7 Best Hang Drum Android App

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Download the Best Hang Drum Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonHang drums, also known as handpans, are a relatively new musical instrument that has been gaining popularity in recent years. They were created in the early 21st century and consist of a metal shell with a series of indentations on its surface. When played, they produce a warm, mellow sound that is both hypnotic and relaxing. As the popularity of the hang drum continues to grow, so does the demand for apps that allow users to play and learn more about this unique instrument.

There are many hang drum apps available on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Some apps focus on teaching users how to play the hang drum, with lessons and tutorials that cover everything from basic techniques to advanced rhythms and melodies. Other apps are more focused on providing a platform for musicians to create and share their music with others.

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a hang drum app is its ease of use.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Hang Drum Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Hang Drum Android App

1. Hang Drum

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Hang Drum is a virtual musical instrument mobile application designed for enthusiasts who enjoy playing the hang drum. This app allows users to play the hang drum anytime and comes with a range of cool effects and functions.

The app is user-friendly and supports multi-touch. It features various types of hang drum sounds and beautiful animation effects to enhance the user experience. Additionally, users can record audio while playing the hang drum and access their recorded files from a list to play them back.

The app’s creators plan to regularly update it by fixing any bugs that are reported by users and adding new features to enhance its functionality. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to the developers via email at ptdno1studio@gmail.com.

2. Hang Drum Simulator

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The simulator of the musical instrument Hang is a digital representation of the popular percussion instrument. It utilizes various software algorithms to replicate the sounds and playing techniques of the real instrument. The simulator can be accessed through a variety of platforms, including mobile applications and web-based interfaces.

One of the key features of the simulator is its ability to accurately reproduce the sounds of the Hang. This is achieved through a combination of advanced digital signal processing techniques and high-quality audio samples. Users can adjust various parameters, such as the pitch and resonance, to create a unique and personalized sound.

In addition to sound, the simulator also provides a visual representation of the Hang. This includes a virtual instrument interface with various buttons and sliders to control the sound. Users can also switch between different playing modes, such as solo and accompaniment, to create a full musical experience.

Overall, the simulator of the Hang is a powerful tool for both musicians and enthusiasts alike. Its ability to accurately capture the essence of the real instrument, combined with its intuitive interface and advanced features, make it a valuable addition to any musician’s toolkit.

3. Meditation Hang & Tongue Drums

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Meditation Hang & Tongue Drums is a unique virtual musical instrument app that allows users to experience the sounds of the Hang drum and Steel tongue drum on their smartphones. These instruments have distinct sounds that date back to the Tibetan singing bowls, and playing them can heal the soul, harmonize the chakras, and balance the body’s energy. With this app, users can engage in meditation and spiritual growth anytime and anywhere. The app uses authentic drum sounds that were recorded in a professional studio. Anyone can play the Hang or Pan drum without any prior skills or knowledge. It only requires a desire to delve into oneself and discover the soul. Using headphones can enhance the experience of playing the drums.

4. Hang Drum Pro

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Hang Drum Pro is a version of the Hang Drum app that does not contain any advertisements. By purchasing this version, users are supporting the continued development and improvement of the app’s quality and sounds. The app offers a range of features, including the ability to customize sounds pitch, multi-touch and swipe support, a variety of hang drum/handpan sounds with studio quality, beautiful animation effects, and the ability to record audio while playing. Additionally, users can view a list of recorded files and play them back.

The app will be updated regularly with bug fixes and new features, with updates expected on a monthly basis. Users are encouraged to contact the developers with any feedback or suggestions for the app to improve. The developers can be reached via email at ptdno1studio@gmail.com.

5. Hang drum virtual

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Hang Drum Virtual is a mobile application that simulates an 8-note hang drum for enthusiasts of the musical instrument. The app has a range of features including multi-touch and swipe support, various hang drum and handpan sounds, beautiful animation effects, and the ability to record audio while playing. Additionally, users can view a list of their recorded files and play them back. The app also includes a pitch tuner for hang/handpan.

Users who have feedback or suggestions for the app can contact the developer via email at ptdno1studio@gmail.com.

6. Hang Drum Jam

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Hang Drum Jam is a virtual version of the ethnic musical instrument Hang Drum that can be used with headphones or in street jam sessions. It provides an opportunity for sound meditation and eliminates the need to carry a 5 kilo real Hang Drum. The application can be activated on a smartphone, allowing for freedom of sound wherever the user may be, such as in the mountains or at a campfire. With Hang Drum Jam, users can go to jam sessions with guitar sounds and other drums and become a sound artist by creating new sounds themselves.

The application features Multi Touch support, Real Hang Drum sound samples, and High quality sound samples. It can be used in street music jam sessions and has maximum volume. Additionally, a dynamic volume has been implemented to make sound more lively. The application also includes Multisampling.

7. Digital Pantam – Handpan Simulation

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Digital Pantam is a musical app that allows users to play a variety of musical scales from around the world on their personal device. With the ability to record and share their music, users can easily create and play their own relaxing melodies anywhere and anytime.

The app boasts a variety of features including multi-touch capabilities, shakers for additional notes, and animation effects. Users can also record their music and access a gallery of their recorded tracks to share with friends. Digital Pantam is suitable for all levels of players, from complete beginners to advanced and professional players, as well as meditation facilitators and those with no prior experience.

The app includes over 50 different musical scales, including popular options such as Kurd, Hijaz, Raga, Celtic, Integral, and Harmonic minor. Users can also provide feedback and suggestions for new scales to digitalpantam@gmail.com. Additionally, the app offers several packages for purchase, with more features soon to come.