7 Best Image Compressor App For Android

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Download the Best Image Compressor App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonImage compression is a technique that helps to reduce the file size of images without compromising their visual quality. Compression of images is particularly important for mobile devices as it helps to conserve space and reduce data usage. With the increasing use of mobile devices for photography and media consumption, image compression has become an essential tool for Android users who want to optimize their device’s storage and network usage. In this article, we will explore the best image compressor app for Android that can help users efficiently compress their images.

There are several image compressor apps available on the Google Play Store, each promising to deliver the best compression results. However, not all of these apps are created equal, and some may not deliver the desired results. Therefore, it is essential to choose an app that is reliable and effective in compressing images. The best image compressor app for Android should be easy to use, have a user-friendly interface, and deliver high-quality compression results.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Image Compressor App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Image Compressor App For Android

1. Image Compressor – JPEG Image Compressor

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Image Compressor is a software designed to compress multiple JPG and PNG images in a short amount of time. Users can compress several images simultaneously and save time. The software can also reduce over 80-90% of the image size without significant loss in the quality of the image.

The efficiency of the compression is demonstrated by compressing a set of over 1700 images that were 16.88 GB in size. After compressing the images using the app, the total size reduces to just 317.3 MB. The compressed images can be easily shared over social networks or via email without worrying about the size limits.

The app features a variety of functions such as compressing multiple images, sharing all compressed images directly from the app, compress history, full-screen image viewer directly inside the app, and multiple image compression.

Users can use Image Compressor to compress high-definition photos quickly and share them with friends and family with ease, even if the photos were taken on a recent vacation.

2. Photo Compress 2.0

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Photo Compress is a mobile application that enables users to compress large photos into smaller sizes with minimal loss in image quality. The app eliminates the need for special software or a desktop or laptop computer for image compression. Along with compression, the app also allows users to resize their photos.

One of the key features of the app is the ability to compress and resize multiple photos at once, as well as crop photos. The user can decide on the quality of the compressed image and share it directly from the app. Additionally, users can quickly compress or resize photos using their last-used settings and preview changes made to photos before saving them.

Photo Compress is an ad-free app that retains EXIF data and allows for multiple compression with no limits. The free version of the app allows for the multiple resizing of up to 10 photos, while the Pro version does not have such limits.

By compressing photos, users are able to save on internet data usage and phone storage space. Additionally, they can upload photos to websites that require photos of a specific size or share them with friends with slower internet connection speeds, enabling fast download times. Users are encouraged to read the help section provided within the app to learn how to use it effectively.

3. Cram – Reduce Pictures

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Cram is an image compressor app for Android devices that reduces the size of pictures by 60% or more without affecting the display/print dimensions, resolution, or quality of the photo files. This app is useful for those who are short on storage space or want to send multiple pictures at once without size limits or slow send times.

Cram allows users to select individual JPEG photos or whole albums of JPEG photos and compress them with the auto-delete setting. The compressed images take up only one-third of the space previously occupied by the oversized image. Additionally, users can turn on the auto-reduce feature to automatically reduce pictures taken with their device’s camera in the background, saving space without effort.

By using Cram as their chosen image compressor, users can store up to three times as many photos on their device and cloud services, transfer and share photos up to three times faster, save data rates when sharing photos on the go, and share reduced photos via email, social media, or other apps directly from the app. Furthermore, they can drop compressed images on a site or blog without slowing down the load time for visitors.

Users can try Cram for free and compress 300 photos over the lifetime of the app. They can also purchase the app for $2.99 to remove the 300 photo limitation.

4. ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

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ShortPixel Gallery Optimizer is a tool that enables users to store more photos on their phones without the need to purchase additional storage space. With this tool, users can reduce the space used by their photos by an average of 80%. By optimizing the photos, the resolution remains the same, and they appear identical to the naked eye. However, the photos take up significantly less storage space.

5. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

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Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is a free and user-friendly photo editor that requires no account creation. Users can download the application and start editing their photos instantly. Pixlr offers over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters to create unique and personalized images. The application allows users to share their edited photos seamlessly with friends or followers on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Pixlr provides daily inspiration, tips, and tricks for cool photo edits on Instagram (@

6. PicTools Batch crop resize compress crop multiple

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Pic Tools is a photo and picture editing tool that helps users resize, crop, convert, compress, and edit photos. It is a useful tool for picture management with PDF support. The app is designed with a simple, clean, and minimalist user interface, and it is available offline. It also supports Exif metadata and allows users to convert images to JPG, PNG, and WEBP formats. Users can share photos with friends via social networks, email, and more. The app provides a comparison of the original and edited photos side by side, and it saves space by optimizing camera photos.

The app offers eight features, including the Compress Tool, which reduces the size of big photos into tiny-sized high-quality images. The Resize Tool allows users to accurately resize images in cm, mm, A4, and inches, while the Resize (Px) tool lets users resize images up to 10000×10000 pixels. The Optimize tool finds and compresses big images to save space. The Crop tool offers a Batch Crop feature, allowing users to select crop regions and crop images with proportion to the selected area. The Reduce tool helps compress images below a certain size, and the Convert tool converts images to specific formats. The Rotate tool batch rotates and shrinks images quickly and efficiently, while the SquareFit tool fits images in a square background.

All tools support batch processing, and users can process up to 25 images in the free version.

7. Video Compress

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This tool is designed to compress video files and save them on a phone, which can help reduce data usage. By compressing a video, it becomes easier to share on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, and more. The tool offers different levels of compression quality and has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. It supports almost all video formats and displays the albums in a phone’s gallery that contain videos. The tool generates a copy of the video while maintaining the original, and all the videos generated are available in a designated album in the video gallery. It also allows for audio removal to further increase the compression of the video.

In addition to compressing videos, the tool offers other features such as converting video files to MP3 audio files, rotating videos, and extracting subtitles from videos. It also supports sharing video clips through various channels, such as email and YouTube. The tool is optimized for both ARM and X86 CPUs, including Intel Zenfone, and offers ARMv7 NEON CPU optimizations.

This tool is particularly useful for those who have low data limits or do not have access to high-speed internet, such as 3G. It also offers the option to share video files directly to the app for compression before sharing them on other apps like social networks.