7 Best German Dictionary App Android

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Download the Best German Dictionary App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to finding the best German dictionary app for Android, there are many options available in the market. Each app comes with its own set of features, functionalities, and user interface, making it important to carefully evaluate each option before making a final decision. In this article, we will explore some of the key factors to consider when choosing the best German dictionary app for Android, as well as some popular options that are currently available.

Firstly, it is important to consider how the app is designed and how it functions. A good German dictionary app for Android should be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly find the words they are looking for. It should also have a comprehensive database of German words and phrases, with accurate translations and definitions that are regularly updated to reflect changes in the language. Additionally, the app should provide users with additional features such as pronunciation guides, example sentences, and word games to help them improve their vocabulary and language skills.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best German Dictionary App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best German Dictionary App Android

1. FluentU: Learn Languages with authentic videos

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FluentU is a language learning platform that uses real-world videos to make the process more engaging. It offers courses in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Russian, and Korean, and includes content such as music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks. Regardless of skill level or interest, FluentU offers a variety of options to choose from. The platform uses entertaining videos to create immersive language learning experiences.

2. Oxford German Dictionary

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The Oxford German Dictionary is a reliable reference for German and English speakers, featuring comprehensive coverage of both languages, including essential grammatical information and language usage notes. The dictionary has been updated with the latest 2019 database, providing readers with the most up-to-date words and expressions. With over 320,000 words and phrases, and 520,000 translations, the dictionary offers clear guidance on pronunciation, vowel length, and syllable stress. It also includes cultural notes to enhance readers’ understanding of life in German- and English-speaking countries.

The dictionary offers advanced search and language tools, including search autocomplete, keyword lookup, automatic fuzzy filter, wild card, camera search, and voice search, making it effortless for users to find words. The interface is clear, functional, and user-friendly, providing a comprehensive search experience. Additionally, the dictionary includes learning tools, such as the Favorites option, Recent list, Word of the day option, and home screen widget, to help users enhance their vocabulary.

The fully-functional 30-day trial version of the dictionary includes all features. The premium version offers additional benefits, such as permanent access to the complete features list, offline mode, priority support, and an ad-free experience.

3. German English Dictionary

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The German English Dictionary by VidaLingua is an app available for Android phones and tablets that functions as an advanced language interpreter. It includes various features such as a comprehensive offline dictionary, a phrasebook, verb conjugator, phrase translator, flashcards, audio pronunciation, and vocabulary quizzes. Users have given the app positive reviews, with some calling it the best translation app they have ever used. The New York Times has also praised VidaLingua’s bilingual dictionary apps for their popularity and offline functionality, making them useful for users traveling abroad.

One of the unique features of the German English Dictionary app is the ability to add words, notes, and images to the dictionary, making it a more customizable and personal tool for users. The app comes in both free and premium versions, with the latter having more extensive offline entries, online lookup for additional words, and other enhancements. It also includes a phrasebook with 20 categories ranging from asking directions to making friends, conjugations of 6,648, and single index search for fast lookups.

The dictionary entries include translations, usage examples, part of speech, and gender for German nouns. The app is regularly updated by the team of linguists at VidaLingua, and users can access additional features such as online lookup for more words and text-to-speech pronunciation with the premium version. The app is designed to be user-friendly, with enhancements for tablets and a lookup history.

4. German Dictionary Offline

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The offline German dictionary app provides definitions of German words based on German Wiktionary. It is a monolingual dictionary, meaning that words must be entered in German. The application includes over 127,000 words and many inflected forms. It works offline and only uses the internet when a word is not found in the offline dictionary. Users can swipe right and left to browse words and there is a random search button to help learn new words.

The app has a user-friendly interface that is optimized for tablets and includes features such as bookmarks and search history. Users can also customize the font size and line spacing. The black and white themes have user-defined text colors and there is an optional Floating Action Button that supports various actions such as search, history, favorites, random search, and share option. There is also a persistent search option to get automatic keyboard at startup.

The app provides information about permissions used by the application and word pronunciation works only if voice data have been installed in the phone. Moon+ Reader may not list the app’s dictionary, but users can open the pop-up Customize dictionary and select Open dictionary directly when Long-Tap on a word. In case of low memory, users can consider using the online version of the dictionary instead.

The app also provides a Dictionary API for 3rd party developers. The application requires internet permission to retrieve the definition of unknown words and write external storage permission to backup configuration and bookmarks.

5. German English Dictionary & Translator

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The German English Dictionary & Translator app is a tool that allows users to search for German and English words, providing definitions, examples, and pronunciation. The app has various features, including detailed word definitions, related search suggestions, and an advanced sentences analyzer. Users can also keep track of their favorite words and search history, and use flashcards for self-learning support. The app supports customizable font sizes for better readability, as well as German, English, and wildcard character search support. Additionally, users can access German, British English, and American English pronunciation with phonetics. The app can be downloaded for free, and does not require an internet connection.

6. German Dictionary

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The German dictionary app is a comprehensive resource for those seeking to learn or improve their German language skills. With over 240,000 words and phrases available for download, users can access the dictionary offline at any time. The app is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners, making it ideal for travel, work or study purposes.

The app is free to use and works without an internet connection. It offers language combinations between German and English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, and Greek. The app is optimized for both phone and tablet use and supports portrait and landscape view.

The interface language of the app can be set to German, English, or Spanish, making it accessible to a wider range of users. Additionally, the app includes 15,000 sample sentences to provide context and aid in language comprehension.

Users are encouraged to rate and review the app to provide feedback and help improve the experience for others. Overall, the German dictionary app is a useful tool for those seeking to improve their German language skills.

7. Collins German Dictionary

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The Ultralingua and HarperCollins collaboration offers a highly popular dictionary app called The Ultimate Dictionary which provides access to a vast amount of world-class dictionary data. Its features include smart search, automatic verb conjugation, and number translation to help users quickly find the word they need. The app has received praise from publications such as Android Police and the New York Times. It contains over 85,000 entries and 110,000 translations, with searches as you type, making it a fast and efficient tool. Its smart search function accommodates conjugated verbs, misspellings, and plurals, and provides example phrases, idioms, slang, regional variations, and usage examples. Additionally, it includes complete conjugations for thousands of verbs and does not require an internet connection. The Ultralingua dictionary app is highly regarded and is recommended for serious language students and professionals. Users can contact support@ultralingua.com for any questions or comments.