8 Best Jewel App Android

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Download the Best Jewel App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonJewel apps have become incredibly popular among Android users in recent years. These apps often include a variety of challenging puzzles and games that require users to match colorful gems and jewels in order to progress. With so many different jewel apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be difficult to determine which one is truly the best. In this article, we will discuss some of the key features that make for the best jewel app for Android users.

First and foremost, the best jewel app should offer a wide variety of different game modes and levels. This ensures that users of all skill levels can find a challenge that is suitable for them. Additionally, a good jewel app should include a range of different game mechanics and power-ups that keep gameplay engaging and interesting.

Another important factor to consider is the overall presentation and design of the app. The best jewel apps feature sleek and modern graphics that are visually appealing and easy to navigate.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Jewel App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Jewel App Android

1. Gems or jewels ?

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This puzzle game features challenging levels that may occupy a significant amount of your leisure time. To excel, you must employ your aptitude, reasoning, and creativity to emerge as a match-three expert.

2. Jewels Classic – Jewel Crush Legend

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Jewel Classic, a free match 3 puzzle game, has launched on the Android Market and has already accumulated over 40 million installations. The game involves swapping and matching jewels to form dazzling combinations and complete challenges. The game aims to provide a fun and engaging experience while also training the brain. The game features fascinating game scenes, eye-catching art style, and spectacular elimination effects.

One of the main features of Jewel Classic is that there is no life limit, allowing for unlimited play without any waiting times. The game also offers various game modes, including 2000+ well-designed levels and hundreds of different gameplay options. Additionally, the classic style of the game provides a fresh and comfortable visual experience. Completing challenges within the game provides players with free diamonds, increasing their chances of winning the double bonus.

Jewel Classic’s puzzle adventure takes players on a journey through sea and jungle worlds, offering a satisfying quest for those seeking a craving for jewels. The game is suitable for all ages, and its family tips suggest that it may be a good alternative for elderly people looking to stay away from mahjong and other casino games. The game is available for download, and players can start their puzzle fun instantly.

3. Jewel & Gems Mania 2021

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Jewel&Gems Mania is a match-3 puzzle game that allows players to collect various jewels and gems by completing challenging levels. The game requires players to slide their fingers to swap, match, and crush jewels. The objective of the game is to use the power of the jewels to crush blocks, solve puzzles in temples and jungles, and seek treasures in legends.

The game features over 700 addictive levels that bring new and fun challenges to players. It is free to play, and players can receive daily free rewards and bonuses by spinning the wheel. The game is easy and fun to play but challenging to master, and players are free to use boosters every day. There is no time limit in the game, and players can play at any time and any place.

Players can connect to Facebook and play with their friends, and see who can get the highest score on the leaderboard. Frequent funny events in the game provide extra challenges and rewards for players. The game can be played offline and does not require Wi-Fi.

Overall, Jewel&Gems Mania is an attractive and addictive match-3 puzzle game that offers players an amazing jewel puzzle adventure. Those interested in playing the game can download it for free.

4. Jewel Mania™

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Jewel Mania is a match 3 puzzle game created by the makers of the popular app Bubble Mania. The game involves swapping jewels to match three or more and create various effects on the board. With over 600 unique puzzles, players can enjoy a variety of challenges such as smashing glass and digging for treasure. Combining rare jewels can create cascades, and players can discover Magic Diamonds and Rainbow Stars for special bonuses. The game is easy to learn but challenging to master, with tricky obstacles like walls and portals that players must navigate. The game also features beautiful backgrounds and animated characters, and offers regular updates with new puzzles and boosts.

Jewel Mania is a free game, but players can purchase in-app items with real money. To prevent accidental purchases, users can set up a PIN for purchases in their device settings. The game also links to social media services such as Facebook, and users should be aware that Storm8 Studios, the developer, will have access to their information through these services. The game requires an active internet connection to download additional levels.

Storm8 Studios is a top mobile social game developer on Android, and Jewel Mania is their latest offering. The game is governed by the company’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which are available on their website. Players can follow Storm8 on various social media platforms for updates and news about their games.

