7 Best Free Economic Calendar App Android

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Download the Best Free Economic Calendar App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAn economic calendar is a critical tool for traders to keep track of upcoming market events that can affect their investments. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, traders can access economic calendar apps on Android platforms for convenience and accessibility. These apps provide real-time updates on global economic events, news releases, and data releases that can impact the financial markets. The best free economic calendar app on Android offers traders an efficient means of staying informed about market-moving events without incurring any costs.

The best free economic calendar app on Android provides users with a range of features, including customizable filters to sort events by country, impact level, and time frame. The app offers a user-friendly interface that enables traders to navigate through the calendar effortlessly. Moreover, traders can set up alerts for events that interest them, such as monetary policy decisions, economic data releases, and corporate earnings reports. These notifications can be customized to show up to five events within a specific time frame that matches the trader’s preferences.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Economic Calendar App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Economic Calendar App Android

1. Forex Calendar, Market & News

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Myfxbook is a forex trading app that offers traders a comprehensive view of their portfolio and the forex markets. The app includes features such as a live forex calendar with event data and notifications, live streaming rates for over 60 forex currency pairs and commodities, live forex charts with technical analysis and indicators, and live forex news. Additionally, the app includes calculators to help traders plan their trades and a community outlook with custom notifications. Myfxbook is brought to you by the leading social forex community with over one million trading accounts connected.

The portfolio section of the app displays the user’s Myfxbook portfolio, including a growth chart, quick stats, and the current status of the account. The economic calendar offers real-time updates on economic events and covers over 30 different currencies. The markets section provides a view of over 60 different currency pairs in real time, with alerts available for specific prices. The forex charts section offers technical analysis tools, including five drawing types and nine indicators. The news section provides a streaming feed of economic news items in real time, while the community outlook offers a real-time outlook for different currency pairs.

Lastly, the app includes calculators to help traders plan their trades, such as calculating entry price, position size, margin, or risk value for better money management. Traders can provide feedback or report issues to the team via email.

2. Tradays — forex economic calendar

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Tradays is an economic calendar designed for forex and stock traders, providing valuable information for both long-term and day traders. With hundreds of macroeconomic indicators, this tool covers a range of financial markets, including currencies, stocks, bonds, futures, and options.

The calendar provides access to financial news and important events relating to the largest global economies, including the USA, European Union, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and China. As even minor changes in these regions’ economic policies may have a significant impact on many financial instruments, Tradays provides traders with useful insights and information.

Real-time data is instantly available for all event releases, with related data collected directly from public resources. Historical, current, and forecast values, as well as importance characteristics, are also available for each indicator. Tradays alerts can be configured to ensure that traders are informed of important economic events, and detailed descriptions in 9 common languages can aid in understanding the impact of events and indicators on various financial instruments.

3. Forex Calendar – fx news

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The forex calendar is a tool used to obtain economic news and forex events, enabling traders to remain current with the latest financial events. It allows users to set reminders and view charts, making it a useful companion for FX trading.

4. Forex economic calendar

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LiteFinance has developed a Forex economic calendar that displays the most significant events of the financial market. The indicator values are updated in real-time, and the application stores historical values of all indicators. The Forex Economic Calendar app for Android is user-friendly, and it shows all relevant Forex economic news on the screen, along with alerts about events and new data releases.

The Forex economic calendar is essential for Forex traders to track, analyze, and stay up-to-date on all market events on the move. You can customize alerts to receive push notifications in real-time and filter the news feed based on relevance and impact level, selecting only those indicators that affect the trading instruments of your choice.

LiteFinance hopes that the mobile version of their economic calendar will become an easy-to-use and reliable assistant for Forex traders. The app can be downloaded directly to your smartphone, and you can use the calendar data when planning your trades and for effective money management. The company also welcomes feedback and suggestions to improve the app.

5. Forex Economic Calendar & Market News

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The Forex Economic Calendar & Market News app provides information about the financial markets for forex traders. The app offers real-time alerts before and after data release, and allows traders to customize the alert trigger time. The app’s main features include a forex economic calendar, the ability to activate alerts for economic events, and the ability to filter economic event lists by different parameters. The app also provides fundamental data for beginners and shows the previous period data area charts. There is also a home widget to show live forex economic calendar events. The app is ideal for traders specializing in stocks, futures contracts, options, and forex markets. Users are encouraged to provide feedback through the app’s main menu. The app is free, and users can earn points by leaving positive comments and using the app’s features.

6. Trading Economics Calendar

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The Trading Economics app offers various features including an economic calendar, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields, and commodity prices. Users can also receive real-time alerts for economic indicators as soon as they are released. Additionally, users have the ability to set up price targets, record high/low alerts, and track price changes for financial markets.

This app has a wide reach, with over 380 million page views from users in more than 200 countries. The data provided on TradingEconomics.com is sourced directly from official sources, rather than from third-party providers. The accuracy of the facts presented is ensured through regular checks for inconsistencies.

7. FXStreet – Forex & Crypto News

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The FXStreet app provides real-time news and analysis for the forex, crypto, and stock markets. It offers forex and trading news 24/7, including spot technical analysis patterns and trends in forex charts, asset forecasts, and notifications for new macroeconomic data and events. The app also covers cryptocurrency markets, providing news, technical and on-chain analysis, and live cryptocurrency prices. In addition, FXStreet covers a selection of important stocks with news and technical analysis. The app offers market rates for currency pair price changes in real-time for over 1,600 different active markets, as well as an economic calendar with real-time details on macroeconomic data releases and other important fundamental events. Users can receive custom forex and trading alerts and access real-time graphs to follow stocks and forex analysis. The app can be downloaded from the FXStreet website or found on Instagram and Facebook.