7 Best Free Helicopter App For Android

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Download the Best Free Helicopter App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonHelicopter simulation games have become increasingly popular among mobile gamers in recent years. Thanks to the advancements in mobile technology, developers have been able to create highly immersive and realistic helicopter simulators that offer an exceptional gaming experience. However, with so many helicopter apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be challenging for users to find the best free helicopter app for Android.

To help users make an informed decision, this article will review and compare the features of various helicopter simulation apps for Android. The article will examine the graphics quality, gameplay, controls, and other important factors that make a helicopter app stand out from the rest. By the end of this article, users will have a clear understanding of the most popular and highly-rated helicopter apps on the market.

One of the key factors that differentiate a good helicopter app from an average one is the graphics quality. A high-quality helicopter app should offer realistic and detailed graphics that immerse the user in a believable world.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Helicopter App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Helicopter App For Android

1. Helicopter Sim

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The HELLFIRE SQUADRON game allows players to operate a multi-role helicopter to take down enemy defenses and lead the attackers in enemy bases. The success of the campaign against a secret organization depends on the player’s tactical skills, flying abilities, and ruthlessness in the attacks. The game features a powerful machine gun, countermeasures against enemy attacks, and missiles that players must use in real-time to achieve their objectives. The game offers three levels of difficulty, five scenarios, free flight, 24 missions, and 90 challenges, providing hours of entertainment.

HELLFIRE SQUADRON consists of five scenarios, with thirty missions and ninety challenges, including five as world competitions. Players can also enjoy free flight, with customizable weather conditions. Players have full control of the helicopter, including the collective, pedals/rudder, machine gun with dedicated view, missiles, and flares/chaffs countermeasures. The game’s immersive scenarios include buildings, facilities, vehicles, ships, and aircraft. The game also offers the ability to replay all flight and combat actions, and players can earn ranks and trophies.

2. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D

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Gunship Battle is a helicopter action game that has been downloaded over 70 million times. The game allows players to become helicopter pilots and take part in combat missions across the world using a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircraft. It combines 3D graphics with flight control simulation and military scenarios to create an immersive combat experience.

The game features controls optimized for 3D flight and a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics. Players can arm their chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment and complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts. They can also challenge themselves with the next mission or replay a custom mission. The game is optimized for tablet devices.

Gunship Battle is perfect for fans of FPS, shooting, or racing games. Players can engage in intense crossfire as they whirl through the skies. The game has been praised as fun and engrossing by Pocketmeta, perfectly suited for any action players out there by Appzoom, and recommended to fans of the genre by Appgamer.

While the game is free to play, players can choose to pay real money for some in-game items. It’s important to note that some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item. Players can stay up-to-date on news about the game on Facebook by following the Gunship Battle page.

3. City Helicopter

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City Helicopter Game 3D is a helicopter flying simulation game that takes the player on a thrilling flying adventure through the city skyline. The game consists of 20 levels, where the player must pilot the helicopter to the designated helipad, and successfully land the helicopter to complete each level.

To successfully complete each level, the player must carefully navigate through the city, while avoiding collisions with the towering skyscrapers. If the player does collide with a building, they must retry the level and fly more cautiously to avoid another crash.

The game offers an opportunity for players to test their flying skills and become the best helicopter pilot out there. Players who enjoy flying helicopters will find City Helicopter Game 3D to be a fun and exciting game. It challenges the player’s abilities to maneuver the helicopter through the city landscape and reach the destination before the timer runs out.

4. Helicopter Rescue Simulator

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Helicopter Rescue Simulator offers an expansive environment for players to explore, spanning over 16 km² of forests, canyons, hills, and mountains. With 20 free levels, players can complete a variety of unique missions to become a professional helicopter pilot. The game offers a diverse range of helicopters to choose from, including military, civil, and transport options. Players can use different helicopters to perform specific tasks, such as transporting water to extinguish fires or moving objects with an electromagnet.

The game offers a minimap to help players find one of the 20 spots to launch a mission or fly freely around the map. The environment is filled with points of interest, including an ancient Japanese temple, airport with other aircraft, and camping places. Players can complete several exciting missions, such as forest and building fires or catching gangsters with a military helicopter. The game also includes features such as realistic flying simulation, high-quality chopper, and dynamic camera angles, with easy-to-use touch and tilt controls.

Players can adjust the quality button to prevent lag while playing.

5. Helicopter Simulator SimCopter 2015

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This real world simulation offers an exciting experience with the ability to fly some of the most famous helicopters over New York. The simulation also includes road traffic, blimps, balloons, cruise ships, and a large aircraft carrier to enhance the experience. Additionally, an Apache Army helicopter allows players to fire missiles.

Players can choose from a selection of landing and departure helipads, including rooftops, parking lots, the aircraft carrier, and cruise ship. The game offers 60 different missions to fly over New York with the six helicopter options.

The simulation includes real-world physics, including weather conditions like winds and turbulence. The game includes six helicopter options: the Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin, Bell 47, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 407, Aerospatiale Gazelle SA 341, and Boeing Army Apache AH64 (with missiles included).

The game features functional instruments in each helicopter cockpit as well as a dynamic instrument panel and advanced HUD. Additionally, the game offers detailed helipads and a detailed world complete with trees, buildings, clouds, water, and the ocean. The simulation also includes car traffic, other flight aircraft, blimps, and balloons. Finally, players can fly over two ships: a cruise ship and an aircraft carrier.

6. Helicopter Simulator SimCopter 2018

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SimCopter – Helicopter Simulator is a feature-rich flight simulator that offers detailed 3D models of helicopters and airports. With this simulator, users can master all the controls necessary to take off and land helicopters. They can choose from a variety of weather conditions and flight scenarios, including dangerous locations. There are also many cameras available to give a full view of the inside and outside of the helicopter.

This flight simulator offers 360 created missions, and users can create an infinite number of their own missions with the flight planner tool. The simulator algorithm is designed to be very close to reality, giving users a realistic experience of flying a helicopter.

SimCopter – Helicopter Simulator has 18 different helicopters available, some of which can be purchased. Users can fly in 9 different cities, including New York, San Francisco, and Paris. The simulator offers live scenarios, weather conditions, and day and night flight options. The algorithms used in this simulator are very accurate, making it a valuable tool for helicopter pilot training.

Overall, SimCopter – Helicopter Simulator provides a realistic and engaging flight simulator experience with a wide range of features and options. It is perfect for those who want to learn how to fly a helicopter or for experienced pilots who want to improve their skills. The simulator is available for download now.

7. Helicopter Flight Pilot

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Helicopter Flight Pilot Simulator is a helicopter flying simulator game that offers a diverse range of vehicles to fly and drive, such as helicopters, airplanes, cars, boats, and more. It also features all-new base jumping activities and paragliding. The game boasts high-resolution satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds for players to explore. The game has over 150 km² of area and 20 free levels of helicopter flying simulation. The game also features dynamic weather conditions, from clear blue skies to thunderstorms, and real piloting situations.

Players can explore the open-world environment and visit unique locations, taking off from multiple airports, commuting between international airports and small campaign airports, and helipads. The game features exciting points of interest, from the air or the road, and even sea vehicles like boats and jetskis. The game also offers real car driving simulator experiences, allowing for exploration beyond just flying. Players can take part in helicopter flight levels by walking into mission markers located throughout the world.

The game offers action-packed missions, such as flying through checkpoints, transporting passengers, putting out fires, controlling aircraft during a storm, and racing against helicopters, boats, and more. The game includes weather systems, day and night cycles, true 3D volumetric cloud system, flight turbulence, realistic helicopter and plane flight physics, and intuitive flying controls.