5. Bling Crush:Match 3 Jewel Game

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Bling Crush is a free mobile game that offers players a jewel matching experience with gems and diamonds. This classic match-three game allows users to slide their fingers across the screen to match gems and crush shiny diamonds. With a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant music, users can enjoy thousands of levels and be the diamond blast king or jewels master.

In Bling Crush, each level has a specific goal that users must complete to receive rewards. Players can use magic candy to match three or more shiny gems, pass levels, and unlock new maps. By collecting coins, users can buy powerful boosters to crush colorful candy gems and easily get crystal blasts. Additionally, users can join the World Tournament to compete with friends globally and earn generous rewards.

Bling Crush features exquisite graphics and design with different wonderful in-game worlds, while Blast Boosters help users solve quests and collect jewel stars. Players can also match to unlock new events and participate in interesting events to get free boosters and other rewards. The leaderboard enables users to check friends’ progress globally and pass as many free luxury diamond levels as possible to become the ranking king.

With addictive levels, easy gameplays, and charming graphics, Bling Crush brings endless fun to users. They can match and crush combos of shiny gems to kill time and enjoy various gameplays and daily free rewards. Bling Crush is an easy free game for beginners to start off, and interesting events are also held in-game. Players can connect with friends and compete for rankings.

6. Jewels Star

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A new Match-3 game has recently been launched on the Android Market called Jewels Star. The objective of the game is to pass various levels by winning stars in each one. To do so, players must match 3 or more identical jewels until the board transparency reveals the Jewels Star. The game also features tips that can help players score extra points, such as eliminating the jewels quickly.

With over 350 levels and 8 different scenes including starry skies, mountains, and snow worlds, players can enjoy a variety of settings while playing. Matching 4 jewels will allow players to win the jewel’s bomb and 1 lightning, while matching 5 jewels can win color-changing jewels and 2 lightings. Eliminating 20 jewels continuously can earn players 1 lighting, and certain jewels have unique abilities, such as the jeweled bomb being able to eliminate jewels around it.

Other unique jewels include the color-changing jewel, which can eliminate any other colored jewel, the timing jewel, which extends playing time, and the lightning jewel, which can eliminate jewels in one row. For chained and frozen jewels, players must eliminate the surrounding jewels to unlock or release them.

7. Jewel Legacy

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The game Jewel Legacy invites players to join Joy on her adventure to find treasure. The game consists of over a thousand Match-3 puzzle stages, where players must move jewelry to match it in the same shape. The ultimate goal is to achieve three stars at every level, which is a challenging feat. The game features fascinating graphics and various adventure tools to help players get through difficult levels.

Jewel Legacy is accessible offline, and no internet connection is required to play. Players receive a free daily bonus and gift to help them progress in the game. In-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements are available for purchase. However, players should note that if the game does not save, their data will be initialized when they delete the application or replace their device.

For any questions or concerns, players can contact customer service at enp_cs@enpgames.co.kr.

8. Jewel Gems

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Jewel Gems is a game designed to enhance the Jewels experience. Developed by Spooky House Studios, it offers a fun and unique gameplay that allows players to crush, smash, break, and explode jewels. The game features chain reaction jewel explosions and slick animations that add to the excitement of the game.

Jewel Gems comes with 7 game modes: Classic, Chill Out, Bubble Invasion, Bubble Shootix, Critical Mass, Turn By Turn, and Gravity, each tailored to offer a different level of challenge to players. Players can earn bonuses for exploding jewel groups of nice shapes such as squares, lines, corners, among others.

To encourage competition and enhance the overall experience, Jewel Gems comes with Game Center leaderboards and achievements. Players can choose from 5 animation speed settings, which include Slow Motion, Normal, Fast, Turbo, and Animations Off. The game also offers bonus levels, bonus jewels, and combo bonuses to keep players engaged.

Jewel Gems offers an immersive jungle environment that adds to the overall fun of the game. It is developed by the creators of Bubble Explode and Rail Maze, ensuring that players can expect a top-notch gaming experience.