8 Best Bill Reminder App Android

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Download the Best Bill Reminder App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonManaging bills and keeping track of due dates can be a challenging task for anyone. With multiple bills to pay and varying due dates, it can be easy to overlook or forget a payment. Fortunately, there are several bill reminder apps available for Android devices that can help simplify the process. These apps offer features such as automatic bill tracking, reminders, and the ability to make payments directly from the app. In this article, we will explore some of the best bill reminder apps available for Android.

When selecting a bill reminder app, it is important to consider various factors such as ease of use, reliability, and security. Some apps may be more geared towards individuals while others may be more suitable for businesses. Additionally, some apps may offer free versions with limited features while others may require a monthly subscription. It is important to evaluate your specific needs and preferences before selecting an app.

One of the key benefits of using a bill reminder app is the ability to automate the bill tracking process.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Bill Reminder App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Bill Reminder App Android

1. Prism Pay Bills, Money Tracker, Personal Finance

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Prism is a personal finance app that helps users organize and pay bills on time. The app automatically tracks bills and sends reminders, allowing users to easily see their income, account balances, monthly expenses, and spending all in one place. Prism has been named the Best app for paying and tracking bills by NerdWallet in 2018 and has over 14,000 reviews with a five-star rating. The app has processed over $1 billion in paid bills and has over 11,000 billers available to connect with.

Users can pay bills on time, track bills and expenses, see account balances and available credit, manage personal finances, and view checking and savings accounts. The app offers automatic bill tracking, due date reminders, free same-day bill pay, and easy-to-understand graphs of personal finances and expenses. It also has a bill payment history, exclusive payment options, and a comprehensive bill list view.

Prism provides automatic bill reminders, saving users money by helping them avoid paying late fees. Bill pay is quick, easy, and free, with the ability to schedule payments for the same day or weeks in advance. The app also includes an expense tracker, debt management tools, and an easy-to-read graph of bills and income.

The security of sensitive information is a priority for Prism, with 256-bit AES encryption and PIN/biometric authentication settings. The app never sells user information and allows for account deletion at any time.

2. Bills Monitor &Manager

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Bills Monitor is a mobile application that helps users with bill payments and deposits to ensure timely payments. With a clear overview of cash flow and bills to pay, users can avoid late payment fees. The app is available for full version download on the Google Play store.

The app’s features include an overview of the current month’s amount and total paid amount, ability to view overdue, today, and next 10 days bills, add, edit, and delete bills, separate last date and paid date, mark bills as paid, and view paid/unpaid bills of recurrent bills. Other features include a different view of bills in the calendar and list, color codes for payable and receivable, a built-in calculator, and reminders about bills.

The app also supports statistics in the form of pie charts and bar charts, local decimal separator, pre-defined bills, and the ability to export bills as CSV and HTML. Permissions required include write to SD card permission to export payments and vibrate to remind payment.

Users are advised not to move the app to the SD card if they wish to use the widgets, due to general limitations of the Android operating system.

Moreover, due to Android market policy, there is only a 15-minute refund window. Interested users are advised to check out the demo version to ensure satisfaction before purchase. In case of any queries or recommendations, users can contact sfinanceapps@gmail.com.

3. MoBill Budget and Reminder

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MoBill Budget and Reminder is a personal finance app that offers budgeting functions, reminders, reports, and charts to help users keep track of their bills, expenses, and income easily and quickly. The app supports multiple accounts and multiple currencies, and allows users to add their own categories. Reminders are generated for due bills, and recurring bills or income can be tracked. The app features a simple and minimalist look with extensive features behind it, such as charts and reports to help users analyze their finances in detail. MoBill also offers cloud sync to sync data between devices, among other features.

Users can track one-off or recurring bills or income, and view up to three months/weeks budget on one screen. The app comes with predefined categories, but users can add their own or update existing ones. Phone numbers, email, web address can be added into bill’s or income’s notes, and users can call the number, send email, or go to the website simply by touching the links.

The app offers additional features, such as cloud sync, budget entry, multiple payment/partial payment against transactions, reports that can be emailed or saved in CSV format, and more, for users who purchase the AdFree™ subscription. The app also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. Users are encouraged to rate the app on Google Play and to contact the developer for any questions or suggestions. It’s recommended to take a backup before any update.

4. Bills Reminder

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Bills Reminder is a free app that manages bills and sends reminders before their due date. It is used by 300,000 users and has no hidden charges. For an official upgraded version with more features, users can download Bills Reminder Plus. This app can manage all bills, send friendly notifications with paid/payment action, and has customization options. It also allows for backup and restore.

