8 Best Loads App For Android

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One of the standout features of the best loads app for Android is its security.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Loads App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Loads App For Android

1. Find Truck Loads. Freight Load Board 123Loadboard

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123Loadboard.com offers a load board app designed for professional truck drivers to easily find loads and freight to haul throughout the United States and Canada. The app allows truckers to search through millions of truck loads found annually on 123Loadboard.com’s freight matching network, eliminating the need to worry about deadheading.

The load board app is reliable, powerful, and secure, providing users with freight matching features in the palm of their hand. According to load board users, 123Loadboard’s mobile app is more user-friendly than other load board apps, including Trucker Path Truckloads, ITS Trucker, uShip, DAT Trucker, TruckerTools, Doft, Direct Freight, and others.

The app’s key features include the ability to find loads by city, state, and zip code, search for loads by GPS, easily find backhaul loads from the current location, search for freight back to the home base, call dispatchers directly from the app, save loads for future reference, add notes to freight listings, hide loads that do not work, and display PC*Miler Mileage, Routing, and Tolls, and Credit Scores/Ratings from eCapital and TransCredit.

The app also offers a MyDocs feature for active members to send documents by email or fax, and the ability to post trucks with the click of a button and manage them.

2. DAT One

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DAT One is a comprehensive trucking tool that offers dock-to-dock support for truckers on the road. It provides detailed truck maps that help plan routes based on equipment and cargo, and easily locate services needed while on the road. In addition, it includes a free load board to help truckers find nearby freight. DAT One is constantly updated with new tools based on feedback from its community.

Truck stops, including Pilot, Flying J, Love’s, TA Petro, and other popular service stations can be found through DAT One. The app shows showers, amenities, and diesel fuel prices. Truck parking information is also provided, saving time and hassle when looking for parking spaces. Parking spots can even be booked ahead of time. Weigh stations and CAT scales can also be found utilizing this tool.

DAT One also provides trip planning tools such as detailed truck maps that show clearance and cargo restrictions for hazmat, heavy haul, and other types of cargo. It also shows rest areas, hotels for truckers, and turn-by-turn directions (coming soon). Additionally, a local load board is available to find available truck loads based on location.

For any questions or comments, users can contact DAT One’s customer support at 800-547-5417 or via email at customer.support@dat.com.

3. Truckloads – Truck Load Boards

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Truckloads is a free loadboard that offers access to over 150,000 loads daily on a smartphone. It was created by the same team behind Trucker Path, and it aims to provide carriers with a cost-free way of finding loads. Users can enter their equipment type and find truck loads, then call a broker.

The free loadboard provides access to over 120,000 full truck loads every day, broker credit scores, premium loads from shippers and exclusive brokers, and backhaul loads with the ‘Freight Finder’ feature. The loadboard accommodates various types of trailers, including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, and stepdecks.

Truckloads offers instant access to a load board to find loads from the best brokers and shippers. Loads are refreshed automatically, allowing users to view jobs across the USA. It is an excellent solution for owner-operators and dispatchers of small fleets.

If you are an independent owner-operator, Truckloads can be a valuable tool for finding loads. It is considered the best Load Finder on the market. Dispatchers can also use the Truckloads Load Board to search for freight on the web.

In summary, Truckloads provides free access to a loadboard with a variety of features and accommodates different types of trailers. It is an excellent solution for owner-operators and dispatchers of small fleets who are looking to find loads quickly and efficiently.

4. DAT Load Board for Truckers

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The DAT Load Board for Truckers is an efficient load board app that provides owner-operators, carriers, and dispatchers with access to nearly 1 million truckloads posted every business day on the DAT Network. The app offers easy-to-use tools that are not available elsewhere and remembers users’ preferences to save time. The app allows users to see up to 500 results at once, sort search results by offer rate, and receive notifications when new loads match their search. It also provides broker reviews and credit scores, spot market rates for lanes, remembers lanes users recently searched, and allows users to post their trucks so that brokers can call them about available freight.

Users can find truck freight that meets their business needs, regardless of the type of trailer they are pulling, including dry van, reefer, flatbed, LTL loads/partials, expedited freight, power only, stepdeck, and more. To access the app, users can simply log in with the same information they use for DAT Power, Express, TruckersEdge, or MembersEdge. If not already a DAT, TruckersEdge, or MembersEdge customer, they can call 800.551.8847 or visit dat.com/truckloads.

