7 Best Launcher App For Android

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Download the Best Launcher App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAndroid is a widely popular operating system used by millions of users worldwide. One of the most attractive features of Android is its customization options, which allow users to personalize their devices according to their preferences. A launcher app is one of the essential tools for Android users, as it enables them to customize the user interface, app icons, widgets, and more. With so many launcher apps available in the market, finding the best launcher app for Android can be challenging.

A launcher app is a home screen replacement app that replaces the default launcher on your Android device. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your device, including the app drawer, widgets, icons, wallpapers, and more. The best launcher app for Android should provide users with a seamless and intuitive interface that enhances their overall user experience. Additionally, it should be lightweight, fast, and easy to use, without compromising on features or functionality.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Launcher App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Launcher App For Android

1. Nova Launcher Prime

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Nova Launcher Prime offers users the opportunity to unlock the full potential of the Nova Launcher app. This can be achieved through a range of innovative features including customizable gestures, app drawer groups and the ability to hide apps without uninstalling them. Additionally, users can assign swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions. Further features include scrolling effects, unread counts and more.

It is important to note that Nova Launcher Prime serves as a license to unlock these features within the free Nova Launcher app. In order to access these enhanced features, users must first install the Nova Launcher app.

2. Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean

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Niagara Launcher is a minimalist Android home screen launcher that provides ergonomic efficiency, allowing users to access everything with one hand. Its adaptive list can be customized to suit individual needs, and the wave alphabet feature permits users to navigate their phones with ease. Niagara Launcher also has embedded notifications, allowing users to read and respond to notifications from their home screen. It is ad-free, lightweight, and declutters the home screen by hiding pre-installed bloatware and rarely used apps. Users can personalize their home screens with integrated icon packs, fonts, and wallpapers or use their own. Niagara Launcher has an active development team and a supportive community and offers an optional accessibility service that lets users quickly turn off their phone’s screen with a gesture.

3. Pixel Launcher

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Pixel Launcher is a home screen interface designed specifically for Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The launcher provides easy access to personalized information through Google cards, which can be accessed by swiping right from the home screen. Customized news and other personalized information that is relevant to the user are displayed at the appropriate time.

The launcher comes with several key features, including quick access to Google Search from the primary home screen. Users can swipe up on the bottom Favorites row to access all their apps from A-Z. Additionally, App Suggestions bring the app that the user is looking for to the top of the A-Z list, making it easy to find.

Pixel Launcher also supports shortcuts for apps that support them. Users can long-press on an app to jump directly to the relevant section or long-press on the shortcut to drag it to the home screen. This feature makes it easier for users to access their frequently used apps quickly.

Overall, Pixel Launcher is a powerful home screen interface that provides a highly personalized experience to Google Pixel and Pixel XL users. With its intuitive design and advanced features, it offers a seamless and efficient way to access information and applications.

4. [Discontinued] Navigation Gestures–Swipe Controls

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Navigation Gestures is an app that allows users to add swipe gesture controls to any Android device. It replaces the navigation bar buttons with gesture controls and can completely hide the stock navigation bar without root access. Users can customize the gesture pill and choose from a variety of gestures, including taps, swipes, and split pill. The app offers both free and premium actions, such as launching apps, pulling down notifications, and toggling WiFi. The app also provides appearance and behavior customization options, and troubleshooting tips are available on the XDA forum thread and GitHub page. However, the app is not compatible with Android 11 and later, and users should be aware that navigation gestures will not be receiving any more updates.

5. Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is a versatile and customizable home screen replacement app that offers advanced features to enhance the user’s home screens. It caters to users who want to completely overhaul their home screens or those who prefer a cleaner, faster home launcher.

Nova Launcher boasts the latest Android launcher features and supports thousands of icon themes available in the Play Store. It also offers night mode and dark theme options that can be set to come on automatically at a specific time. The customizable app drawer allows users to choose between vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive options.

Subgrid positioning is a unique feature of Nova Launcher that allows icons and widgets to be snapped in between grid cells, giving users a precise feel and layout that is impossible with most other launchers. Additionally, Nova’s backup and restore feature makes it easy to move from phone to phone or try new home screen setups.

For users who want to unlock Nova Launcher’s full potential, Nova Launcher Prime offers additional features such as custom gestures, app drawer groups, and the ability to hide apps without uninstalling them. Nova Launcher Prime also allows users to assign swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions.

It is important to note that Nova Launcher uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality. With its highly optimized performance and smooth animations, Nova Launcher gives even older phones a fast and fluid feel.

6. Smart Launcher 6

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Smart Launcher is an Android app that improves and extends the features of Android devices by providing a new home screen designed to be more efficient and user-friendly. The app automatically sorts apps into categories and features a powerful search engine to quickly find what you need. It also matches wallpaper colors and moves the most-used items to the bottom of the screen for easier access.

Smart Launcher has received several accolades, including being named the Best Android Launcher in 2020 by Android Central and Top 10 Launchers by Android Authority and Tech Radar. It is also highly customizable, allowing users to modify every single color of the theme and choose from thousands of fonts.

The app offers a range of features, including adaptive icons and gestures, a built-in clock widget with weather, and on-screen notifications. Users can also hide and protect apps with a PIN and select wallpapers from various sources.

Smart Launcher is a community-driven project that is regularly updated to support the most recent Android APIs and new devices. Users can join the community and become beta testers. The app requires access to the Android Accessibility API for some features, but it will never collect any data using this API.

7. Microsoft Launcher

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Microsoft Launcher is an Android application that offers users a personalized home screen experience. With its highly customizable features, users can easily organize everything on their phone, including their calendar and to-do lists. Additionally, the app allows users to set up a personalized feed that includes Sticky Notes, making it easier for them to keep track of important information. Microsoft Launcher can be set up as a new home screen, and users can either start fresh with their favorite apps or import their existing home screen layout.

The latest version of Microsoft Launcher has been rebuilt on a new codebase, which has allowed the introduction of new features such as personalized news and dark mode. The app also offers improved load time, less memory use, better battery performance, and fluent animation.

Microsoft Launcher offers several features, including customizable icons, beautiful wallpapers, dark theme, and improved performance. Users can give their phone a consistent look and feel with custom icon packs and adaptive icons. They can also enjoy a fresh new image from Bing every day or choose their own photos as their wallpaper. With the introduction of the dark theme, users can comfortably use their phone at night or in low light environments. Additionally, Microsoft Launcher now loads faster, uses less memory, is more battery efficient, and offers fluent animations.

Users who choose to install Microsoft Launcher agree to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The app can replace the default launcher or toggle between device launchers.