7 Best Personal Weather Station Android App

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Download the Best Personal Weather Station Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA personal weather station is a device that measures and records local weather conditions. These devices can provide more accurate weather information than traditional sources, such as national weather services, as they are specifically tailored to the user’s location. Many personal weather stations now offer mobile apps as an interface for users to access this data. These apps can provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other weather metrics.

The best personal weather station android app should offer a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The app should allow users to view real-time data from their weather station, including current temperature, humidity, and wind speed. It should also provide detailed forecasts and alerts for severe weather conditions.

In addition to offering accurate weather data, the best personal weather station android app should also allow users to customize their settings. Users should be able to adjust the frequency of data updates, set alerts for specific weather conditions, and view historical weather data.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Personal Weather Station Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Personal Weather Station Android App

1. The Weather Channel – Radar

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The Weather Channel boasts being the world’s most accurate forecaster and offers a variety of features to help individuals prepare for upcoming weather conditions, including snow radar, rain alerts, and severe weather warnings. Users can monitor live radar updates, hourly rain tracking, storm radar news, and local weather forecasts on the go. The Weather Channel also offers live doppler radar maps, severe weather widgets, and accurate weather updates that can warn users ahead of time of heavy rain, incoming floods, cold snaps, or heavy snow. The app’s local weather alerts can prepare users for storm season ahead.

The app’s daily forecast tracking page provides live precipitation updates by the hour, and users can plan up to 15 days in advance with forecasts from the world’s most accurate weather forecaster. The storm radar widget provides local rain updates and alerts users to upcoming storms right on their home screen. Weather maps enabled with GPS, live radar readings, storm radar alerts, and severe weather warnings help users face whatever weather conditions they may encounter.

Additionally, users can upgrade to The Weather Channel Premium for a more comprehensive, dynamic, and precise weather experience. Premium members receive ad-free weather, 15-minute forecast details, advanced radar, and other exclusive features.

The Weather Channel app has received over 2.4 million 5-star ratings out of over 3.0 million total reviews since January 2018 on Apple’s App Store Connect and over 1.6 million 5-star ratings out of over 2.

2. Netatmo Weather

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Netatmo Weather Station is a unique personal weather measurement system available for Android phone users. To use this system, users must have a Netatmo Weather Station, which can be obtained from the official website. By becoming a contributor, users can directly monitor their local weather station’s measurements through the Netatmo app on their phones.

The Netatmo app offers a dashboard that allows users to access their station’s measurements, including temperature, humidity, barometer, felt-like temperature, CO2, air quality, rainfall, wind speed, and direction. The app’s navigation is intuitive, and users can easily swipe between outdoor and indoor measurements with a single gesture.

Notifications for peak and variation events, such as extreme temperatures and low or high pressures, are available through the app. These events are automatically logged in the user’s personal timeline. Additionally, the app provides a seven-day forecast specific to the user’s Netatmo Weather Station location.

Overall, the Netatmo Weather Station and its accompanying app offer a convenient and personalized way for Android users to monitor their local weather conditions.

3. Meteo Monitor 4 Personal Weather Stations (PWS)

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Meteo Monitor for Personal Weather Stations (PWS) is an unofficial app that displays current and daily information from a user’s Personal Weather Station. The app provides basic charts to check actual values from the PWS, including temperature, dew point, pressure, humidity, wind/gust speed and direction, outdoor humidity, rain detection, solar radiation information, and UV radiation information. It also offers daily charts for temperature, dew point, pressure, wind and gust, wind direction frequency, rainfall, solar activity, and humidity. The app supports both metric and imperial units and displays PWS location and elevation in feet if available.

The app supports several manufacturers, including Airmar, Acurite, Ambient Weather, Conrad, Davis, Garni, imetos, LaCrosse, Onset Hobo, Raspberry pi, Rainwise, Ventus, and WeatherHawk, among others. The app is still in progress, and the developers plan to add more features in the future. Users are encouraged to send comments and improvement ideas through email or a ticket system.

