7 Best Gyro App For Android

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Download the Best Gyro App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMobile devices have become an essential tool for people in their daily lives, providing a wide range of functionalities that can simplify and enhance various activities. Among the features that smartphones can offer, the gyro sensor has become increasingly popular, enabling users to play games, navigate in augmented reality, and track fitness activities, among others. However, to fully leverage the benefits of this technology, users need to have a reliable and accurate gyro app that can provide them with precise measurements and smooth performance. In this article, we will explore the best gyro app for Android, analyzing its features, performance, and user experience.

Gyro apps for Android can vary in quality and functionality, making it challenging for users to choose the right one for their needs. Some gyro apps may have limited capabilities, providing only basic measurements and lacking precision, while others may have complex interfaces that can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Therefore, finding a gyro app that strikes the right balance between accuracy, usability, and affordability is crucial.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Gyro App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Gyro App For Android

1. Gyroscope

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Gyroscope is a personal health coaching app that enables users to track various aspects of their lives, such as places, exercise, and mood. The app requires an affordable monthly subscription, and privacy is a fundamental element of the experience. Users can choose to keep their data entirely private or share it with their friends. With the ability to track various aspects of their lives, users can gain insights to become healthier and lose weight. Additionally, the app has a feature where friends can compete on the steps leaderboard across various platforms.

Gyroscope allows for recommended integrations with various devices, such as the Withings scale for body fat, RescueTime for computer tracking, Fitbit or Garmin for step tracking, and Oura ring or Fitbit for sleep tracking. Adding more devices can enhance the experience with additional data. However, the app can also be used without any wearables, as built-in trackers are available for places, mood, workouts, and more.

2. Gyroscope – Fix Lag / Delay Sensor Test

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The Gyroscope Sensor Availability app allows users to determine if their device has a Gyroscope sensor, which is necessary for playing FPS games in Gyro mode and VR content. The app provides detailed information on the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Magnetometer sensors, as well as real-time sensor data for developers and enthusiasts. Additionally, the app includes Super Gyro to decrease lag while gaming and calibration tools. Users can test these sensors and send feedback and bug reports to the developers at ataraxianstudios@gmail.com, as the app will continue to be updated with new features.

3. Gyroscope Test

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Gyroscope Test is a software tool designed to assess the motion tracking functionalities of a device, including the gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. Its primary purpose is to determine whether a device is compatible with virtual reality (VR) by evaluating its ability to track movement accurately.

The software includes a simulator mode, which allows users to test their device’s motion tracking capabilities without requiring physical movement. This feature assists in identifying any issues with the device’s sensors or software that may affect its compatibility with VR applications.

Gyroscope Test generates reports that provide detailed information on the device’s motion tracking performance, including accuracy and precision measurements. This information can be useful for developers and users alike in determining the suitability of the device for VR activities.

Overall, Gyroscope Test is a valuable tool for anyone interested in VR, providing accurate and reliable assessments of a device’s motion tracking capabilities. Its simulator mode and detailed reporting make it an essential tool for developers and users seeking to optimize their VR experiences.

4. Accelerometer Calibration

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Are you facing difficulties while playing motion-based racing games due to inaccurate results from your phone’s accelerometer sensor? If so, you might want to consider downloading the accelerometer calibration app.

The performance of an accelerometer in a mobile device tends to degrade over time. Therefore, it is crucial to calibrate it periodically to ensure correct and accurate results.

The app offers an easy and straightforward calibration process. All you need to do is move the red dot on the screen into the black square and click on the calibrate button. Moreover, the app includes an AutoCalibrate option, which notifies you when your phone’s accelerometer requires calibration.

By using the accelerometer calibration app, you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience, especially when playing motion sensor-based games.

5. Hyper Gyro

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Hyper Gyro is a mobile application designed to enhance gyroscope sensitivity for gaming. The app claims to be the best tool to improve gameplay, and is said to be 100% legal for multiplayer games.

Users are instructed to launch Hyper Gyro in the background and then play their favorite game. The app is said to enhance gyroscope performance, leading to improved gameplay and increased chances of defeating opponents.


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GYRO is an arcade puzzle game that offers four game modes, each with varying levels of difficulty. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, coupled with basic but fitting visuals and audio, has earned it high praise from various gaming websites. Players control a multi-colored wheel using one finger, rotating it 360 degrees to ensure matching colored balls land on the corresponding part of the wheel. As the game progresses, more balls and faster speeds make it increasingly challenging. GYRO offers power-ups, unlockable color sets and 8-bit sound set, online leaderboards and achievements, and a Facebook fan page. The app requires permission to read phone state and identity, though the Swarm website assures users that no personally identifiable information is used and will be removed in the next version of Swarm.

7. Super Gyro – Fix Lag / Delay

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Super Gyro is a technology that aims to minimize lag in Gyro mode for first-person shooter (FPS) games. This technology offers gamers the ability to have complete control over their gaming experience.

By reducing lag, Super Gyro enables gamers to have more precise and accurate control over their in-game movements. This can result in a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition, Super Gyro also provides users with enhanced responsiveness and reduced input delay. This technology is designed to improve the overall gaming performance and provide gamers with an edge in competitive gameplay.

Overall, Super Gyro is a feature that can enhance the gaming experience for FPS gamers. By reducing lag and providing better control, this technology aims to provide users with a more enjoyable and competitive gaming experience.