8 Best Free Music Player App Android Equalizer

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Download the Best Free Music Player App Android Equalizer on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to listening to music on an Android device, there are plenty of options available. However, finding the best free music player app with an equalizer can be a challenge. A music player with an equalizer allows users to adjust the sound quality of their music to their preferences, which can enhance the listening experience.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a music player app with an equalizer is the quality of the sound output. The app should be able to provide high-quality sound, even when playing music files with high bitrates. Additionally, the app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clean and intuitive interface.

Another important consideration when looking for a music player app with an equalizer is the range of features available. Some apps offer a variety of customization options, such as the ability to create playlists, access to album art, and the ability to download music directly from the app.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Free Music Player App Android Equalizer for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Free Music Player App Android Equalizer

1. Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

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Poweramp is a music player app available on Android platforms. The app has recently undergone a major update, called Poweramp v3, which includes improvements to its audio engine, user interface (UI), and navigation. The new audio engine has several features like support for hi-res output (if supported by the device), new DSP, updated Equalizer/Tone/Stereo expand, new Reverb/Tempo effects, internal 64bit processing, configurable per-output options, configurable resampler, dither options, support for various formats, gapless smoothing, and more. The new UI has visualizations supporting .milk presets and spectrum, new wave seekbar, light and dark skins with Pro Buttons and Static Seekbar options, new notifications, and third-party skins. The new navigation allows users to pull down or click album art to go to the current playing list, swipe album art for the next/previous track, drag more for category change, pinch-zoom in lists, and more.


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Users should be aware that the music playback app does not have a built-in music library and instead relies on a playlist-based approach for music playback. However, the app offers support for a wide range of formats including aac, ape, flac, mp3, ogg, and wav.

Users should also note that the app may not function properly on devices based on M.I.U.I firmware. However, the app does offer a number of key features such as support for Android Auto and custom Car PCs, OpenSL / AudioTrack / AAudio output methods, CUE Sheets, OTG-storages, user bookmarks, and user-defined playback queue.

Moreover, the app offers support for album arts and lyrics, multiple playlists, and smart-playlists based on folders. Additionally, users can take advantage of the app’s built-in 20-band graphic equalizer, balance and playback speed control, volume normalization using replay gain or peak-based normalization, and sleep timer feature.

Users can also benefit from the app’s customization options, like custom themes support, built-in light, dark, and black themes, and support for night and day mode. Optional features include the ability to cross-fade tracks, repeat playlist/track/playback without repeating, down-mix multi-channels audio files to stereo, and down-mix audio files to mono. Users can control playback from the notification area, album art area via gestures, headset, and volume buttons.

3. Music Player

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The Music Player is a free audio player that has over millions of downloads worldwide. It is equipped with a powerful equalizer that offers more than 22 preset music tone styles, including normal, classic, dance, folk, heavy, hip hop, jazz, pop, and rock. It supports all popular music file formats and allows users to browse and play their music by albums, artists, songs, genre, playlists, and folders. Additionally, users can customize the background skin and themes, and even set their gallery photo as their background.

The Music Player is not only organized by artists or albums but also by the folder structure. This feature enables users to find all their music files within seconds and also quickly search for music videos through artists or tracks. The audio player also features replaceable background skins or themes, 22+ gorgeous skins, and three home screen widgets (4×1, 2×2, 4×1). Furthermore, it supports lyric files and automatic scanning of all the lyric files and matching.

Users can easily edit the album, artist name, and genre and even edit the song file and save it as a ringtone. The audio player supports music file multi-select operation, smart remembers the last play playlist, and headset support, including easy search and custom and save playlists. The Music Player also supports headset/Bluetooth controls and the ability to shake the phone to change playing music.

4. Equalizer music player booster

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Equalizer+ is an all-in-one music player, equalizer, and bass booster app for Android that provides high-definition sound quality. The app features a pro 7-band equalizer and a powerful bass volume booster, all for free. It also includes a smooth transitions feature for seamless track switching. Equalizer+ has a user-friendly interface and enables users to mix, edit, and customize their tracks for a personalized audio experience.

Equalizer+ offers various features for an enhanced music experience. It includes a 7-band equalizer that can tailor the sound to the user’s preference, and 10 sound presets based on different genres. Users can save and edit their custom presets and control the depth of their tracks with the powerful bass volume booster. The app also has visualizers that link audio with visuals, DJ mode for smooth transitions between tracks, and a queue system to prepare a tracklist in advance.

