8 Best Magnetometer App For Android

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Download the Best Magnetometer App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA magnetometer is an instrument that measures the strength and direction of the magnetic field. It is used in a variety of applications, including navigation, geology, and archaeology. In recent years, smartphones have become equipped with magnetometers, allowing users to access this technology in the palm of their hand. However, not all magnetometer apps for Android are created equal. In this article, we will explore the best magnetometer app for Android that offers accurate and reliable measurements.

When it comes to selecting a magnetometer app for Android, it is important to consider several factors. Firstly, the app should have a user-friendly interface that displays the readings in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, the app should be able to provide accurate measurements in real-time, without any lag or delay. Lastly, the app should support a wide range of Android devices and operating systems.

After extensive research and testing, we have identified the best magnetometer app for Android that meets all of these criteria.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Magnetometer App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Magnetometer App For Android

1. Ultimate EMF Detector RealData

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This app is a simple EMF detector that uses the magnetic sensor of your phone to measure electromagnetic fields, metals, and devices. It offers both a Pro and Free version, with the same features for both. These features include measuring Magnetic Field B in microTesla, Gauss, and milliGauss, Auxiliary Field H in ampere per meter, a recorder feature, a keep screen ON button, XYZ, max-min and graphs, and the classic EMF meter with the needle and LEDs.

The Pro version offers additional features such as no ads, a recorder feature with a timer, a sound notification for sudden EMF changes, and a few backgrounds and skins for the detector. The app can be used for measuring and studying magnetism and electromagnetism, the earths geomagnetic field, as well as detecting magnets, metals, devices, and paranormal entities (as some people believe).

The app offers new themes that provide greater accuracy, graphs of the displayed readings, and the ability to calculate and show the auxiliary field H. The simple theme is designed for inexperienced users to measure and study magnetic fields. The app uses the magnetic sensor (compass) of your phone and displays the reading with a line of LEDs and a classic needle meter. Users can switch between units of measurement (uTesla and Gauss) and change the range of measurement from the settings.

It is important to note that this app uses the magnetic sensor of your phone.

2. Compass

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An accurate compass is essential for outdoor activities. This device offers multiple functions such as displaying true north, latitude and longitude, altitude and speed, sensor state, level, magnetic field power, device slope angle, level error correction, and connection to Google Map. Users can select their desired display information through available options.

3. 3D Compass and Magnetometer

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A new app has been released on Android that allows users to visualize the 3-dimensional world of magnetism around them. The app is designed to explore and measure the direction and strength of magnetic fields emitted by random objects in the environment.

This is the initial release of the app and it has been tested on two devices, the G1 and Droid. The developers are asking users to report any issues they encounter via email.

Additionally, the developers have noted that Talking Tom, a well-known virtual pet and popular app, follows them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter.

4. Physics Toolbox Magnetometer

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The Magnetic Field Sensor app is designed to measure and display the magnetic field strength in x, y, and/or z dimensions, as well as total magnitude, in real-time. The app displays a graph of Magnetic Field (µT) vs. Time (s) and provides users with a digital read-out option. Users can access settings to customize the graph display and data collection rate.

The app allows users to record and export total magnitude magnetic field strength data as a .csv attachment via email or Google Drive, using a comma or semicolon as a delimiter. A brief tutorial provides an overview of how to use the app.

The magnetic field sensor is useful in various applications, such as measuring the background magnetic field of the earth, detecting the presence of permanent magnets or electromagnetic fields, and determining the strength of a field produced by a solenoid. It can also be used to measure the frequency of objects with magnetic variations, such as audio speakers or magnetic plate stirrers.

The app requires permission to write to external storage to create and modify the .csv file on the phone’s internal memory. For any questions, comments, or suggestions for modifications/updates, users can contact the developer via email at vieyrasoft@gmail.com.

5. Magnetometer

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It is important to note that not all Android devices have a built-in magnetometer, which may result in the app not being compatible with certain devices. Users will be notified of compatibility once the application starts through an icon and text display. It is essential to recognize that the accuracy of the app is dependent on the manufacturer.

The magnetic field sensor, also known as the magnetometer, measures the ambient magnetic field along the x, y, and z sensor axes. All measurements are reported in micro-Tesla (uT).

Users can adjust settings to enable an audible alarm and vibration when high field detection is detected by clicking on respective buttons. Additionally, users can change the alarm sensitivity by clicking on the reading and swiping the seek bar to set.

If the app output readings fail, users can attempt to calibrate it by gently shaking the device or waving it in a figure 8 pattern.

The app requires permission to access the device’s vibration settings to allow users to select whether the device should vibrate when a high signal is detected. The Wake lock permission is also necessary, as the device will not sleep during operation.

6. Magnetic Field Sensor

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The Magnetic Field Sensor App is designed to use the magnetometer sensor, also known as the Compass sensor, on an Android phone to measure the strength of magnetic fields. This app serves study purposes and is primarily intended for electrical students. The EMF Detector App accurately detects the magnetic field and measures its magnitude around the user.

The Magnetic Field Sensor App is simple to use, as it utilizes the sensor already present in the user’s smartphone. The app works by localizing the spots with the help of electric current flux and detecting the location of power supply. With its one-tap feature, it determines the origin and strength of the magnetic field quickly and precisely.

The Magnetic Field Detector Sensor & EMF Detector App is equipped with useful features that help users measure magnetic field strength accurately. It is a one-tap app that measures the magnetic field around the user with ease. The app detects the location of power supply and serves study purposes for electrical students.

To use the Magnetic Field Sensor App, users can simply click the given options, making it an easy-to-use app. The app’s developers welcome user feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of this app. Users can send their feedback and suggestions to the developer email provided: masterrider234@gmail.com.

7. Magnetometer Metal Detector

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Magnetometer Metal Detector is an application that utilizes the magnetic sensor built into smartphones and tablets to measure the magnetic field in the environment. It assists in detecting metal objects, particularly steel and iron, in proximity to the user by detecting a rise in the magnetic field level. The application displays the magnetic value in µT (Microtesla) through a gauge and textual mode. Additionally, a graph shows the recent magnetic field activity.

Using Magnetometer Metal Detector is simple; one only needs to open the application and move it around while ensuring that the magnetic sensor is calibrated beforehand. The application provides a demo video in the main menu to aid users in understanding how to use it correctly. However, the application can only work efficiently if the smartphone or tablet has a magnetic sensor. If not, the application may not function correctly, giving inaccurate results.

There is a pro version of the application available that is free of ads. For any feedback or ideas to improve Magnetometer Metal Detector, users can contact the developer via email at sylvain.saurel@gmail.com.

8. Magnetometer – Metal Detector

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The Magnetometer is an EMF Detector designed to detect electromagnetic fields with high accuracy. It is capable of measuring both the minimum and maximum magnetic field levels, as well as providing improved magnetic field evaluation proximity. The sensor data provided by this device is accurate and allows users to explore the magnet field and find metal objects.

Additionally, this application utilizes analytics to collect and aggregate statistics. The collected data is used to improve the application and services, but cannot be used to identify individual users. The privacy of users is respected.

For any questions or concerns, users can contact support at support@doggoapps.com.