7 Best Japanese Radio Android App

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Download the Best Japanese Radio Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonRadio has been a popular form of entertainment and information for many years. With the rise of mobile technology, listening to radio stations has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Android users, in particular, have access to a wide range of radio apps, including those that specialize in Japanese programming. In this article, we will explore some of the best Japanese radio apps available for Android devices.

The apps we will be discussing are designed to cater to users who have an interest in Japanese culture, language, and music. They offer access to a variety of radio stations from Japan, covering everything from news and current affairs to pop music and anime soundtracks. Some of these apps also provide additional features such as podcast playback, alarms, and sleep timers.

To determine the best Japanese radio app for Android, we will consider factors such as the quality of the user interface, the variety of stations available, and the app’s overall performance.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Japanese Radio Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Japanese Radio Android App


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SCHOOL OF LOCK, the school within the radio that holds the key to the future, conducts classes every Monday to Friday from 22:00 with Principal Sakata and Vice Principal Komori teaching alongside troubled students nationwide. Each day features a different popular artist appearing one after the other. Users can launch the app and immediately go to the school bulletin board and each artist’s bulletin board. Participants can post anything they are thinking, feeling, or struggling with, whether it be about friends, family, significant others, or anything else. COPYRIGHT TOKYO FM.

2. Japan Radio

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Japan Radio is a digital application that provides its users with free access to Japanese internet radio and podcasts. The app allows you to tune into live Japanese radio news, music, talk shows, and podcasts, making it an excellent choice for Japanese Radio enthusiasts and learners alike. Additionally, Japan Radio provides an opportunity for users to join the largest online Japanese community, meet new people, and make friends from all over the world.

The app is well-known for its collection of popular Japanese radios, including daily updated Japanese podcasts. For those who want to improve their Japanese speaking and listening skills, Japan Radio is an excellent tool.

The app offers several features to help users connect with others, including free texting, voice messages, photo-sharing, and customized animated stickers. Furthermore, Japan Radio allows users to receive message alerts instantly through push notifications.

To foster a sense of community, users can share their timeline, like and comment on photos, and talk to others in the app’s chatroom. With its user-friendly interface and immersive content, Japan Radio is a great choice for anyone seeking an online Japanese radio and podcast experience.

3. Radio Japan

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Radio Japan is a free radio app that offers users access to over 200 Japanese radio stations. The app has a modern and user-friendly interface that allows for an enjoyable listening experience. Users can choose from a variety of genres including sports, news, music, and comedy among others.

Some of the key features of the app include the ability to listen to radio in the background while using other apps, the option to listen to FM radio even when abroad, and the ability to find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station).

Users can also easily add a radio station or podcast to their favorites list with just one click, use the search tool to find what they are looking for, and set an alarm to wake up to their favorite FM radio station. The app also includes a sleep timer, and users can choose between light or dark mode interfaces.

Additionally, Radio Japan is compatible with Chromecast and Bluetooth devices, and users can share the app with friends via social media, SMS, or email. The app includes a wide range of Japanese radio stations such as NHK R1, NHK R2, NHK FM, Tokyo FM, and BBC Radio.

Users are encouraged to contact the app developers via email if they experience any issues or can’t find a specific radio station.

4. Radio Japan online

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Radio Japan is an application that provides access to Japanese radio stations, including news, music, and sports. Users can listen to FM, AM, and online radio stations from anywhere in the world. The radio player is efficient and ideal for listening to popular radio stations in Japan, such as JPop Sakura, Karuizawa, and NHK 1. The app includes features such as a favorite radio list, wake-up/alarm function, sleep timer, search function, Chromecast and Android Auto compatibility, and an application widget. The interface is simple and ergonomic, and the app is regularly updated to improve the listening quality. The app has ads, but users can switch to an ad-free version. Users can contact the team to suggest new radio stations or provide feedback. An internet connection is required to use the app.

5. Radio Japan FM online

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Radio Japon is a free FM radio player app that enables users to listen live to various free FM radio stations and internet radios from Japan. The app has an easy-to-use, fast, and modern interface, providing an optimal listening experience for news, sports, music, and other broadcasts. It has a range of features such as Android Auto and Chromecast compatibility, alarm function, social media sharing, standby mode, radio player automatic shutdown timer, saving favorite radios, magnifying glass search, and the ability to receive calls while using the app. The Radio Japan app requires a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for optimal performance. Users can suggest adding a radio station that is not available by sending an email to radioslight@yahoo.fr.

6. Japan Radio Stations Online – Japanese FM AM Music

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Japan Radio FM Stream is a free mobile application that allows users to listen to the most popular Japanese radio stations. The app is designed for easy and fast listening and offers instant playback and high-quality audio. Users can select their favorite stations by category and enjoy them with just one click.

Japan Radio FM is a simple and visually appealing radio app that features a large collection of Japanese radio stations. The app is small in size but performs efficiently and provides high-quality audio. Users can listen to the radio even when abroad through the live internet radio feature. Additionally, they can switch between day or night mode and fall asleep with the sleep timer.

The app makes it easy to customize listening preferences by allowing users to add or remove favorite radio stations. Users can also continue listening to internet radio in the background while using other applications. The app features an instant search function and offers a variety of categories, including kids, news, music, and sports. Overall, Japan Radio FM Stream is an excellent option for those who want to listen to Japanese radio stations for free.

7. Radio Japan FM Live

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Radio Japan is a radio application that allows users to listen to Japanese FM AM radios and online radios for free and live. With over 1000 Japanese radio stations available online, users can search for radios, filter by themes, save favorite radios, share a live radio with friends, and receive calls while using the application. The application is designed to be simple and fast with ergonomics that make it easy to use. It also includes a countdown function to automatically close the application and is compatible with Chromecast and Android Auto. However, the application requires an internet connection to work.