7 Best Free Greek Radio App For Android

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Download the Best Free Greek Radio App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, many people are looking for ways to access their favorite radio stations on the go. This has led to the development of various radio apps for Android devices.

Among the different types of radio apps available, the ones that offer Greek radio stations have gained significant popularity among users. These apps provide access to a wide range of radio stations broadcasting in Greek, allowing users to listen to their favorite music, news, and other programs.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best Greek radio app for Android. Many users look for a free app that offers high-quality streaming, a user-friendly interface, and a diverse selection of stations.

If you’re on the hunt for the best free Greek radio app for your Android device, you’re in luck.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Greek Radio App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Greek Radio App For Android

1. Radio Greece FM online

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The Radio Greece app allows users to listen to over 2,400 Greek FM radio, AM radio, and internet radio stations. The app offers an easy-to-use, fast, and modern interface without any subscription or payment. Users can choose to listen to news, sports, talk shows, or music, and save their favorite stations.

The app includes several features such as the ability to listen to the radio while using other applications, an alarm function to wake up to a favorite station, receiving calls while using the app, listening to FM radio while abroad, scheduling the app to shut down automatically with a sleep timer, and sharing live radio with friends via social networks, emails, or SMS.

Users can also search for a radio station, and the app is compatible with Android Auto, Chromecast, and Bluetooth devices. A widget is available for one-click access to the last listened to radio stations. Users can listen to popular Greek radio stations like Love, Sfera, Dromos, Thessaloniki, Metropolis, and more.

Advertisements displayed on the app support the developers to improve the application, but users can opt for an ad-free version. Users can support the team by leaving a review on the Google Play Store. Radio station owners can contact radioboost@

2. Greek Radios

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The AthensLiveRadio app is a comprehensive streaming radio service offering access to over 600 Greek radio stations categorized by location and genre. With no ads, the app provides a clean interface for listeners to explore and stream the most popular stations in Athens and throughout Greece.

Users can easily search for favorite stations and add them to a list of favorites, which can be reordered for convenience. Additionally, the app offers a recording feature, allowing users to save their favorite songs or programs for future listening.

The app automatically pauses playback when receiving an incoming call, ensuring that users will not miss anything important. Playback can resume seamlessly once the call has ended. A sleep timer is also available, allowing users to set a time for the app to shut down after a certain period of inactivity.

The app offers quick access to features through the notification panel when it is in playback mode. Users can also utilize a widget to access their favorite stations directly from their home screen. Finally, the app allows users to share what they are listening to on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. Greek Radio

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The Greek Radio app offers users the ability to listen to a variety of free FM radio stations and radios from Greece. The app boasts an easy-to-use, modern interface that provides a seamless listening experience. Users can choose to listen to news, sports, music and more without any ads. The app allows users to share live radio with friends via social networks, email, or SMS. Additionally, users can listen to the radio while using other applications or their smartphone or notebook in standby mode.

Radio Greece offers access to over 60 free Greek radios, including popular stations such as Easy, Love Radio, and Real FM 97.8. Users can also discover new stations such as Black Man, Epa Sport, Radio Paradise, and Palmos. The app invites users to suggest radio stations that are not currently available through an email address listed in the app. A 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi internet connection is required to use the Radio Greece application.

4. GR Radio – Greek Online Radios

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GR Radio is a user-friendly streaming service that offers access to a variety of Greek radio stations. It comes with many convenient features, such as music information, sleep timer, radio alarm with the option to choose a preferred Greek radio station, and more.

Users have access to all the best radio stations in Greece and can listen to their favorite stations by simply having access to the internet. The service offers high and low-quality listening options, which allows for usage even with slower internet connections.

Users can mark and sort their favorite Greek radio stations, making it easier to switch between preferred stations. The radio alarm feature is also simple to use, and users can choose their preferred station and the time they’d like to wake up to.

The sleep timer feature is ideal for those who like to fall asleep while listening to Greek radio stations but don’t want to leave it on all night. The Cast function allows users to cast music to their preferred device, while the Android Auto feature makes it suitable for use while driving.

With the artist and song name feature, users can easily identify songs they like, and the fast loading player ensures little buffering time. The integrated equalizer allows users to adjust the sound to their preference.

GR Radio regularly checks and updates its streams to provide the best possible listening experience. The application also offers exceptional support and quick response time to user feedback and inquiries.

Overall, GR Radio is a suitable streaming application for Greek radio stations that offers a comfortable and straightforward user experience.

5. E-Radio

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The eRadio app provides an extensive collection of live radio stations from Greece and Cyprus, sorted by location and music category, based on 20 years of experience. The catalog is constantly updated for users to enjoy listening to their favorite stations for free.

This Android app offers various features such as easy navigation to find local radio stations, dark mode to conserve energy, Chromecast support, radio schedules and song information, the ability to add personal favorite stations, and view what others are listening to. Additionally, the app offers a sleep function, alarm clock, and a social sharing feature.

The app requires an internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to function. The developers encourage users to provide feedback to improve the app’s performance.

6. All Greece Radios in One

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The App Features include high-quality sound with clear HD resolution, as well as an easy-to-use radio list with no buffering. The app offers quick playing and easy volume control, along with a smooth interface that is easy to navigate. Additionally, the app can be used completely free of charge forever. Users can enjoy live listening from anywhere in the world, as all FM, AM, and online radio stations are included in one convenient location.

7. Radio Greece – online radio

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Radio Greece is a mobile application that provides access to over 800 radio stations. It has a modern, user-friendly interface that allows users to enjoy FM and online radio with ease. Users can access sports, news, music, and comedy channels, among others.

The app has a range of features including the ability to listen to the radio in the background while using other applications, even when traveling abroad. Users can also view the currently playing song depending on the station. The interface is easy to use, allowing users to add a radio station or podcast to their favorites list with just one click. There is also a search tool to help users find what they are looking for. The app supports light or dark mode interfaces and enables users to set an alarm or sleep timer. Additionally, the app is compatible with Chromecast and Bluetooth devices, and users can share content via social media, SMS, or email.

Radio Greece provides access to over 800 radio stations, including popular Greek radio stations such as Dromos FM – ΔΡΟΜΟΣ 89.8 and Radio Sfera 102.2 FM. The app also features Rythmos FM – Ρυθμος 94.9, Athens Deejay FM, and many more internet and digital radio stations. Users can listen to radio online, but they need to have a reliable internet connection, either 3G/4G or WiFi network.