7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android

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Download the Best Live Satellite Map App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. With a vast array of applications available on the Android platform, users have access to an abundance of tools that cater to their needs. One such tool is the best live satellite map app for Android. This app provides users with real-time satellite imagery of any location they desire, allowing them to explore the world from the comfort of their mobile devices.

The app utilizes satellite data to provide users with an accurate representation of the area they are viewing. The data is updated regularly to ensure that the information provided to the user is up-to-date and reliable. Users can zoom in and out of the maps, switch between different layers to view terrain, and even set up custom routes to navigate their way around.

This app is not only useful for personal use but can also be beneficial for commercial purposes. Businesses can use the app to analyze geographical patterns, track shipments, and oversee construction projects in real-time.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android

1. Speak and Translate Languages

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The Speak & Translate app offers a solution to communication difficulties across languages by allowing users to translate text, voice, and conversations in over 100 languages. The app includes features such as a text translator box, a voice translator, and a picture translator OCR. Additionally, users can access a comprehensive dictionary, a list of daily use phrases, and a spell corrector and grammar checker. The app saves translation history and supports word of the day updates to enhance users’ vocabulary. The voice translator app serves as a language interpreter to help understand different languages. The app supports voice typing and the ability to listen to translations in different languages.

2. Live Earth Map HD – Live Cam & Satellite View

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The live earth map HD – live cam app allows you to explore the entire world and view the live satellite in real-time. This app utilizes GPS mapping to display all locations and provides a 3D street view and 360 earth view. With the live satellite map, you can explore the complete world map, discover 3D buildings, cities, and plan your world tour. The GPS satellite map app can detect your current location and assist you in finding the distance between two points. The app is free to download and easy to use.

The app offers a live 3D street view and 2D view of your area and shows all live traffic routes of streets and roads of the world with the help of GPS navigation. The Earth map app has the feature of terrain and live satellite views of all country maps. With this app, you can explore the beauty of nature and different places around you. The app features the most advanced 3D map with the functionality of the 360 satellite view.

The top features of the live earth map HD – live cam & satellite view app include a simple and attractive user interface, 3D models of street views, and the ability to track your current location. The app also shows 3D buildings of cities around the world, the distance between two points, real-time satellite view, and traffic routes. You can zoom in and out with ease.

The live earth map app allows you to view live location and live earth view from space.

3. Live Earth Map GPS Navigation

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The Live Earth Map GPS Navigation app offers a range of tools for driving directions, finding locations, and voice navigation through updated live maps. Its satellite map allows users to explore live street view and provides real-time traffic information on HD maps. The app includes GPS navigation, traffic alerts, GPS speedometer, compass, GPS maps go, and 3D route mapping on a single platform, making it easy for users to find important information. The app ensures the easiest and shortest driving directions with turn by turn voice navigation. Its 360 satellite maps of famous landmarks and places allow users to plan their next holidays. The app also allows users to view 3D views of their houses and find street views on satellite map images.

Features of the app include searching for any location in the world, exploring the beauty of live street view on updated live 3D maps, finding real-time driving directions, traffic alerts to avoid getting stuck in traffic, and viewing the world map with live HD view. Users can speak the destination name and get driving directions from point A to B with step by step voice navigation instructions on the live map satellite view app. The GPS maps go app not only navigates the direction route of any area on the earth but also shows the real-time estimated time of arrival with distance in kilometers. Users can save their routes to avoid hassle when planning a road trip on the same routes navigator.

4. Google Earth

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Google Earth is a digital tool that allows users to explore the world from above through satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe. The platform also offers 3D buildings in hundreds of cities across the world. Users can zoom in on specific locations, including their own homes, and view them from a 360° perspective with Street View. Through Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more, users can see the world from a new point of view.

Recently, Google Earth has made its immersive maps and stories accessible on mobile devices. This means that users can now visualize the maps and stories they have created on the web on their mobile devices.

5. Live Satellite Map Directions

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Live Satellite Map Directions is a free GPS navigation app that provides fast live maps directions and GPS route planning for car drivers, bikers, cyclists, and travelers. It offers a range of interesting features including live satellite views of the world map, real-time traffic alerts, and compass directions. The app displays street map images in 3D and can locate famous places on the world map. It also provides voice GPS driving directions for desired destinations, making it easy to navigate without getting stuck in traffic congestion. Users can explore nearby places such as restaurants, gyms, and gas stations, and monitor their vehicle speed with a smart GPS speedometer.

The app provides real-time driving directions with GPS voice navigation, which allows users to navigate their route without looking at their mobile screen. The transit map app ensures the safety of the driver by providing step-by-step voice directions. Live Satellite Map Directions also offers a free GPS navigator with traffic alerts, allowing users to check the congestion situation on the road map before leaving their location to reach their destination on time by taking the shortest route.

The all-rounder GPS satellite map is not only a navigation app, but also an address finder that helps people find their live GPS location and desired locations, and it provides updates on nearby places such as restaurants, zoos, ATMs, hospitals, and schools.

6. Live Satellite Map: Earth Map

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Live Street View App is a location finder app designed to help users find their driving route to their destination. Users can easily locate their route or destination by map directions that highlight the route from their starting point to the final destination. To view an accurate area, the app offers a satellite view which displays real satellite images. Additionally, the app features a voice GPS navigation that allows users to enter their location name by voice. Live Street View App is an online app that requires GPS and internet connection to easily locate a user’s position on the map.

As a route finder app, Live Street View App helps users find the shortest path to reach their destination. The app allows users to save time by finding the shortest route and directing them to their destination in less time. The app also features a place finder that displays nearby places. Furthermore, the app is named as a location or address finder app and can be used as a bike or car path finder, depending on the user’s mode of transportation. Live Street View App also has a GPS route finder feature that tracks the user’s location while driving.

The app features several GPS Route Finder features, including the Route Finder used to find the path, Map Directions used to select the shortest road, and Satellite View which displays a satellite view of the area. The app also has a Voice GPS Navigation feature, Current Location Finder, and is a simple route finder app for Android.

7. Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road

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Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road & Navigation driving directions is a map app that offers users the ability to search for directions and find their current location, position, and traffic alerts. The app features a voice navigation driving direction turn-by-turn option, as well as accurate compass navigation. The GPS app is suitable for activities requiring real-time GPS location and traffic conditions, and users can plan an optimal route to reach their destination on time. The app also includes a phone locator for finding friends’ locations.

GPS Map Route Traffic Finder & GPS Navigator is an app that provides users with available locations based on data from all GPS navigation sources. The app offers a live street view and compass navigator, and users can find famous street views and traffic live views. The app features an easy trip planning view for visiting places, and it can be used for driving, walking, and cycle navigation anywhere worldwide.

GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation is a free map navigation direction finder app that offers GPS driving maps direction and route navigation. The app offers voice direction location maps, driving directions, and GPS map coordinates for easy following of the drive location worldwide. The app is updated regularly with new maps and is designed to help users navigate their daily lives while driving.

The Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road app offers several features, including GPS maps with voice navigation, up-to-date earth map satellite, and GPS navigation.