and invite friends to join, share a route via a URL link to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail, select photos to share with a route, and follow a planned route. Users can plan a route among multiple markers and follow their own or others’ shared routes.

My Tracks also allows users to insert markers by tapping on the map, select markers to show on the map, remember markers to show next time, share or export markers within a route, and export markers to a KML file.