7 Best Lux Meter App For Android

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Download the Best Lux Meter App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA lux meter is a device that measures the intensity of light falling on a surface. This tool is commonly used in photography, film-making, and lighting design to ensure that the lighting conditions are adequate for a particular task. In recent years, there has been a surge in the use of lux meter apps on smartphones, particularly on Android devices. These apps enable users to measure light levels on the go, without the need for a dedicated meter. In this article, we will explore the best lux meter app for Android devices, taking into account their features, accuracy, and ease of use.

Lux meter apps use the camera sensor on a smartphone to measure the amount of light falling on a surface. They work by taking a series of readings and averaging them to give a more accurate result. Some apps also allow users to calibrate the sensor to improve accuracy. With the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, lux meter apps can now provide accurate readings that are comparable to dedicated meters.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Lux Meter App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Lux Meter App For Android

1. Lux Meter (Light Meter)

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Lux Meter is a mobile application designed to measure the amount of light present in a given area. The app utilizes the light sensor present in android devices to determine the illuminance in lux or foot-candles (fc).

The app comes with a feature that enables users to calibrate their device using a multiplier, ensuring accurate readings. Additionally, the app displays the minimum, maximum, and average illuminance values recorded during use.

Users can also view the sensor data, providing insight into how the app is measuring the light. Lux Meter is available free of charge, making it an accessible tool for anyone in need of a basic light meter.

2. Lux Light Meter Pro

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This app provides high accuracy light measurement in Lux and Foot-candle units, and can measure the minimum, average, and maximum brightness possible. It allows for easy calibration of the measurement and the storage of measurements in memory with title, date, and time. Users can recall measurements from memory and export and share them as a list. The app also features the ability to reset values at any time and understand the characteristics of the hardware sensor of the device, using smart algorithms.

This app has a wide range of potential applications, including construction workers comparing the light level of different globes, flower hobbyists setting the right lighting level for their plants, biology teachers using it for photosynthesis practicals, students using it for electronic practicals, photographers measuring light on the photo scene and setting exposure, diagnosing light deficiencies in gardens, office workers measuring the acceptable illumination level at workspaces, and at-home use checking the intensity of light that comes to solar panels. The app can also be used for indoor bonsai gardening, understanding what light bulbs to install at home, relighting kitchens, offices, and rooms, reading the brightness of the sky, walls, or bright objects, analyzing light levels of indoor environments, measuring and comparing indoors vs outdoors, and testing flashlights and other equipment.

This application collects and aggregates statistics using analytics to improve the app and services, while respecting the privacy of users. The app can be contacted for support at support@doggoapps.com.

3. LightMeter

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The LightMeter app was created for experienced photographers using analog photography. It is available at an affordable price to support the extensive work behind its development.

The app’s reflected light meter works only with devices capable of saving exposure to exif. The incident light meter works on any device, but users should note that the precision and quality of phone light meters are limited by the device itself. For better precision, the reflected light option is recommended.

The app comes with several features, including an ISO range from 3 to 6400, incident light metering (with a light sensor), reflected light metering (compatible with only a few cameras), low light alert, and the ability to mute the camera (not available in all countries). Other features include the display of exif and sensor info on screen, calibration, vibration on measure/hold, holding of incident light readings, alternative ISO selection, state and ISO recall on resume, and spot measure (if the camera has zoom). The app is compatible with all screens, including extra high resolution.

Users can reach out for help via email in both Spanish and English.

4. Light Meter – Free

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This app combines a reflected light meter with spot metering and an incident light meter, allowing users to measure light using the device’s camera or light sensor, respectively. The accuracy of the app has been tested against Gossen and Sekonic meters and found to be reliable on most devices.

The app is compatible with various types of cameras, including film SLR, pinhole, and cinematographic cameras.

In addition to the two meters, the app also features a Color Temperature (White Balance) meter, a Reciprocity Calculator, an Exposure Convert, a Manual (Sunny Sixteen) calculator, a Depth of Field calculator, and an EXIF Reader. These additional tools can be useful to photographers and cinematographers in their work.

5. Light Meter – LUX Meter

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The Light Meter app is designed to measure light intensity and can be used by anyone with access to a smartphone. The app makes use of the device’s light sensor to determine the intensity of light and displays the readings on a LUX Meter. This app can be particularly useful for photographers who need to test the light conditions to achieve better results. However, the accuracy of the readings may vary depending on the quality of the phone’s light sensor.

With the Light Meter app, users can quickly check whether the light is suitable for reading a book, working with machinery, or performing office work, among other tasks. The app displays the light intensity on the LUX Meter, indicating whether the light is too high or too low.

To use the app, users need to locate the light sensor on their device, which is typically found at the top left corner of the screen. The sensor should be left uncovered to enable the app to detect light intensity accurately. The Light Meter app is easy to use and can be used without special permissions.

Key features of the Light Meter app include easy navigation, a Light Meter display, and the ability to read light intensity in LUX units.

6. Lux Light Meter Free

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Lux Meter is an application designed to measure illuminances using the light sensor of a mobile device. The measured light intensity is displayed in lux and foot-candles. It offers features such as recording and saving measured light illuminances, creating locations for points of measurement, live line chart to display actual trends of light intensity, line chart for every record in history, and support for multiple languages.

Users can choose their primary unit for light intensity, calibrate their device with a multiplier, view the minimum and maximum value of a light metering session, pause their current light intensity metering with the hold button, and receive push notifications. Additionally, the app shows data of the light sensor and provides an option to reset the minimum and maximum light intensity value.

The app is free and supports various languages including German, English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, and more. However, the accuracy of the light intensity values displayed depends on the device used as some devices may not have a light sensor or may have varying accuracy.

Users are encouraged to rate the app and provide feedback or recommendations to support the development team. The logo for the app was designed by Mia.Designs/Freepik.

7. Lux Meter

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This application allows users to measure ambient illuminance in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc) using a light sensor on their device. The simple interface allows users to check and compare illuminance levels of different light sources, with the ability to record measurements for up to 16 hours and 39 minutes.

Accuracy of measured values can vary depending on the quality of the light sensor and may differ from actual illuminance levels. The application requires a light sensor to work properly. Users can choose measurement units, adjust sensor sensitivity, calibrate values, and select a layout color, among other settings.

The recording function allows users to select recording time and the number of recorded values, with options to save or export data via email. The application requires internet and network access to display ads, which enable it to be free. The privacy policy provides information on how user data is handled. The application also requires permission to read and modify contents of the SD card to save recorded illuminance data.