8 Best Dua App For Android

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Download the Best Dua App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced world, many people are turning to mobile apps to help them stay focused on their faith and connect with their spirituality. When it comes to Islamic spirituality, one of the key components is dua, or supplication. Muslims around the world rely on dua to seek guidance, solace, and blessings from Allah. With the rise of technology, many developers have tried to create dua apps that can help users access a wide range of supplications and prayers from the comfort of their smartphones. In this article, we will explore some of the key features of the best dua app for Android.

First, it’s important to understand what makes a good dua app. For many users, having a diverse range of supplications is essential. A good app should provide users with various dua options, including those for specific occasions, such as weddings, funerals, or Eid. Additionally, it should include dua for different times of the day, such as morning and evening supplications.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Dua App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Dua App For Android

1. 40 Rabbanas (duaas of Quran)

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The application is designed as a compilation of 40 Duas (invocations) from the Qur’an, all of which commence with the word rabbana – رَبَّنَا (Our Lord). The user interface displays each rabbana in Arabic along with its translation in multiple languages, and a transcription is also included. Furthermore, the application offers audio playback of each invocation for the user’s convenience.

2. iQuran Lite

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iPray for Android is currently available for free for a limited time. The app allows users to read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its English translation, while also providing a set of audio recitation files. It offers verse by verse audio playback, color coded Tajweed rules, bookmarks, tags, search, excellent navigational controls, and a side by side English translation.

The free version of iQuran includes limitations such as full landscape support, color coded Tajweed rules for the last Juz/Para, bookmarks and tags with a maximum of 5 bookmarks and 3 tags, one English translation (Shakir), search results limited to 20 per search, one recitation by Sheikh Husary, and powerful audio controls with an option to group playback of verses to aid in memorization. However, all other features are fully enabled, and there is no expiration date on the app.

The full version of iQuran will now be sold for $1.99, down from its original price of $6.99. The new price will reflect only the costs that need to be covered for the fast and excellent audio download service that the app provides. The permission to read phone state is only required to pause recitation in case the phone rings or in case a call is placed while recitation is playing in the background. The app has been designed to work on all Android devices.

3. OnePath Network: Islamic Videos, Azan Prayer Times

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OnePath is an Islamic video app that offers access to a library of over 1,500 high-quality original Islamic videos, featuring local and international Muslim personalities and scholars. The app provides local azan times and alerts, which are customizable according to the user’s prayer preference. The app guarantees data privacy and ad-free viewing of Islamic content. Users can also enjoy premium content, offline viewing, and casting capability to watch videos on large screens. The app provides early bird access to the latest video releases and allows users to listen to their favorite videos in audio mode. The app offers monthly or yearly auto-renewing subscription plans that can be managed and cancelled in the users’ Apple ID Account Settings. Premium subscriptions include ad-free viewing, exclusive content, and downloadable content. OnePath’s privacy policy and terms of service are available on their website, and users can contact the app’s admin team for any inquiries or issues.

4. Dua & Zikr (Hisnul Muslim)

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The app is a convenient tool for Muslims to access authentic Du’a and Zikr for daily supplication and special occasions. It is based on the Hisnul Muslim book by Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani and includes a wide range of Do’a and Zikr topics such as morning and evening Azkar, prayer, fast, and Quran.

The app features 326 Duas from the Quran and Sunnah, the ability to adjust font size, share options, translations and transliterations, audio files sharing, pinch-zoom function, and categories for better organization. The app is ad-free and provides daily notifications with search, highlight, copy and share functions.

Users can share the app with loved ones and recommend it to others. The app is made with love by Greentech Apps Foundation and can be accessed on their website or social media platforms.

5. Dua & Azkar

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To ensure a smooth user experience, the Dua and Adhkar app undergoes regular intensive checks to keep up with technology advancements. In the event of any issues, users can try troubleshooting by accessing the app settings on their phone, clearing the app data, and reopening the app to implement changes. This hard reset will resolve the majority of problems, but it will also erase saved data such as the favorites list and downloaded audios. Users can contact admin@duaandazkar.com if any issues persist.

The Dua and Adhkar app is designed to work best on the latest Android versions. Users with outdated versions may need to upgrade to newer versions to ensure optimal performance. The app’s focus is on authenticity, simplicity, and practicality. All the Duas in the app are derived from the Quran and other established books, and only essential features and functions are included to ensure ease of use. The app is created for individuals in all stages of life, with a particular emphasis on powerful Duas and Adhkar that can bring success to one’s life.

If any errors or mistakes are found in the app, users can contact the developers via email, website, or Facebook to provide the details and the Dua number. The development team will endeavor to correct any mistakes in future releases.

6. Dua (Hisnul Muslim)

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The Dua app offers over 260 authentic dhikr and supplications from the Quran and Sunnah, providing users with a simple and intuitive design and several useful features. Users can select from a variety of categories to find the perfect dua for any occasion. The app offers a bookmarks feature, making it easy to access preferred duas quickly. Additionally, the app provides a search feature, including voice recognition, to help users easily find specific duas. With the sharing feature, users can share duas with friends and family through social networks, email, and more. The app also offers high-quality audio recitations, allows users to learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic words, and provides dua translations in a variety of languages. To learn more about the app’s features, visit https://apps.muslimtoolbox.com/dua. For additional support, visit https://support.muslimtoolbox.com/en/knowledgebase/8-dua.

7. My Dua

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The Rabi ul Awal app has added several new features including a Quran with over 120 translations and 50 reciters, Tasbeeh with Azkaar, Qibla Directions, Prayer Timings, 99 Names of Muhammad, English Naats, Dua Bookmarks, Shahadaat, and the ability to enable or disable languages. The user interface has also been updated.

The app allows users to select their emotions and current feelings and provides an Ayat or Surah in Arabic, Urdu, and English that correlates with it. Additionally, the app offers a collection of 262 daily duas from the Holy Quran, reviewed page by page.

Other features include 30+ categories of duas for all moments and occasions, 6 Kalimas with Urdu translation, and the ability to search for any dua within the app. The app also has built-in share functions for easy sharing to social media, WhatsApp, email, Bluetooth, and more. All duas are available in English, Urdu, and Bahasa Melayu.

8. Dhikr & Dua – Quran & Sunnah, Ramadan 2021

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The Dhikr & Dua app for Ramadan 2021 offers a collection of 262 authentic Duas from the holy Quran and Sunnah. The app features a simple and elegant design with audio recitation, favorites, categories, Dua of the day, search, and share options. The app provides beautiful high-quality Dua audio recitations for all Duas with proper Tajweed and Qiraath. Users can also learn a new Dua everyday with daily Dua of the day notifications. Furthermore, users can search, favorite, and share Duas with their friends and family. All Duas have transliteration and are available in English and Bahasa Melayu languages. The app credits its sources, including the Holy Quran, Hisnul Muslim book written by Sa’id bin Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani, and Duas from Quran book written by Al-Haji Nijamudeen Manbayee. The app icons were made by Freepik, Flat Icons, Eucalyp, Darius Dan, and ultimatearm from www.flaticon.com.