8 Best Pdf Converter Android

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Download the Best Pdf Converter Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPDFs have become the standard format for sharing and exchanging documents across different platforms. However, not all devices can support this format, which can be frustrating for users who need to view or edit these files on their Android devices. To solve this problem, developers have created several PDF converter apps that can convert PDFs into more commonly used file formats. In this article, we will explore some of the best PDF converter apps available for Android devices.

One important aspect to consider when selecting a PDF converter app is its speed and accuracy in converting files. Some apps can handle large files quickly, while others may struggle to convert them at all. Additionally, accuracy is important to ensure that the converted document retains its original formatting and layout.

Another factor to consider is the range of file formats that the app can convert PDFs to.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Pdf Converter Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Pdf Converter Android

1. PDFelement-PDF Editor & Reader

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The PDFelement app provides users with the ability to read, annotate, and manage PDF files conveniently. To use all functionalities for free, users can register for a Wondershare ID and log in. Additionally, desktop version discounts are available within the app.

The app includes several key features, including the ability to markup and annotate PDF files. Users can highlight, underline, or strike through text, as well as add text boxes, shapes, and freehand drawings. The app also offers the ability to combine different format files into a new PDF.

PDF file management is also available, allowing users to move, copy, and rename their PDF files easily. Additionally, the app includes special folders to help manage PDF files and customize folders. Sharing edited PDF files is also possible, with options to share to other apps or email directly.

If assistance is needed, users can contact support through email, the support center, or the forum. The app’s official website and Facebook page are also available for further information. Positive reviews in the App Store are appreciated by the developer.

2. PDF Converter

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PDF Converter is an Android app that allows users to convert PDF documents to common file formats and vice versa on their mobile devices. This app can convert reports, receipts, spreadsheets, designs and other documents to Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and other formats with high quality and simplicity. PDF Converter is particularly useful for managing professional documents such as cover letters, certificates, and portfolios when applying for a job, managing reports, projects, invoices, and other documents while on a business trip, and organizing student notes, lectures, and learning materials.

The app’s major features include powerful document conversion, support for complex PDF scans, convenient cloud services integration (including Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Box, and more), and support for various file formats. Additionally, users have options for different PDF quality levels, batch conversions, and different PDF sizes.

Using the PDF Converter app is straightforward and requires just three simple steps to convert a PDF to a desired file format. Users first select the document they want to convert, then choose the conversion type, and finally select PDF output, PDF quality, and page size. The app runs conversions on powerful servers, saving the user’s mobile device resources and battery life.

PDF Converter supports a wide range of conversion types including PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, AutoCad, and more. It can also scan documents to PDF, text, Word, and Excel, and convert other file formats to PDF.

3. PDF Converter – Image to PDF

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The Free PDF Converter: Image to PDF Converter is a free and user-friendly app that allows users to easily convert photos and images to PDF files. It also serves as a PDF editor that enables users to read, view, share, compress, and add passwords to PDF documents. For those who need more advanced features, a subscription to the PDF Converter is available, which includes options to compress PDFs, extract images from PDF documents, and organize PDFs.

With the Free PDF Converter, users can convert a variety of documents into a PDF format, including notes, receipts, invoices, forms, business cards, certificates, whiteboards, and ID cards. The app supports several file extensions or formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG, and allows users to edit all their PDF files with the free PDF editor app.

Other features of the app include the ability to read and view PDFs, save battery with dark mode, print documents directly from the device, and read books offline with Book Reader. Users can also choose Continuous Pages or Hori & Vertical Swipe mode to read their books with PDF reader.

In addition to editing PDF files, the app also allows users to manage their PDF documents by viewing, deleting, and converting them. Users can scan and print documents, scroll through PDF pages, zoom in/out, and convert multiple images into PDF files.

4. PDF Scanner – Document Scanner

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Flash Scan is a comprehensive PDF and document scanner app that offers several features, including OCR text scanning, PDF conversion, and barcode scanning. The app supports multiple operations, such as adding a signature and anti-counterfeit measures. Flash Scan can scan all types of documents, and the OCR scanner can convert images to text in over 50 languages. The app generates PDFs in different sizes and offers post-scan filters like grayscale and magic color. With Flash Scan, users can also add watermarks and passwords to PDFs for extra security. Value-added features include search, edge detection, and sorting of documents by name and modification time.

