8 Best Free Inventory App For Android

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Download the Best Free Inventory App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonInventory management is a crucial aspect of any business that deals with physical goods. This process involves tracking the stock of items, monitoring the level of supplies, and ensuring that there are enough items available to meet customer demand. With the rise of mobile technology, many businesses have turned to inventory management apps to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

When it comes to selecting an inventory app for Android devices, there are many options available in the market. However, not all of them are created equal, and it can be challenging to find the best one for your business needs. A good inventory app should be easy to use, offer comprehensive features, and be available at an affordable price.

Fortunately, there are some free inventory apps for Android that meet these criteria and provide excellent value for businesses. These apps offer a range of features, including barcode scanning, stock alerts, reporting, and more.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Free Inventory App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Free Inventory App For Android

1. Goods Order Inventory Pro

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The Goods Order Inventory System Pro (GOIS Pro) is a comprehensive application that integrates Inventory Management and Order Management. It has a user-friendly mobile and web interface that can help individuals and businesses manage and track their Purchase and Sales Orders, Inventories, multiple locations, Categories, Vendors and Customers. GOIS Pro is an advanced version of GOIS-Standalone with several features such as multiple organizations, business units and locations, easy and real-time data synchronization, barcode scanning, and quick reporting capabilities. The app has the ability to work in both online and offline modes, and users can add or adjust stocks, transfer inventory, and define sales and purchase order templates.

One of the key features of GOIS Pro is organizations and business units. Business owners can add multiple organizations to manage their data for different businesses. Each organization can have multiple related Business Units which symbolically represent various branch offices or shops of an organization. Users can add any number of products and categories with their images, and for each product, multiple images can be added for easy identification while managing.

Users can maintain and track Purchase Orders in various stages such as Sent to Vendor, Partially Fulfilled, Fulfilled, Cancelled, etc. You can even add discount and tax information for each Purchase Order. Vendor and its associated contact list management are also supported, and a Purchase Order can be linked with specific vendors and their related contacts. Multiple Inventories/warehouses can be maintained for each Business Unit.

2. Veeqo

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Veeqo is a software platform that helps multichannel ecommerce retailers to increase their sales. The platform integrates all orders and inventory from various stores and channels into a single system, saving the retailers time and effort while ensuring that their inventory is continually synced, avoiding any risk of overselling. The Veeqo Android app provides retailers with a more efficient way to fulfill customer orders. Multichannel retailers can access all the necessary order information, from the moment an order is received, to it being processed and shipped, using their smartphones.

The Veeqo Android app offers several features to enable retailers to manage their orders, products, stock, and barcode scanning. Retailers can view all sales orders from any of their stores and channels, create digital order picking lists, and add internal or customer notes to any order from their phone. Retailers can also manage their stock levels, view out-of-stock items, and update sublocation/bin locations for any of their SKUs. Additionally, the app allows retailers to use their phone’s camera as a barcode scanner, scan products on their picking lists, and conduct stock takes.

To get started with Veeqo, retailers can sign up from a web browser. Once set up, they can access all the features of the Veeqo Android app using their smartphone.

3. Sortly: Inventory Simplified

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Sortly is an inventory management solution designed to help businesses and teams keep track of their inventory easily. The system allows users to track items, their location, and who has them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It is a simple system that doesn’t require lengthy training sessions, and users can have it up and running in minutes. Sortly is trusted by thousands of small businesses and large enterprises, including HP, Yale, and Coors, among others.

One key feature of Sortly is that users can access their inventory on the web, tablet, or smartphone. The data is synced automatically across all devices through the cloud, making it convenient for users to access their inventory from anywhere. The system uses photos rather than words in a spreadsheet, and users can add up to 8 images per entry. It also allows for folders to group items by location, condition, customer, or employee.

Sortly makes it easy for users to scan barcodes and QR labels and link them to any of their items or folders. Users can also create and print custom QR labels that are automatically linked to items or folders. The system also allows for check-in/out of items to employees, customers, jobs, or locations, and users can set up automatic email and in-app notifications to keep track of stock levels, returns, and more.

Users can also grant access to multiple users and manage their permission levels, making it easy to keep track of user activity.

4. Stock and Inventory Simple

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An inventory management application is available to assist with stock tracking for various purposes. It can serve as a tool for home or warehouse stock management, or as a sales and purchases management solution for small shops. Even large companies can use it as a data collection terminal to exchange information with back-office through Excel files import and export.

