7 Best Fall Detection App Android

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Download the Best Fall Detection App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFall detection is a vital feature for any mobile device, especially for elderly individuals, who are at a higher risk of falling and injuring themselves. With the rise of mobile technology, fall detection apps have become increasingly popular, as they provide a convenient and reliable way to monitor falls and alert caregivers or emergency services in case of an emergency. In this article, we will explore the best fall detection app for Android devices, highlighting their features, reliability, and effectiveness in detecting falls.

First, it is important to understand how fall detection apps work. These apps use various sensors embedded in the mobile device, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, to detect sudden movements and changes in orientation. When a fall is detected, the app sends an alert to the user or their caregivers, using various communication channels, such as SMS, email, or push notifications. Some apps also offer additional features, such as GPS tracking, voice recognition, and automated emergency calls.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Fall Detection App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Fall Detection App Android

1. Senior Safety App, GPS Tracker, Fall Alerts & More

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The Senior Safety App is a smartphone application designed to provide safety alerts and monitoring options for seniors. The app is popular among caregivers, concerned children of seniors, and senior care homes. Caregivers can remotely monitor the phone’s location and activity over a web browser, using a state-of-the-art GPS tracker. The app provides alerts for emergency help requests, malicious apps, phone falling, phone being inactive for a long time, app installs or uninstalls, entry/exit from geo-locations, network changes, and low battery alerts.

The app must be installed on the senior’s phone, and caregivers can review alerts and reports via an online console using their email on the program. The app includes easy-to-use round-robin calling to reach one of the emergency contacts, ensuring help is received even if some contacts don’t answer their phone. The app was designed to help the elderly lead an independent life with their loved ones accessible at just a click of a button.

The app provides various features, including SOS and Alarm, 24/7 Senior GPS tracker, Fall Alert, Geo-fence Zone Alert, Inactivity Tracker, Low Battery Alert, App Usage Report & Alerts, and Emergency Medical Information. These features help to ensure seniors’ safety and well-being, including tracking location history, receiving alerts for various phone activities, and providing critical medical information during emergencies.

The Senior Safety App is popular with assisted living facilities, home healthcare companies, and healthcare workers working with seniors worldwide.

2. iMedAlert – Medical Alert

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Annually in the United States, over 16 million ambulance trips are made to emergency rooms for medical emergencies or accidents. Swift access to emergency care is crucial in these situations. iMedAlert is an Android medical alert application designed to quickly notify emergency responders and provide relevant medical information to selected recipients via SMS and email. The app broadcasts a rescue message with the user’s current GPS location and complete medical profile, including personal information, blood type, medical history, allergies, and medications. The GPS location accuracy varies depending on the phone’s operating system and GPS device.

iMedAlert now features the ability to sync health profiles on Google Drive. In emergency situations, every second counts, and this app can help improve response times. The app also includes an alarm function to attract the attention of emergency personnel or passersby, and the ability to send personalized emergency SMS and email messages to pre-set contacts. The messages can include the user’s medical profile and location information to better assist emergency personnel. The app also allows the user to make a call to emergency services. Additionally, the app stores the user’s profiles on their Google Drive cloud storage.

The app includes a user guide to ensure proper setup and use of all functionality. Personal information entered into the iMedAlert app remains on the user’s device and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties or Divoti Inc, the app’s developer. Overall, this app is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that can help save lives in emergency situations.

3. WebMD: Symptom Checker

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The WebMD healthcare app provides a range of features including a symptom checker, allergy tracker, medication reminders, doctor finder, drug interaction checker, and access to medically-reviewed information about conditions and treatments. Users can also save and customize their information for easy access. WebMD Health Corp is a leading provider of health information services, serving millions of unique visitors each month. The app does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and users should always consult a qualified health provider for any medical concerns. California residents may have certain rights regarding the use of their personal information, which can be found in the app’s privacy policy.

4. iGoSafely -Personal Safety App

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iGoSafely is a personal security app that provides various features for personal safety. The app allows users to alert their emergency contacts in case of an emergency by shaking their phone or unplugging their headphone cord. The emergency contacts will receive text and/or email notifications that include the phone’s GPS position, street address, and a 30-second audio recording. Users are required to set up a secret disarm code and add emergency contacts to the app.

