7 Best Free Jukebox App For Android

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Download the Best Free Jukebox App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world, music is an integral part of our lives. With the advancement of technology, we now have access to a vast collection of music at our fingertips. Android is one such platform that offers a plethora of music apps, including jukebox apps. A jukebox app is a digital music player that allows users to organize and play their music collection. In this article, we will explore the best free jukebox app for Android that you can use to enjoy your music.

The best free jukebox app for Android offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It should allow users to create and manage playlists, shuffle and repeat songs, and control the volume. Users should also be able to search and download new songs directly from the app. Additionally, the app should support various audio formats such as MP3, AAC, and FLAC to ensure compatibility with different music files.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Jukebox App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Jukebox App For Android

1. Music Player

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The Music Player is a free audio player that has over millions of downloads worldwide. It is equipped with a powerful equalizer that offers more than 22 preset music tone styles, including normal, classic, dance, folk, heavy, hip hop, jazz, pop, and rock. It supports all popular music file formats and allows users to browse and play their music by albums, artists, songs, genre, playlists, and folders. Additionally, users can customize the background skin and themes, and even set their gallery photo as their background.

The Music Player is not only organized by artists or albums but also by the folder structure. This feature enables users to find all their music files within seconds and also quickly search for music videos through artists or tracks. The audio player also features replaceable background skins or themes, 22+ gorgeous skins, and three home screen widgets (4×1, 2×2, 4×1). Furthermore, it supports lyric files and automatic scanning of all the lyric files and matching.

Users can easily edit the album, artist name, and genre and even edit the song file and save it as a ringtone. The audio player supports music file multi-select operation, smart remembers the last play playlist, and headset support, including easy search and custom and save playlists. The Music Player also supports headset/Bluetooth controls and the ability to shake the phone to change playing music.

2. Spotify Stations: Streaming music radio stations

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Spotify Stations is a music streaming service that allows users to create personalized radio stations based on their music preferences. Users can select an artist, genre, or decade and the service does the rest of the work. As users provide feedback through thumbs up or thumbs down, the service learns more about their preferences and provides even more personalized station recommendations. Spotify Stations offers a wide range of genres, including Rock, Rap, Pop, EDM, Classical, RnB, Top 40, Jazz, Alternative, and Country music.

Users can access Spotify Stations on their mobile phones, the web, and even through their cars with Android Auto. The service allows users to easily switch between genres, artists, tracks, and stations to keep their listening experience fresh. It can even create stations based on users’ release radar or discover weekly.

Spotify Stations provides a personalized listening experience, allowing users to create their own unique stations and name them as they wish. Users can listen to their stations on the go, making it an ideal service for those who want to listen to music while working out or driving. To use the service, users need to log in with their Spotify account or create one. Spotify Stations is available for free and can be downloaded to start streaming radio stations today.

3. Musicolet Music Player

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Musicolet is a lightweight and powerful music player app that supports local audio files. The app doesn’t support music streaming or downloading. Musicolet features multiple queues, a simple GUI with easy navigation, and a tag editor that can edit tags and album-arts of multiple songs at once. Additionally, users can move/copy songs, rename folders directly in the app, and add/remove a song to >1 playlist, from notifications, widgets, and even from the lock screen.

Musicolet also has folder browsing, two types of folder structures, a powerful equalizer with separate presets and settings for speakers, headphones, Bluetooth, and gapless playback. The app has earphone controls, embedded lyrics + LRC support, sleep timers, and can add shortcuts of any album/artist/folder/playlist to the HomeScreen app. Musicolet also has stunning widgets, a lock screen with controls, queue, and lyrics, and Android Auto support.

The app supports audio formats such as mp3, m4a, wma, flac, opus, aac, alac, ape, dsf, and many more. With a no-ads policy and no internet permission required, Musicolet respects users’ privacy. The app has both automatic and manual backup and restore options, including the ability to restore settings, playlists, and play-counts from any backup anytime on any device.


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Users should be aware that the music playback app does not have a built-in music library and instead relies on a playlist-based approach for music playback. However, the app offers support for a wide range of formats including aac, ape, flac, mp3, ogg, and wav.

Users should also note that the app may not function properly on devices based on M.I.U.I firmware. However, the app does offer a number of key features such as support for Android Auto and custom Car PCs, OpenSL / AudioTrack / AAudio output methods, CUE Sheets, OTG-storages, user bookmarks, and user-defined playback queue.

Moreover, the app offers support for album arts and lyrics, multiple playlists, and smart-playlists based on folders. Additionally, users can take advantage of the app’s built-in 20-band graphic equalizer, balance and playback speed control, volume normalization using replay gain or peak-based normalization, and sleep timer feature.

Users can also benefit from the app’s customization options, like custom themes support, built-in light, dark, and black themes, and support for night and day mode. Optional features include the ability to cross-fade tracks, repeat playlist/track/playback without repeating, down-mix multi-channels audio files to stereo, and down-mix audio files to mono. Users can control playback from the notification area, album art area via gestures, headset, and volume buttons.

5. Jukey Free – Jukebox Player

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Jukey is an android music player that has a Jukebox-style interface. The user can browse through their albums using the jukebox style buttons or swipe actions. The user can select a song by tapping on the title or by using the on screen numbered buttons to enter the album index and song index.

The app allows the user to create a playlist of music on their device using Google Play Music or by syncing playlists from their computer with a third-party app. Jukey Free is ad-supported, but users can upgrade to the paid version to remove the ads.

Jukey offers various interactions, such as tapping a song to add it to the playback queue or long-pressing on the album title or artist to add the entire album to the playback queue. Users can also scroll through albums using the “<” and “>” buttons and add songs to the queue by entering the album and song index. Other features include hiding or showing the playback controls, enabling continuous play mode, and loading a different playlist by tapping the playlist/search button.

Jukey uses various third-party open source libraries such as FFmpegMediaMetadataRetriever, FFmpeg, Glide, and jCIFS. These libraries are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, LGPLv2.1, and their respective licenses.

6. Music Player – JukeBox

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JukeBox offers a customizable and lightweight audio and music player. The user interface is simple and sleek to enhance the user’s music player experience. The player allows users to search, sort, and browse their favorite mp3 and music files. Additionally, users can create and import music playlists, control their music from their lock screen or notification, and play music offline without Wi-Fi.

The music player is designed to be visually appealing, allowing users to choose from a range of color and player themes. With the customizable music equalizer, users can create their equalizer settings to enhance their music experience.

JukeBox offers an offline music player feature, which enables users to listen to their favorite tracks without any interruptions, even when their device is in airplane mode. Users can create or import a music playlist and listen to their favorite audio files. Additionally, users can choose from a range of themes to personalize their music listening experience. JukeBox is continually adding new themes to its selection.

7. TouchTunes

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The TouchTunes app allows users to control the jukebox at over 65,000 bars, restaurants, and local hot spots. Personalization is a key feature, as users can create a handpicked playlist, sync music already on their phone, and select their favorite artists and genres to receive song recommendations. Users can earn free song credits and perks, and take their credits on-the-go to any mobile-enabled TouchTunes location within the country they were purchased in. The app also features a Fast Pass option to jump the line and the ability to find nearby jukeboxes and explore their music vibe before heading out. The app’s support team is available to help with any issues. Followers can stay updated on exclusive content and updates by following @TouchTunes on social media. Feedback can be sent to mobilefeedback@touchtunes.com.