7 Best Fpv App For Android

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Download the Best Fpv App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn the world of drone flying, it is crucial to have a reliable first-person view (FPV) app for an Android device. This app can provide pilots with a live view from their drone’s camera, allowing them to fly accurately and capture stunning aerial footage. However, with an overwhelming number of FPV apps available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is the best. Therefore, we have researched and tested several apps to identify the best FPV app for Android users.

Our evaluation criteria included features, usability, reliability, and overall user experience. We considered the app’s compatibility with different Android devices, the quality of the live video feed, and the ease of connecting the app to the drone’s camera. We also evaluated the app’s user interface, including the layout, settings, and customization options. Additionally, we assessed the app’s stability, responsiveness, and compatibility with various drone models.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Fpv App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Fpv App For Android

1. AirMap for Drones

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AirMap is a global leader in providing aeronautical data and services specifically designed for unmanned aircraft or drones. The platform offers features such as situational awareness, digital authorization, traffic alerts, and more. One of the most significant features of AirMap is its ability to provide real-time feedback about airspace rules and conditions that pertain to the pilot’s flight specifications. National rulesets for over 20 countries, including Canada, Germany, and the United States, are available on the platform, making it easier for drone pilots to plan their flights.

AirMap offers a responsive vector map that allows pilots to pan, zoom, and search for airspace rules and advisories for any location. The platform also allows pilots to create and manage their pilot profile and UAV aircraft, as well as plan a flight path to specific duration, altitude, and airspace requirements. Additionally, AirMap can connect to any supported DJI drone to fly and toggle camera settings directly from the app, making it more convenient for pilots.

For commercial operations in LAANC-enabled U.S. controlled airspaces, AirMap allows pilots to request digital authorization and send a digital flight notice to participating airports. The platform also provides real-time traffic alerts for nearby manned aircraft, ensuring safe and smooth drone operation. Pilots can also view publicly-shared flights happening around the world, providing an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and explore new flight paths.

2. Google Earth

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Google Earth is a digital tool that allows users to explore the world from above through satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe. The platform also offers 3D buildings in hundreds of cities across the world. Users can zoom in on specific locations, including their own homes, and view them from a 360° perspective with Street View. Through Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more, users can see the world from a new point of view.

Recently, Google Earth has made its immersive maps and stories accessible on mobile devices. This means that users can now visualize the maps and stories they have created on the web on their mobile devices.

3. Guardian

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Guardian is a platform that provides information on no-fly zones and ground hazards in an increasing number of countries across the world. This service is offered for free and is tailored to users’ locations. By using this platform, individuals are able to supplement their normal due-diligence activities with additional safety information.

Altitude Angel is a reliable resource for both recreational and professional drone pilots. The platform provides high-quality, precise, and authoritative data to help users plan drone operations that prioritize safety and privacy. This service is also designed to help users save time when planning their drone operations.

It is important to note that Altitude Angel’s data and application should be used as a supplement to regular pre-flight and in-flight safety checks, rather than a replacement for them. Ultimately, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the safe and compliant operation of their drone at all times.


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This technical app is designed to control the flight of a four-axis aircraft via wireless WIFI image transmission technology. It offers a variety of features that allow for a customized and immersive experience.

The first feature is the ability to connect WIFI and control the flight of the aircraft through the joystick. This feature provides a seamless and easy-to-operate control mechanism.

The second feature is the ability to view real-time streaming pictures from the aircraft camera. This feature ensures that the user has a clear understanding of the surroundings and is able to capture images conveniently.

The third feature is the ability to take photos, videos, view photos, and videos. This feature provides the user with a versatile tool for capturing and reviewing footage.

The fourth feature is the ability to control the flight of the aircraft by gravity induction. This feature provides a unique and intuitive way to control the aircraft.

The fifth feature is the ability to make the aircraft track automatically. This feature enables the user to easily follow a pre-determined route.

The sixth feature is the ability to activate the flight by voice. This feature allows for hands-free operation of the aircraft.

The seventh feature is the ability to recognize gestures to take photos and videos. This feature provides an interactive and engaging way to capture footage.

The eighth feature is VR mode, which provides an immersive and realistic viewing experience.

The ninth feature is music recording mode, which allows for the user to record audio and music during flight.


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FHDFPV is a system designed for use in aerial photography and remote control quadcopters. Its main functions are as follows: (1) connecting to WiFi to control the flight of the aircraft through a joystick, (2) receiving real-time pictures transmitted from the aircraft through WiFi, (3) taking photos and videos, as well as viewing them, (4) controlling the flight of the aircraft through gravity induction, (5) drawing a trajectory for the aircraft to follow automatically, (6) using voice recognition to control the flight, (7) entering the settings interface to set the right hand mode and language, and (8) accessing the operation instructions interface to view the operation tutorial. To improve readability, each paragraph is broken after every three lines of text.


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This application enables users to control a quadcopter through a wifi camera module, as well as display real-time video captured by the module. The app boasts several features, including support for VGA, 720P, and 1080P resolutions, as well as the ability to take photos and record videos. Additionally, it offers 3D functionality for added enjoyment.

7. DroneVR+ FPV for DJI Drones

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DroneVR is a software that connects to your DJI drone and renders live video streams in stereo with lens distortion correction, allowing viewing with a virtual reality headset for your phone. The application supports various DJI drone models, including Mavic Mini, Mavic Pro, Phantom, Inspire, and Ryze Tello. However, it does not support devices like the Phantom 3 SE and Mavic 3, as they do not support 3rd party apps or lack a developer kit. Users can access the support feature by unlocking the in-app purchase or trying a time-limited trial mode.

The application’s features include a configurable head-up display that shows telemetry information, head-tracking for controlling the camera orientation in real-time, advanced lens distortion correction algorithms, hardware-accelerated video decoding, high definition video quality and a spectator mode for flying with a friend. Additionally, the picture size and position can be adjusted to work optimally with different virtual reality headsets. To operate DroneVR, a suitable DJI drone and a virtual reality headset with a high-resolution screen and a minimum size of 4.7 inches are required.