5. Find Truck Loads – Free Load Boards For Freight

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ComFreight is a free mobile app that offers load boards for truck freight, catering to carriers, dispatchers, fleet owners, and owner-operators. It enables them to find the best loads from live brokers and shippers. It also helps trucking companies find loads, track activity, and receive fast payments. The app has several features, including the ability to search thousands of daily loads, track activity, view market average load rate data, and sort loads by deadhead. Additionally, users can block posters they don’t like and see poster’s days to pay.

A new feature of the app is the Freight Rate feature, which enables users to view market average rates when viewing load details to determine if the rate they’re going to get is a good freight rate. The app also provides optional freight factoring whereby users can get quick pay on all of their hauls, including those not found on the load app.

ComFreight also offers a Payments Program for carriers and owner-operators, which includes same-day fuel advances, instant same-day payments, payment status notifications, and automatic invoice creation. The app is free for all users, and they can access the ComFreight web app on all devices after signing up on the mobile load app. The app aims to provide the best freight matching load board app and marketplace for the trucking industry while ensuring the fastest payment to carriers and owner-operators.

6. Doft Free Load Board & Truck Loads

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Doft Free Load Board is a platform for truckers, owner-operators, carriers, and dispatchers to find available loads. It boasts a wide selection of 150,000 loads posted daily on its free loadboard. To search for freight, users simply need to input their pickup location, destination, and equipment type. Doft’s app is designed to connect carriers with the best brokers and shippers quickly and efficiently.

The app also offers upfront pricing for prepaid loads from direct shippers, making the booking process smoother and fairer. Doft’s Book Now button enables carriers to instantly book a load without the need for negotiations. The app’s other functionalities include rate check, which provides updated industry rates, and a fuel surcharge calculator.

Doft’s load board app is free to use and download, with no commissions charged by the platform. It offers the ability to search for loads and truckloads using several filters, including city, state, zip code, or GPS. Carriers can also use the app to find loads back to their home base.

Users looking for additional tools can upgrade to a Premium subscription. Overall, Doft Free Load Board provides a comprehensive solution for anyone in the trucking industry seeking available loads.

7. Convoy: easily find & book truck loads

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Convoy offers carriers the opportunity to easily find and haul loads from top shippers across the country, allowing for more efficient and profitable operations. With the use of the Convoy app, carriers can bid on and win loads 24/7, receive free Convoy QuickPay™ for fast payment, and request no-hassle detention or lumper payment codes with one tap. Additionally, carriers can save up to $35,000 per year, per truck with TruckYeah Savings, which includes the Convoy Fuel Card and Convoy Factoring. The app also allows for the reduction of hassle, as users can manage work from their phone, view shipper and facility names and addresses on every load, and track their fleet’s locations and arrival times with GPS.

The Convoy app provides access to all available loads, including nationwide dry van, reefer, and power-only loads, as well as secure dedicated freight contracts. Carriers can book everything through the app, which eliminates the issues that may arise during phone negotiations, such as haggling, language barriers, and cultural biases. The app also allows for the bundling of head hauls and backhauls to reduce empty miles, further increasing profitability.

Convoy operates in the contiguous 48 states and offers carriers the opportunity to sign up and book their first loads quickly, regardless of the size of their business.

8. Truckstop – Trucking, Loads, Freight,Fuel,Payments

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Truckstop Mobile is a highly effective method for locating freight quickly and efficiently. It offers the ability to post a truck or choose from a vast selection of loads, with a total of 500,000 postings made daily. Users can save preferences and favorite lanes, filter results via spot market rates by equipment type and lanes, access fuel pricing and locations, and sort results by various parameters such as rate, weight, length, and deadhead.

Truckstop Mobile also offers additional features such as reviews and credit scores, document imaging services for storing and exchanging important documents. Those interested in signing up for an account can start by visiting truckstop.com/get-started. For any inquiries or support, Truckstop Mobile can be contacted at 800-203-2540 or mobilefeedback@truckstop.com.

Overall, Truckstop Mobile is a highly reputable and trusted carrier load board within the industry. Its user-friendly features are highly convenient and expedient for drivers and logistics companies alike.