7 Best Free Live Webcam App For Android

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Download the Best Free Live Webcam App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLive webcams have become increasingly popular over the years as a means to stay connected with friends, family, and even strangers. With the rise of smartphone technology, live webcam apps have become a convenient way to broadcast and view live streams from anywhere in the world. Android users in particular have a plethora of live webcam apps to choose from, but finding the best one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the top free live webcam apps for Android devices.

When it comes to live webcam apps, the most important feature is the quality of the video stream. The app should be able to stream video in high definition (HD) without lagging or buffering. Moreover, the app should have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and access features. Additionally, the app should allow users to manage their privacy settings and control who can view their live streams.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Live Webcam App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Live Webcam App For Android

1. MotionCam: Camera & RAW Video

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MotionCam is a camera replacement application that utilizes advanced computational photography algorithms to generate natural looking images. Its unique capability to stack multiple images helps in reducing noise, and it also allows for the capture of true RAW video at full sensor resolution on a high-end device.

One of the features of MotionCam is its ability to capture true RAW video with support for Cinema DNG. Additionally, it enables users to go back in time and pick images from the past. MotionCam also provides full customization of post-processing, including white balance, tone mapping, and sharpness, along with customizable advanced image stacking algorithms to reduce noise. Further, it allows full manual control of shutter and ISO.

It is important to note that MotionCam requires a high-end device with complete Camera2 API support to function correctly. For more information and support, users can visit https://github.com/mirsadm/motioncam.

2. Ez iCam

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The Ez iCam application allows users to view real-time camera footage from their smartphone or tablet. Users can also take photos and record videos by using their smartphone as a Wi-Fi remote control. Additionally, the application enables users to upload camera files and provide shared access to them via email.

Key features of the application include the ability to view real-time camera footage, play videos, and view photos. Users can also adjust video resolution, image size, and white balance. They can view and delete files on the microSD card installed in the camera, and format the microSD card. The application also displays the battery status and Wi-Fi signal level, and allows for video editing.

3. DroidCam – Webcam for PC

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DroidCam is an application that can turn an Android device into a webcam, with a PC client that connects the phone to a computer. The app is compatible with both Windows and Linux clients, and can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

DroidCam’s features include the ability to chat with sound and picture via the DroidCam Webcam on the computer, with no usage limits or watermarks. It can connect over WiFi or USB and has microphone noise cancellation. The app also allows users to run other apps in the background while using DroidCam and keeps working when the screen is off to conserve battery. Additionally, it provides IP web camera MJPEG access, which allows users to access the camera via a browser or from another device.

The Pro version of DroidCam, DroidCamX, has no ads and offers additional features such as USB-only mode for added privacy and security, phone call muting, and support for 720p/1080p video via HD Mode. It also has a Smooth FPS option for more stable video and Pro features on the Windows client, including video mirror, flip, rotate, contrast, brightness, and other controls.

DroidCam is an affordable option compared to traditional webcams sold in stores; however, USB connection may require additional setup.

4. IP Webcam

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IP Webcam is a mobile application that allows users to transform their phone into a network camera. The app has multiple viewing options and can be accessed on any platform with VLC player or a web browser. Additionally, the app allows for video streaming within a WiFi network without the need for internet access. An optional Ivideon cloud broadcasting feature is available for global access.

Two-way audio is supported through the use of the tinyCam Monitor on another Android device. The app is also compatible with third-party MJPG software, such as video surveillance and security monitors, as well as most audio players.

The app offers several features, including video upload to Dropbox, SFTP, FTP, and email using Filoader plugin. Users can choose between several web renderers, including Flash, Javascript, or the built-in option. Video recording is available in WebM, MOV, MKV, or MPEG4 (on Android 4.1+) formats, while audio streaming is supported in wav, opus, and AAC (requires Android 4.1+). The app also includes motion detection with sound trigger, Tasker integration, date, time, and battery level video overlay, sensor data acquisition with online web graphing, and videochat support with Windows and Linux via a universal MJPEG video streaming driver.

Other notable features include cloud push notifications on motion and sound, cloud recording for motion-triggered records, and online video broadcasting powered by Ivideon.

5. Webcams

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EarthCam has added all of its cameras to the Buy All package on the Webcams app. By purchasing this package, users can access over 175 webcams, including any that may be added in the future. Users who previously purchased one or more packages automatically have access to the Buy All feature as a thank-you gesture.

The Webcams app offers users a chance to visit scenic and landmark destinations via live HD streaming video and megapixel snapshot cameras. The Hall of Fame contains the best image archives submitted by EarthCam.com visitors, and users can share their favorites via social media or messaging apps. Users can create a personalized list of favorite webcams for a custom experience.

Users should note that some streaming cameras may take some time to load, and those marked HD denote a live streaming camera, while those marked MP denote a high-resolution updating image camera. The webcams listed are subject to availability and may change from time to time, and new views are regularly added.

EarthCam encourages users to leave a positive review on Google Play and contact feedback@earthcam.com with any issues or suggestions.

6. iVCam Webcam

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iVCam is a software that allows users to use their smartphone or tablet as a high-quality webcam for their Windows PC. It can replace old USB webcams or integrated webcams with better quality. Additionally, iVCam can record video directly to the PC, acting as a remote video recorder. Setting up iVCam is easy and requires no manual configuration – users can download and install the client software on their PC to begin.

Some of the main features of iVCam include high-quality, real-time video with low latency and fast speed, automatic connection via Wi-Fi or USB, and the ability to connect multiple devices to one PC at the same time. Users can also adjust advanced camera settings such as AE/AF, ISO, EC, WB, and Zooming, and configure video frame rate, quality, and encoder. The software supports front/rear, wide angle/telephoto cameras and real-time switching, and users can also apply background replacement effects such as Blur, Bokeh, Mosaic, Green Screen, and more.

iVCam supports audio and allows users to use their smartphone as a wireless microphone for PC. It completely replaces USB webcams or integrated webcams and is compatible with most applications using webcams. Users can preview video, take pictures, and record video files with the Windows client software. iVCam can be installed from the website http://www.e2esoft.com/ivcam.

7. Worldscope Webcams

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Worldscope Webcams is a popular app that allows users to access over 30,000 webcams from around the world. The app is optimized for both phone and tablet use, offering users a chance to see new places or revisit old vacation spots. While the majority of webcams do not stream live video, they do update their images every few minutes.

Worldscope Webcams offers several features, including the ability to discover nearby webcams by pointing anywhere on a map. Users can also bookmark their favorite webcams for faster access, save time-lapse images in specified intervals, and set any webcam image as their regularly updated wallpaper or homescreen widget. The app also provides current weather conditions and a 5-day weather forecast, and users can choose between current and daylight views. Additionally, users have the option to add custom webcams.

To contact Worldscope Webcams regarding new features or issues, users can send an email to support@worldscopemobile.com. The various permissions required for the app to function properly are explained in detail on the website http://goo.gl/fkHeE. Worldscope Webcams is the official app by http://webcams.travel.