Missing a bill due date can result in late payment fees which can add up over time. Bills Reminder is an app that helps users manage and organize their bills in one place. It automatically sends reminders with payment action making bill management stress-free. Bills can be organized as Upcoming, Overdue, Paid, and Unpaid based on their due date. Users can customize options such as currency and reminder time and create recurring bills. It is a full version app, not a trial/demo.

To add a new bill, users can touch the ‘+’ icon and fill in details like bill name, payment amount, and due date. Recurring bills can also be created in a flexible manner. Default settings like currency and reminder time can be changed in the Settings menu. The app requires certain permissions such as starting at boot and full internet access for improving app quality and displaying ads. The Chart library license can be found at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.

5. Spending Tracker

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Spending Tracker is an expense manager application designed to help users track their spending, thereby enabling them to maintain a budget and save money. The app boasts a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to enter expenses and income. It also offers flexible time periods, allowing users to choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tracking periods.

To help users meet their spending targets, the app features a budget mode that allows them to set a fixed budget amount and carry over any remaining budget to the next month or week. Additionally, the summary view provides an overview of the user’s current balance, along with expense and income totals, and the main areas of spending.

The app’s log expense and income feature permits users to repeat expenses daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as to export the data to CSV for use in a spreadsheet or to PDF for viewing and printing (Pro Upgrade required). Multiple accounts can be created, including personal, business, and savings accounts.

Spending Tracker boasts an array of reports, such as beautiful and interactive charts that allow for easy visualization of where users’ money goes, with spending grouped by category. The app also features editable expense and income categories, with the option to choose a quality icon for each category.

Spending Tracker offers syncing (Pro Upgrade required) that allows users to automatically sync their data to other Android devices, as well as to iOS and Windows versions of Spending Tracker, which will require a separate upgrade on these platforms.

6. Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker

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Wallet is a personal finance manager that aims to help users save money, plan for the future, and view their finances in one easy-to-use platform. It offers various features such as automatic bank synchronization, weekly spending reports, debt management, and bill tracking. Users can also share selected accounts with friends and family to manage budgets together.

One of Wallet’s unique features is its automatic bank updates, which sync transactions securely and categorize them to help users save time. It also offers flexible budgets that help plan spending and save money for different goals such as paying off debt or saving for retirement. Wallet provides insightful reports that give users actionable insights about their finances, such as where they could budget or save more.

Wallet’s planned payments feature ensures users never miss a due date and can track upcoming payments and their impact on cash flow. Selected accounts can be shared with family, friends, or colleagues, allowing everyone to contribute from any platform. Other features include multiple currency support, automatic cloud sync, receipt and warranty tracking, and debt management.

Users can download the app, create an account, and start budgeting and tracking expenses immediately. Wallet is certified with eTrust and promises regular updates with new features and improvements. The Wallet Now and Wallet Life sections provide financial tips and advice for users to apply to their spending.

7. Easy Bills Reminder

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Easy Bills Reminder is an application designed to help users keep track of their bills by sending daily payment reminder notifications to their devices. The notifications will continue to be sent until the user dismisses them or marks the bill as paid, even if the application is closed or the device has been restarted.

The application includes several advanced features such as different views (overview, overdue, paid, monthly, calendar, and custom), partial and full payment options, and the ability to keep track of payment history by bill. Users can also customize the date format and currency, and backup/restore their data to Google Drive or locally. The application supports multiple languages and has a user-friendly interface.

The premium version of the application includes additional benefits such as no advertisements, the ability to lock the app with a security pass code, payable vs. receivable payments chart, monthly payments by type chart, priority support, and access to upcoming features.

Users can contact support@aa3apps.com for any feedback, feature requests, questions, or concerns.

8. Bills Reminder, Budget Planner

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TimelyBills is a payment tracker and money manager app that has been highly praised by over one million users. It is a comprehensive app that helps users track their daily expenses, pay bills on time, stay within budget, and save money every month. Users can set up bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly budgets, track their spending, and organize bills and subscriptions. The app also provides smart bill reminders to avoid late payment fees and unused subscriptions. TimelyBills allows users to manage all of their accounts, including bank, savings, and credit card accounts, in one place, and provides real-time balance information. The app has various features, including family money management, monthly report of spending habits, bill reminders on Gmail or Outlook calendars, and support for worldwide currencies. The app uses various security practices to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.