7 Best Free Family Tree App For Android

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Download the Best Free Family Tree App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFamily trees have become an increasingly popular way to trace the lineage and ancestry of one’s family. With the advancement of technology, many apps have been developed to help individuals create and maintain their family trees. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best one.
When it comes to finding the best free family tree app for Android, users need to consider several factors before making a decision. The app should be easy to use, have an intuitive interface, and offer a variety of features to create a comprehensive family tree.
Furthermore, the app must be reliable and secure, ensuring that personal information is protected at all times. In this article, we will explore the various free family tree apps available for Android and highlight the features and benefits of each one. This way, users can make an informed decision and select the best app to suit their needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Family Tree App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Family Tree App For Android

1. EZ Genealogy

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EZ Genealogy is a user-friendly genealogy and family research application suitable for both novice users and experienced genealogy professionals. It allows users to create and manage multiple family tree projects, tracking individual people and their relationships. It also includes various types of reports which can be printed out, making it convenient for family reunions and gatherings.

The application is designed to keep user data private, stored only on their device with no transmission to remote servers. EZ Genealogy aims to be 100% standards compliant with the GEDCOM format, with solid exporting capabilities currently available, and plans to improve importing functionality in the future.

EZ Genealogy is open to suggestions and requests from users, with an in-app feedback form or email available for this purpose. The application is intended for all users, from beginners to experts.

2. Family Tree Maker – FamilyGTG

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The FamilyGTG app is a free tool for building family trees and managing family genealogy that can be operated from a mobile device. The app allows users to create new family trees directly from the device or import GEDCOM genealogy files easily. Users can also export family trees to GEDCOM files and send them via email or store them on their device. The app has several features like adding or removing family members, setting relations between them, searching family members by name, and viewing member’s full profile including relatives, personal information, and photo.

The FamilyGTG app further allows users to add, change or remove member photos, edit member information (name, birth, marriage details, note, etc.). Users can also show descendants and ancestors tree for a specific member, add a member to bookmarks list, browse events calendar (birth, marriage) for each month, and enable daily events reminders. The app further allows users to browse family photo galleries, view or share a log of edits, undo or redo logged edits, and show statistics about the family tree.

The FamilyGTG app is designed to work with GEDCOM files that can be created by any desktop software, and they can be sent to a device via Bluetooth or any other method. The app scans the device for any GEDCOM files with the .ged extension, so they can be imported.

3. Findmypast

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The Findmypast app is a free tool that allows users to delve into their family history research at any time. With this app, users can manage their family tree, discover historical documents, find new ancestors, add photos, and more. The app provides users with billions of family records, allowing them to do a quick search from their phone to piece together their family history. Users can also add new relatives to their family tree as soon as they learn about them, and share their findings with friends and relatives by taking a quick screenshot.

The app sends record hint notifications to users the moment it finds vital records like birth, marriage or death certificates, Census records, and tree-to-tree hints. Users can quickly swipe through their hints and add them to their family tree, or reject them if they don’t look relevant. Additionally, users can upload snaps or a selfie from their iPhone to personalise their family tree and help familiarise themselves with their ancestors.

Users can also upload records, stories, and more to their ancestors’ profiles, and see the family structure with an overview of each ancestor’s spouse, parents, siblings, and children in a simple list. The app provides a convenient way for users to indulge their passion for family history anytime, anywhere. Those interested in using the Findmypast app can download it to their device for free.

4. Heredis 2022

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The latest version of the Heredis app is only compatible with Heredis 2022. For users of Heredis or Heredis 2021, a compatible version is available. The new mobile version of the app allows users to add transcriptions to their sources. Heredis is a free app that enables users to create their family tree and share their genealogy. The app provides essential functions for working with genealogy on Android, such as browsing, editing, adding, and deleting data from the tree. The app also allows users to print or send the designed tree chart and share their files between devices.

The new mobile version of Heredis includes the option to add the labels Untraceable Father and/or Untraceable Mother to a person if no information is available about their parents. Users can also declare a person as complete if all necessary information is found or if it is impossible to find more. Heredis has been developing family tree software for over 25 years, and works closely with users to improve its software. The app is optimized for Android 5.1 and higher. For more information, visit www.heredis.com/en/.

5. FamilySearch Tree

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The FamilySearch Tree app is a tool that allows users to chronicle and share their family history. With the app’s sync feature, changes and additions made on one device are accessible on any other device connected with FamilySearch. Users can view, add, and edit information about their ancestors, and enhance their family tree by including photos, stories, and documents. The app also offers a Tasks feature to help users find ancestors in historical records and get ideas about what to do next.

The Search Historical Records feature enables users to find their ancestors among the billions of records on FamilySearch.org, revealing more details about their family’s story. The Relatives Around Me feature allows users to see how they are related to other FamilySearch users who are also signed into the app, making it a fun activity for group meetings, parties, or events. The Map My Ancestors feature allows users to explore their heritage through maps that show where the key events of their ancestors’ lives took place.

The Messages feature enables communication and collaboration with other FamilySearch users from within the app. However, users should be aware that content provided for deceased individuals will be publicly available, as per the app’s privacy policy. Overall, the FamilySearch Tree app is a user-friendly tool for recording and sharing family history that can be accessed and edited from any device.

6. Quick Family Tree

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The new smartphone app is designed for creating family trees and features an interactive display using digital devices. It allows users to make family trees without having to create an account or pay for any services. The app is intuitive and enables easy addition of parents, children, and spouses with just a few taps. Users can streamline complex family trees and change the display order of siblings easily through drag and drop. The display changes automatically so that the person selected appears in the center, making complex family trees look simple and easy to understand.

Multiple sets of data can be created using the app, allowing users to make historical family trees in addition to their own. The app is only available for iOS and Android smartphones and does not have a PC version. There is no function to combine multiple family trees yet but users can import and export data using the app’s function. The app allows offline usage since data is stored on the smartphone or tablet.

Users can change the initial opposite-sex setting to same-sex after registration. However, at present, children can only connect between couples, so a temporary spouse needs to be added if a user wants to add a child without showing the spouse. The app does not have a paid ad-free version, and users can use it freely to publish images created on the app on the web. However, the app does not support GEDCOM format files, PDF output, or printing directly from the app. Users can output images using the capture function and print them with another application.

7. Ancestry: Explore your family tree & genealogy

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Ancestry is a platform that allows users to explore their family history through photos, stories, historical documents and records, genealogy, and more. Users can build a family tree, discover long-lost relatives, and share their family stories using the Ancestry app.

Ancestry offers several features to help users discover their family history and explore their origins. Users can view their family tree, search and add new family members, upload photos, and share stories with just a few taps. They can also explore and share their discoveries with friends and relatives and collaborate using one simple tap. Ancestry provides hints, matches, and search tools to help users easily discover their family history.

Ancestry’s dynamic Discover feed allows users to review, dismiss, and save hints for later. The platform’s new modern layout design makes it even easier for users to explore their family history. With a free trial or paid subscription, users can easily access more than 27 billion records, photos, and more. Additionally, Ancestry Hints® helps users discover stories, photos, and records about their ancestors.

Users can preserve their family story and essential information, including photos, genealogy, stories, documents, and life events, in a single location, so it can be preserved for generations to come. They can collaborate with friends and family to find their family story easily.