The app also includes features such as Battery Depletion Warning (BDW), which sends an email or text message to the user and emergency contacts before the phone’s battery dies, and Stealth Activation, which enables users to activate the alarm without touching their phone by unplugging headphones or shaking the device. The app also provides ongoing GPS position reporting every 60 seconds, making it easier for emergency contacts to find the user’s location. The Device Status Monitor allows users to monitor their device’s connectivity, such as GPS position, cellular signal strength, internet data connection, and battery charge.

The iGoSafely app is easy to set up and use with only three simple steps. The app does not share the user’s personal information with anyone and users must grant permission for contacts and email to work. The app also allows users to leave feedback for desired features, which may be implemented in future versions.

5. FallSafety Pro—Safety Alerts

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FallSafety Pro is an Android-based Health and Safety solution that provides advanced safety protocols to protect people from environmental, health, and social dangers. It is a comprehensive and customizable tool that allows companies to provide duty of care, compliance, and peace of mind to their workers.

FallSafety Pro is designed to help workers deal with hazardous conditions and improve fall protection. It offers practical risk management solutions and industry-leading safety practices to ensure that workers get the rapid emergency response they need to achieve better outcomes.

The app includes a range of safety protocols, such as emergency check-ins, automatic fall detection, automatic worker down detection, and panic buttons. All safety protocols run in the background, and the app allows users to set up one or hundreds of accounts within minutes. It also automatically alerts emergency contacts by group or team, using voice messages, text messages, and emails, and provides local emergency service phone numbers.

FallSafety Pro is a subscription service with volume discounts available for medium and large organizations. It comes with a 10-day fully functional free trial, and extended trials are available upon contacting sales. The subscription fee is $6.99 monthly per person.

The app monitors users’ location in the background for emergency purposes, but the location is only shared in the event of an emergency. It is tested to run all day and provides privacy and security to users.

6. Chk-In Fall Alert

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Chk-In Fall Detection and Alert is a do-it-yourself alert system available for Android smartphones. It is designed to provide a fall alert system without the need for expensive monthly monitoring subscription fees. The system alerts designated emergency contacts via a push message and email with GPS location information whenever an impact is detected. The system also features a Help Me button that sends an alert to emergency contacts when pressed for one second.

Chk-In Fall Detection and Alert can function as a Base Station Emergency Transmitter when paired with a WearOS device or Samsung Gear S3 and above. It can also work as a standalone fall detector. When paired with a Chk-In ConeC cam, the system sends a snapshot of what the camera sees to emergency contacts. The system captures GPS location information and sends alerts to designated emergency contacts.

Chk-In Fall Detection and Alert includes a pairing separation notification feature, which sends an alert to emergency contacts when the Chk-In Smart Wearable device has lost connection with the base station. The system also features a medicine reminder function. The emergency contact(s) can receive alerts in the event of a fall, when the Help Me button is pressed, or when the Chk-In SmartWatch loses connection to the base station.

The Personal Plan for Chk-In Fall Detection and Alert is free and allows for one designated emergency contact. The premium version subscription allows for unlimited emergency contacts and costs as low as $4.99 per month.

7. Fall Detection – Fall Alert Saves Lives

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The Fall Detection application is a tool designed to detect instances of falling and generate alerts in response. Utilizing information gathered from mobile sensors, the application is capable of identifying when a device has experienced a fall. This technology is especially useful for individuals who may be at an increased risk of falling, including seniors, bikers, and construction workers.

For seniors, the benefits of automatic fall detection can be lifesaving. By immediately detecting a fall and sending alerts to selected contacts, the likelihood of receiving swift assistance is significantly increased.

Key features of the Fall Detection application include its ability to automatically detect falls and alert the user through both alarm and flashlight notifications. Additionally, the application is capable of sending an emergency message to selected contacts that includes information on the date, time, and location of the fall. A countdown timer feature allows users to cancel an alarm within 30 seconds, reducing the risk of false alarms. Users can also adjust fall sensitivity settings to high, medium, or low, with high sensitivity triggering alarms even for minor falls.

Interested parties may download the Fall Detection application to take advantage of its benefits and increase their safety.