5. PDF Converter (doc ppt xls txt word png jpg wps)

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The PDF Converter app by Offiwiz is a document converter that allows users to convert various file extensions to other formats. It supports conversions such as DOC to PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to Doc, XLS to PDF, and many more. The app also functions as a PDF Reader, PDF Creator, and PDF Editor. Users can choose the extension and output format they desire and convert any document, making it suitable for creating PDF works and Power Point presentations.

PDF Converter supports various conversions, including Word to PDF, Word to TXT, PowerPoint to PDF, PPT to TXT, PDF to Doc, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to XLS, PDF to TXT, XLS to PDF, XLS to TXT, TXT to PDF, TXT to Word, JPG To PDF, JPG to PNG, JPG to PPT, PNG to PDF, PNG to PPT, PNG to JPG, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PPT to JPG, and PPT to PNG. The app also includes a PDF Reader, PDF Creator, and PDF Editor, which allows users to modify their files, share PDFs, and convert any photo from camera, image from gallery, table, or graph of Excel.

PDF Converter also features a document scanner that connects directly to the document converter, allowing users to scan documents, share files, and convert them to any format.

6. OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF

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OfficeSuite is a comprehensive mobile app that offers a variety of features for creating, editing, and reading documents, including Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides and PDF files. The app is compatible with different file formats, such as Microsoft Office 365 docs, Google docs, OpenOffice, and many more. Users can save their files on their cloud storage accounts, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

The mobile documents editor is equipped with advanced tools needed to handle any task with any file format. Features include format painter, track changes, conditional formatting, formulas, presentation mode, and much more. The app also offers advanced security options to protect documents. Users can export Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides to PDF with the PDF converter. The PDF management feature includes a PDF docs reader, editor, filler, and converter to Word, Excel or ePub.

OfficeSuite is designed for work on the go and offers integrated cloud storage for easy access to files. The app is compatible with popular file formats, such as Microsoft docs, Google docs, OpenOffice, Apple’s iWork, and many more. The app’s user-friendly interface is optimized for the latest Android version, making it practical and easy to use.

Users can take advantage of the free 7-day trial to try out all of OfficeSuite’s features, including the documents editor and every other advanced tool and feature. If they like the app, they can select the right pricing plan that best fits their needs.


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The PDF Converter is an Android application that allows users to easily convert files or images to PDF format and edit PDFs. The app is free, with no in-app purchases and no limits on file size or the number of documents converted. It supports various file formats, including Word, Excel, Image, Text, Doc, Docx, QR code, Bar code, and more. The app features a smooth and easy-to-use interface, with various image enhancement features, such as cropping before creating a PDF. Users can also view, delete, add or remove password, rotate, add watermark, extract images, split, merge, compress, convert text files, remove or reorder pages, invert colors, convert Zip to PDF, and share the created PDFs. The app supports input image types such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and others. The developers are constantly working on improving the app’s performance and welcome suggestions or complaints from users.

8. Apowersoft PDF Converter: Convert, Merge PDF & OCR

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Apowersoft PDF Converter is a mobile application designed for Android devices that offers PDF conversion, compression, and merging functionalities. It aims to preserve the layout of PDF documents and produce output files without any distortion. The app includes OCR and PDF compression solutions, allowing users to extract text from images and reduce PDF file sizes, respectively. The app supports batch conversion, which saves time, and compression, which saves phone storage, making the transfer of documents faster and more efficient.

The PDF converter is particularly useful for students who can convert PDF files to Word, reorganize content for better understanding and remembering, and use OCR to convert images to text, enabling content to be copied and pasted anywhere. Job seekers can also benefit from using the app, as it supports Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, or PDF to Word, and can help produce high-quality resumes. Additionally, the program supports PDF to JPG/PNG and vice versa without losing quality, which is particularly useful for users working in social media and graphic design.

Apowersoft PDF Converter offers a variety of functions, including converting PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and TXT, and vice versa. It also features OCR, PDF merging, and file compression. The app facilitates document management by allowing users to share and delete processed documents. It features a clean interface with no ads and can be accessed easily, making it user-friendly for novices. It supports Android 5.