4. Weather Station

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The Weather Station app is suitable for both amateur and professional meteorologists, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone interested in their surroundings. However, most Android devices lack a barometer, ambient thermometer, or hygrometer, making this app only available on a limited number of devices listed in the Compatibility section. This app does not simulate ambient temperature based on CPU or battery temperature and does not provide false or internet-based readings, and it requires no internet or network permissions, respecting users’ privacy.

Users can donate by purchasing the Weather Station Pro if they need more advanced features. Features include graphs with details of 24-hour and 7-day high and low markers, 14-day graphing, multi-series graphing, and ongoing status bar notification. The app also offers a sunrise/set and moon info, notification alerts, the ability to record device data, share screenshots, printing support, and customizable widgets. The app offers localized numbers and dates & times, and there is a detailed explanation of how the app works in the About section.

The app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 (IV) and Note 3 (III) and AGM X2 devices that have a hygrometer, thermometer, and barometer. The app requires precise location permission for GPS elevation/altitude, Moon and Sun info, and auto-logging of coordinates. Users need to grant modify/delete/read USB/SD card storage contents permission for exporting/logging background readings to.txt files and taking screenshots.

5. Weather data & microclimate : Weather Underground

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Weather Underground offers hyperlocal weather forecasts with precise current conditions and updates from the closest weather station. They provide weather data from over 250,000 personal weather stations and a proprietary forecast model to offer the most accurate weather forecast. The company also offers a Nexrad hurricane and storm tracker and Doppler radar technology to provide customizable weather alerts from NOAA. The app provides severe weather alerts, hourly/daily forecasts up to ten days in the future, and the best weather data including weather maps, local Doppler radar imagery, temperature updates, and humidity information.

The app’s unique features include interactive weather maps with Nexrad radar technology, hi-res satellite and cloud cover imagery from GOES-16, and sophisticated weather visualizations. Weather Underground also offers hyper-local forecasts driven by accurate weather data from PWSs, which report the most accurate local weather conditions. The app fills in the gaps between the airport weather stations, generating forecasts from actual data points in the user’s neighborhood to provide real-time rain accumulation, pollen forecast, and temperature information reflecting the local current conditions.

Users can subscribe to the premium features of the app, which removes all ads, provides access to smart forecasts, and extended hourly forecasts up to 15 days in advance. Users can cancel their Weather Underground subscription anytime through their Google Play account settings.

Weather Underground also prioritizes its users’ privacy and feedback, with its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available on their website.

6. PWS Watcher ⛅️ Personal Weather Station Monitoring

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PWS Watcher is a monitoring application that enables users to keep track of the data produced by PWS. The application allows for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple weather stations. It is compatible with various weather station software, such as Cumulus MX, Weather Display, Ambient Weather, WeeWX, and Meteobridge (both PRO and Standard versions). To learn more about its compatibility with other software, visit the link provided.

PWS Watcher comes with a customizable Home Widget that is available in three different sizes. It also boasts a fancy graphic design that adds aesthetic value to the application. Moreover, the application is user-friendly and can be easily navigated by its users.

Lastly, PWS Watcher is an open-source application, meaning that its source code is freely available for users to review and modify.

7. Ambient Weather

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Ambient Weather has redesigned their app to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access weather information from anywhere. The new design features a clean and streamlined look, making it easier to navigate current conditions and upcoming forecasts. By connecting their personal weather station to the online platform, users can access a variety of social features.

These social features include the ability to interact with a large and growing weather community by viewing feeds, commenting, liking posts, and sharing tiles from the dashboard with other social networks. Users can also customize tiles on their dashboard to focus on the measurements that matter most to them. They can set alerts when conditions change or to warn them of upcoming events.

Additionally, users can create and publish their own forecasts to the online community. They can compare their results to others and track them over time. Users can also create their own posts to highlight weather events, share weather images, or other information they have collected. Ambient Weather’s goal is to allow users to have the weather follow them, rather than them following the weather.