The application offers several key features, including easy data input through manual entry or importing from Excel files, adding pictures to visualize items, organizing products in folders with unlimited hierarchy, and scanning barcodes to speed up work. It also allows for registering sales and purchases, tracking customers and suppliers, tracking multiple stores, setting minimum stock levels, and receiving notifications when quantities drop below the minimum. Additionally, it has the capability to print to PDF, run reports and calculations, track daily sales, export and import to/from Excel files, and use Google Drive for data exchange and backups.

The application aims to simplify inventory management, and offers assistance through the Question or Suggestion menu item within the application or by sending an email to chester.help.si@gmail.com.

5. Free Inventory Stock Tracker

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The free Inventory stock tracker allows for easy management of inventory and stock levels, as well as contact management for customers and vendors. Users can add new items and sort them into categories, update stock levels, and receive alerts when an item reaches its re-order point or is out of stock. The app also offers simple reports for analyzing sales and purchase trends. Key benefits include the ability to make changes offline, App Lock security, 24/5 support, and the option to add images and use barcode scanners for easier item identification. For assistance, users can contact support at support-stocktracking@zohoinventory.com.

6. Inventory Management App – Zoho Inventory

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Inventory management is an essential aspect of daily business operations. However, managing it manually on a spreadsheet can be time-consuming and can delay other operations. To address this issue, Zoho Inventory provides a solution that enables small businesses to manage their inventory and non-inventory items for their shops and warehouses effectively. The app offers features to manage items, contacts, payments, vendors and orders.

Zoho Inventory is a part of the Zoho app family, which is trusted by over 50 million users globally. The app’s home page provides more information on Zoho’s other offerings. Interested users can check out the list of features to determine if the inventory management app is suitable for their business needs.

The app offers a dashboard that provides an overview of total sales, purchases, items packed, and low stock items. Users can add SKUs, group items, and create bundles with ease. Barcode scanning is also available, allowing users to capture barcode information from items using their phone camera. Additionally, the app provides serial and batch tracking options to monitor item movements and expiration dates.

Users can maintain customer information, track sales orders and invoices, add vendor details, and keep a record of purchase orders and bills all in one place. Zoho Inventory also allows users to monitor stock levels in each warehouse, track inter-warehouse movements, create package slips, and generate shipping labels for USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The app also offers e-commerce management for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay shop listings.

7. Mobile Inventory

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Mobile Inventory is a software application that simplifies inventory management for small, medium, and large businesses. The app includes features such as stock management, location tracking, barcode scanning, and a built-in calculator. Users can also filter and sort products, as well as import data in batches or add items one-by-one.

The app offers several free features, including a smart search tool, user-defined tags, and an entries history log. Users can also export data to a PDF file. The app provides a free trial license for exporting data to an Excel file. Furthermore, more than 80% of the app’s features are free to use.

Mobile Inventory offers premium features, including external barcode scanner compatibility, minimum stock alerts, expiration date warnings, and the ability to export data to .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files. With a premium license, users can also access daily backups to the cloud and write and read NFC tags to identify products. A sync license allows users to synchronize inventory with other users and access all premium features.

For more information about licenses, users can visit the Mobile Inventory website. The app is actively maintained and regularly updated with new features and improvements. If users have any questions or feedback, they can contact the support team at support@mobileinventory.net.

8. Rapid Inventory

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Rapid Inventory is a free Android app that enables users to manage inventories and stock lists of up to 100 items. The app was designed with a focus on fast and intuitive operation for optimal use on smartphones and tablets. Built-in data exchange functions enable users to import existing stock lists or utilize collected data for further processing in formats such as Google Drive, CSV, or XML. The item capacity can be expanded at any time.

Users can utilize Rapid Inventory as a tool to simplify inventory management and stocktaking tasks. The app allows for the creation, management, and control of item lists, partial lists, inventory, serial numbers, and additional collections such as CDs and DVDs, among others. The app comes equipped with a built-in barcode scanner and support for industry-grade Bluetooth scanners to help manage item data quickly.

Additional features of Rapid Inventory include a clearly arranged item list with a search function, customizable fields with various datatypes, adjustable sort order, and the ability to tag items with labels. The app also supports data import and export functions (CSV, XML, Google Drive), Bluetooth barcode scanner (Bluetooth SPP devices), and a built-in camera barcode scanner. The app is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

For support or assistance, users can contact support@tec-it.com or TECITSupport (Skype). Users are encouraged to rate the app and offer feedback.