9 Best Iranian Radio App Android

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Download the Best Iranian Radio App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIranian radio stations have a long-standing history of providing high-quality programming that caters to the diverse interests of the population. As technology continues to advance, more and more people are turning to their smartphones to access their favorite radio stations on the go. With an abundance of radio apps available for Android devices, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable one. In this article, we will explore the features and functionality of the best Iranian radio app for Android users.

This app offers a comprehensive selection of Iranian radio stations, including news, music, and talk shows. Users can easily search for their favorite stations through a user-friendly interface that provides quick access to a diverse range of content. The app also allows users to create a list of their favorite stations for easy access and personalization.

One of the app’s standout features is its seamless integration with Android devices, allowing users to enjoy their favorite Iranian radio stations with minimal buffering or lag.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Iranian Radio App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Iranian Radio App Android

1. Iran Radio Stations

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The Radio Iran application offers a wide range of online radio stations featuring music, audio, news, talk shows, and comedy. The app allows users to listen to Persian radios for free in a simple, easy, and fast manner. The primary objective of the app is to make sure that music lovers can easily access the best radio stations from around the world anytime, anywhere.

Radio Iran is user-friendly and offers high-quality audio. Users can play or stop radio streams, mute or unmute the radio, and access the app at no cost. Additionally, users can add or remove radio stations to their favorites list by pressing and holding on the radio.

The app offers various features, such as the ability to listen to the radio in the background while using other apps, an easy search option to find desired content, a sleep timer for automatic application stoppage, and the option to listen to FM radio even if the user is abroad. Users can also listen to live radio stations featuring news, talk shows, music, sports, business, and more from all over the world.

Radio Iran allows users to listen to thousands of live radio stations worldwide by rotating the globe. The app is an excellent platform for users to access a wide range of radio stations in Persian and other languages from anywhere in the world.

2. Persian Radio فارسی

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This article presents a list of Persian radio stations that offer a wide range of music and news content. Some of the prominent names in this space include Radio Javan, Hamrah, Farda Radio, Bia2, Iran Radio Kirn 670am, Radio Shemroon, Faaz, Shoma, BBC Farsi, Rfi Persian-Farsi, VOA, Hamsafar, SBS Persia, Nava 7, and several others. These radio stations cater to the needs of Persian-speaking communities across the globe, providing them with access to local and international news, cultural events, and music.

3. Persian Farsi Radio Stations

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The app offers the ability to listen to Farsi Persian music and news on an Android device through Internet radio stations. It provides over 50 live streams from around the world and is easy to use with instant track information and a share function. The app also automatically turns off the radio when receiving a call. It is a free app supported by ads but without push ads. The app performs best with a fast internet connection, and all stations have been tested and are working without skipping. However, some stations may not be 100% reliable and/or have a maximum limit of listeners.

If the app is exited while a radio station is still playing, a small music note will appear in the notification bar. This enables users to return to the app and stop or change the station. The app will not be listed in the task manager.

4. Radio Javan

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Radio Javan is an Android app that provides users with the best Persian music and entertainment. It is the number one music streaming app for Persian music, featuring the newest released songs with exclusive artists that are only available on RJ. Users can also access world premieres of music videos and non-stop DJ podcast mixes through the app.

Radio Javan has many features, such as featured and customizable personal playlists for MP3s and videos, and offline support by syncing songs to My Music. The app also has high-quality songs and 1080p HD quality music videos.

The creators of Radio Javan take pride in supporting the Persian community and strive to continue developing great apps like this. Interested users can visit their website at http://www.radiojavan.com to learn more.

5. Iran Radio Stations Online – Persian FM AM Music

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Iran Radio is a free Android app that provides users with access to online radio broadcasts and music wherever they are. Users can listen to a variety of music genres and record their favorite songs for offline listening. Additionally, the app offers a wake-up and sleep timer feature.

Users can easily sort and mark their favorite Iranian radio stations and switch between them quickly. The app also provides information about the currently playing song, preventing users from missing out on song titles.

If a radio station is not working or if a user would like to add a new station, they can contact the app developers at appsstorenew@gmail.com. The developers will try to fix any issues and add new stations as requested.

6. Iranian Radio Stations

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The Iranian Radio Stations app allows users to listen to a variety of radio stations from Iran, no matter where they are. The app features both FM/AM and internet-based stations, as well as a sleep timer and the ability to see the artist and song name. It is easy to use, allowing users to listen to radios in the background and save their favorite stations. The app also offers instant playback and high-quality sound, instant search, and the option to share stations via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The app includes a wide range of stations, such as Radio Eram, Radio Farda, Radio Hamdam 2, Iranian Radio Dance, and Nava7. Some of the stations are only available online, including Radio 70s Arabic, Radio 70s Persian, and Radio Asheghaneh. Other internet-only stations include Radio Hamrah, Radio Javan, Radio Javanan, and Radio Kian Iran. The app also features Radio Mahoor, which has separate channels for kids and poetry, as well as Iranian Radio Traditional and Iranian Radio Persian Pop. Other online-only stations include Madar Radio, Radio Mojdeh, Radio Nikan, and Radio Sedaye Iran.

Users must have an internet connection to use the app. If they enjoy the Iranian Radio Stations app, they are encouraged to give it a 5-star rating to support future improvements.

7. All Iran Radios in One

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This music application boasts numerous features, including clear and high-definition quality sound, a user-friendly radio list without buffering issues, quick playing and easy volume control, and a smooth and easy-to-use interface. Additionally, this application is completely free to use indefinitely, providing live listening from anywhere in the world. Users can also add their favorite radio stations to the app and conveniently access all FM, AM, and online radio stations in one place.

8. Persian Radio – Live FM Player

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The Persian Radio Live FM Player for Android is a free app that streams live broadcasts from Persia. It offers a variety of music genres such as classical, rock, pop, hip-hop, gospel, Persian songs, and other kinds of programs. Users can listen to entertaining and informative Persian programs, songs, live Persian News, and other streaming content. The app allows users to keep their favorite stations and share the app on Facebook. They can also listen to Android radio stations from all over the world and search for their favorite singer’s songs.

The app has a sleep mode feature that automatically switches off the radio if the user forgets to turn it off. Users can also record their favorite songs or parts of songs using the Record function. They can add more radio stations to their preferred list and quickly access the radio from the Countries section by selecting a country and touching the Radio Station.

The app provides access to various Persian radio stations such as Radio Donya, Radio Bonekan-Sulaymaniyah, Radio Faaz, Radio Ayeneh, Nava 7 Folk Music, and many others. Users can contact the developers via the app’s Facebook page for any questions or concerns.

9. Iran Radio

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Iran Radio is a mobile application that offers access to popular Iranian radio stations. Users can easily listen to their favorite radio channels on their phones through this app.

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