7 Best Lg Remote App For Android

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Download the Best Lg Remote App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLG TVs are known for their high-quality visual and audio performance, as well as their user-friendly interface. However, using the traditional remote control can be tedious and time-consuming. This is where remote control apps come in handy. They allow you to control your LG TV from your Android device, making it easier and more convenient to access your favorite shows and movies. In this article, we will discuss the best LG remote app for Android devices, its features, and how to use it effectively.

First and foremost, the best LG remote app for Android devices should have a simple and intuitive user interface. It should allow users to easily navigate through the various menus and options, and provide quick access to the most commonly used functions. Additionally, it should provide an easy setup process that enables users to connect their Android device to their LG TV effortlessly.

Secondly, the app should have a wide range of features.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Lg Remote App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Lg Remote App For Android

1. Remote for LG TV

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The Remote for LG TV app is a remote control application designed for controlling LG televisions remotely. The app is compatible with all TVs equipped with Smart TV technology and connected to a user’s WiFi or Ethernet network.

Upon launch, the application automatically searches for the user’s LG TV on the network. Once found, the user is prompted to enter the code that appears on their TV, allowing for a secure connection to be established. After this, the user can control their LG TV using their smartphone.

For any inquiries or feedback, users can contact the app’s developers. It is important to note that Remote for LG TV is not an official LG product, and the developers are not affiliated with the LG company.

2. LG webOS Magic Remote

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The LG webOS TV functionality can now be accessed through a mobile phone with the Magic Remote app. This application only works with LG webOS TVs. The app’s primary feature allows the user to move the cursor on the TV screen by pointing their mobile phone towards it, similar to a computer mouse. A gyroscope is required for this feature.

The app has a one-click connection feature, allowing for easy pairing between the mobile phone and the webOS TV. Users can also customize the button layout by creating their own layouts or changing existing ones. The latest update removes the need for a gyroscope and introduces a touch-pad instead. Additionally, the app includes power buttons for turning the TV on and off through Wi-Fi and Infrared ports, as well as channel switching and application launch dialogs.

To use the app, the mobile phone and webOS TV must be paired for the first app start. Also, both devices must be connected to the same local network.

3. Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV

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This application can transform your phone into a top-notch remote control for your Netcast or WebOS LG Smart TV. It provides a range of features that surpass even the official LG remotes, allowing you to control multiple TVs via WiFi and eliminate the need for plastic remotes. The app enables you to use a keyboard for easier text input and a touchpad for navigation.

One of the key features of this app is its ability to control multiple TVs from a single app. It also has minimal ads, which many users appreciate. Additionally, it offers a notification remote to control your TV from any app or lockscreen, as well as the option to jump to any channel or TV app directly from the app. You can also create channel and app shortcuts on your phone’s homescreen, including a Netflix button that launches the app on your TV. Finally, the app can mute your TV when your phone rings.

It is important to note, however, that this application cannot turn on your TV. Since your TV is not connected to WiFi while it is off, it cannot receive commands from the app.

4. Remote for LG Smart TV

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Smartify is a free remote control application that enables users to control their LG Smart TV from their mobile device. The application utilizes a keyboard and touchpad, and requires both the TV and the mobile device to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After a simple pairing procedure, users can easily control their TV from their mobile device.

Smartify is designed to be a universal remote, and supports all TV models with WebOS operating system, as well as Netcast models released since 2012. The application features a large set of buttons that enables access to all the functions of the TV, and includes an automatic connection function that eliminates the need to enter a PIN for each connection.

In addition to the buttons, Smartify also includes a large touchpad that enables users to easily navigate and flick through content on the TV screen. The application also includes a keyboard for entering text in the browser. Smartify is compatible with Wear OS.

Smartify converts a mobile device into a remote for LG, and eliminates the need for a physical remote. However, it is important to note that text input is only available in the TV apps that support TV keyboard. Some services, such as Netflix and YouTube, may have their own keyboards and are not supported by Smartify.

It is important to note that Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not affiliated with LG Electronics, and the Smartify application is not an official product of LG.

5. Smart Remote for LG TVs

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The Smart Remote for LG TVs is a convenient app that allows users to control their LG Smart TVs straight from their Android devices. The app connects to the user’s smart TV via Wi-Fi, enabling them to turn the TV on and off, change channels, control the volume, enter text using a real keyboard, and access other smart TV features. The app is compatible with all LG Smart TV OLED and NanoCell TVs with WebOS and Netcast systems.

With the Smart Remote app, users have the option to control multiple LG TVs with a single remote, and can even use the app on their Wear OS devices. The app has several features, including the ability to mute sound, navigate Smart TV features, and quickly access built-in smart apps like Netflix. Additionally, users can stream local content to their TV directly from the app.

Other features of the app include a widget that can be added to the user’s home screen and a trackpad that can be used while browsing the web. The Smart Remote for LG TVs app is also integrated directly into the notification center, making it easily accessible.

It’s important to note that the Smart Remote app is not an official LG application and is not affiliated with LG Electronics in any way. The developers of the app are constantly working on adding new features and encourage users to leave a review and rating.

6. Remote for LG TV / Devices : Codematics

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The CodeMatics Inc. developed a powerful and efficient universal remote control app for LG devices that is free to use. The app functions as a remote control for various LG devices, including LG Smart TVs, non-Smart TVs, air conditioners, home theatre, set-top box, Blu Ray, media player, projector, DVD, iPOD, AV system, and sound system. The app provides a simple and easy solution to control electronic equipment by conveniently using a mobile device that has an infrared (IR) blaster.

The LG TV remote control app is the simplest and most efficient smart TV remote control available currently in the Play Store. It allows the user to control their LG Smart TV operating on webOS operating system, with functionalities such as power on/off control, volume control, channel lists, mouse navigation, easy keyboard, input, home, apps installed on the TV, and more. The app discovers the TV and connects with it, provided the user’s mobile device and the LG smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

For traditional non-smart TVs, the app provides the option to control the TV by using the IR TV remote control functionalities, such as power on/off control, AV/TV, mute/un-mute, channel digits buttons, channel index, volume control, menu button with up/down and left/right controls, and more.


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This is a universal Wi-Fi remote control launcher application that enables the user to control network-connectable devices released since 2012. When both a smart phone and an LG device are connected to the same router, the phone can be used as a traditional remote control after a simple connection process. The application automatically searches for all connectable devices in the user’s home. If a connectable device is selected, the user can download a remote control application for the device.

The application is compatible with Blu-ray Disc Player, Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System, Blu-ray Disc Player with Broadcasting Tuner, Network Media Player (Smart TV Upgrader), Sound Bar, and SoundPlate. However, it may not be supported depending on the model without Wi-Fi support. Additionally, it may not operate properly depending on the phone’s performance.

Before using the application, it is highly recommended to check the condition of the Wi-Fi connection. It may not operate properly if the Wi-Fi signal is weak. The application requires Android 2.3 or later.