Equalizer+ provides users access to all their favorite tracks, including local music and folders, with the ability to create playlists directly from the app. It also has a contextual pro search feature, edit metadata option, and network visibility option for users connected to the same wifi network to access each other’s musical library. The app has a sleep mode and clip finder that can automatically find music videos. It is compatible with Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto.

Equalizer+ offers two widgets: one for accessing the presets and player controls, and the other for the sleep mode timer.

5. Frolomuse: MP3 Music Player

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Frolomuse is a free music player that offers a variety of features aimed at enhancing the listening experience. The application boasts an impressive equalizer, stylish design and a range of options for viewing and listening to music.

One of the standout features of the Frolomuse music player is its powerful equalizer. This feature allows users to customize the sound to their liking by choosing from a variety of presets or creating and saving their own settings. The reverb function helps to create a more immersive listening experience, while the ability to change the speed and tone of music playback adds further flexibility.

The music player offers convenient access to music, allowing users to view lists of songs, albums, artists, genres and playlists. All lists can be sorted and a menu with options for editing and playback is available for each library item. In addition, users can arrange the current queue of songs as they wish, with the ability to repeat tracks, shuffle music in random order, and listen to selected parts of a song using the A-B option.

Creating and editing playlists is made easy with the Frolomuse music player, while the Sleep Timer feature allows for falling asleep to favorite songs. The application also offers a wide selection of themes, the ability to exclude short audio files from the library, and easy search functionality for albums, artists, genres and playlists.

6. Music Player – Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer

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The Music Player is an Android app that features a built-in sound effect controller and a powerful 10-band equalizer. Users can easily use the Tuner and get professional sound effects, making it one of the best apps for music and audio player for Android. The Music Player can fulfill all musical needs. It allows for quick search of all music files and instant playing based on songs, artists, albums, genres, music folders, and custom playlists. Users can change the details for their songs and audio and modify pitch, tone, etc.

The key features of the Music Player include high-quality MP3 player, support for popular audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, APE, etc., powerful 10-band Equalizer with presets, Sleep Timer, Lock screen music player, Home screen widgets, support for notification status, set to play the next song, dynamic queue, drag to sort playlists, headset support, Bluetooth control, shake your phone to change the music, trim/edit song files and save as ringtones, tag editor support, lyric support, and library scan.

The Music Player is the best music player and sound changer for users. It offers rich effects and equalizer with preset 12 classic music styles and preset 6 common reverbs. Users can also adjust sound balance, pitch, distortion, phase shift, etc. Downloading this free music player app allows users to enjoy their offline MP3 songs and experience a different music play.

7. EQ – Music Player Equalizer

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EQ is a sound equalizer app designed for music enthusiasts to enhance their listening experience. The app allows users to adjust the sound level settings of their phone or tablet’s sound output, creating a customized sound effect. The app is compatible with popular music players like Deezer and Play Music, and users can adjust the sound effect levels to get the best out of their music player.

EQ comes equipped with a five-band equalizer shaped in a curve for smoother use. It also features a list of default presets based on different music styles that a user can unlock. Users can create and save their own presets, and there is a Bass Booster option that enables them to amplify the volume of their bass. Additionally, users can customize the app’s background color to their liking.

The app’s design is sober and user-friendly, making it easy to use. It has a flat design and smart ergonomics that make it easy for users to navigate. EQ can be used with headphones or speakers for an optimal listening experience.

Users have given positive reviews of EQ, praising its simplicity and ease of use. The app has a 5-band equalizer to adjust low pitch and trebles, and users can control music playback directly from the app. The app’s UI is simple and friendly, and users can customize the app’s background color and save customized presets.

8. Equalizer Music Player & Video

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Equalizer Music Player and Video Player is a music player that also functions as a video player. Its modern design and advanced music features, including high-quality equalizer, bass booster, and 3D virtualizer, enhance the user’s listening experience. The app is easy to operate, making it an ideal companion for unwinding after a busy day.

The music player has several features, including the ability to supply powerful equalizer, bass booster, and 3D virtualizer with multiple presets. Users can also adjust the equalizer to their liking and save it as their own preset. The app allows users to browse music in six different ways, scan music files automatically, and support popular music file formats. Other features include a sleep timer, headphone/Bluetooth control, and shake-to-play next/previous track.

The video player supports popular video file formats and has features such as equalizer, bass booster, and 3D virtualizer. Users can scan video files automatically, control video playback speed, and lock the app to prevent interruptions.

Equalizer Music Player and Video Player uses professional audio and video decoding technology, ensuring high-fidelity playback. The app is free to download and offers several intriguing features that cater to the user’s musical needs. Overall, Equalizer Music Player and Video Player is a comprehensive media player that delivers an improved listening and viewing experience.