8 Best Asteroids App For Android

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Download the Best Asteroids App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAsteroids are celestial bodies that orbit the sun and can vary in size from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers. They are remnants of the early solar system and offer valuable clues about its formation. Observing asteroids can be a fascinating experience for astronomy enthusiasts and professionals alike. Thanks to mobile applications, you can now observe asteroids from the comfort of your smartphone. In this article, we will introduce the best asteroids app for Android, which offers a range of features that can enhance your asteroid observation experience.

The best asteroids app for Android provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to access a wide range of features with ease. It offers a comprehensive database of asteroids that you can browse through, search for specific asteroids, and learn about their characteristics. The app also provides real-time updates on the position and trajectory of asteroids, enabling you to track their movements across the sky. With its intuitive interface, you can easily navigate through the app’s various features and settings to customize your observations to your liking.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Asteroids App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Asteroids App For Android

1. Asteroids

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Asteroids is a modern take on the classic retro game, where players control a rocket in deep space surrounded by asteroids and aliens, with the goal of destroying them without getting hit. The game offers power-ups and upgrades, and players can choose between levels or arcade mode.

The game has received positive feedback, with users expressing their love for the version of Asteroids and calling it a winner.

Asteroids features sharp vector FULL HD graphics and precise controls, with excellent physics that make the game challenging. It includes 50 levels with increasing difficulty, allowing players to master their ship in deep space. The game is optimized for both tablets and phones.

Asteroids was inspired by Atari’s original game of the same name and was made possible thanks to the libGDX and box2d platforms. It features music from The Freeharmonic Orchestra – Mission to the Centre and Moon Garden.

2. Asteroid Storm FREE

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Asteroid Storm is a mobile game that offers retro arcade-style gameplay with vector graphics. It features wave after wave of asteroid fields and alien UFOs for players to survive. The game uses proprietary Vectrox library for smooth and crisp, anti-aliased, neon, vector graphics on any device. It doesn’t use 2D sprites but vector-rendering technology that provides crisp quality.

Players can aim to beat the high-scores and gain entry into the high-score table, and gain additional lives by scoring high. The game also features artificial intelligence on UFOs with increasing difficulty, context-sensitive music to match the action, and a wrap-around space area.

To remove ads, players can purchase the paid version. For support, players can reach out to ZephirothGames@gmail.com. Players can also suggest their favorite new features to the developer, which will be considered for the next update. The developers look forward to reading players’ comments and hope they enjoy the game.

3. Asteroids HD

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Asteroids HD is an arcade-style, action-packed shooter game, with addictive gameplay set in space. The game allows players to shoot countless asteroids and dodge them to progress through the levels. The gameplay is easy to control, and the game features unique active skills and hand-made waves that increase the challenges as the player advances in the game.

Asteroids HD’s gameplay is never-ending, and the asteroids keep coming regardless of the number of shots fired. The game features a customizable spacecraft that can be equipped with unique weapons and upgrades, allowing players to create their own builds. The customization options include multi-weapon selection, weapon upgrades, and an amazing space design that adds to the game’s overall appeal.

The game also provides players with the opportunity to compete against each other and be the best on the leaderboard. Asteroids HD is a space shooter arcade game that provides an ultimate gaming experience for players looking for a challenging and action-packed game.

4. Blastoid Minefield (Retro)

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This classic arcade vector display space shooter provides stunning visuals in full color HD. The retro neon graphics are bright and eye-catching, making for an immersive gaming experience.

Players can earn extra points by hitting enemy alien space ships, adding an element of strategy to the game. The graphics are further enhanced by vibrant colors and graphic particle effects. To optimize the visuals, players are recommended to set the brightness level to high.

The button panel is simple and easy to use, with clearly marked keys for thrust, fire, left, and right movements. Players can take on the role of a space pilot and use their ship to blast away at rocks and aliens hurtling towards them.

This game is developed by Gazzapper Games and promises to offer hours of engaging gameplay.

5. Asteroids Star Pilot

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Asteroids Star Pilot™ is a modernized version of the Atari® Asteroids game that offers an exciting gameplay experience. In this game, players assume the role of an ace pilot who is a member of a space force that is responsible for safeguarding space colonies from the ongoing Asteroids menace.

To ensure the safety of residents in the threatened colonies, players must complete several missions. These missions require them to protect the colonies from the persistent danger posed by the Asteroids.

6. Asteroid Tracker

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AsteroidTracker is a mobile application that aggregates scientific data related to Near Earth Objects (NEOs) from NASA’s NEO program. The app displays tracking information about these objects in real-time.

Users can submit requests for improvements or report any issues they encounter through comments or email. The development team will respond and address the concerns in a timely manner.

The app developers urge users to report any errors that occur so that they can be quickly resolved. This will help to improve the overall functionality and user experience of the application.

The developers clarify that AsteroidTracker is not related to the 2012 predictions and encourage users to refer to NASA’s official press release on the matter.

7. Asteroid : Space Defence

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Frenetic Gamez has released a new asteroids shooter game that offers players the ability to battle through space while avoiding enemy attacks from all angles. The game provides an opportunity to control your ship using only your thumbs, making it easy to steer left and right. Players can shoot asteroids and other enemies while collecting stars to purchase new ships and upgrades. With 80 waves to conquer, players must try to get the highest score by avoiding getting hit and shooting down all the asteroids and enemies.

The game offers a fast-paced arcade shooter experience with simple controls, making it easy to play. Players can collect stars and power-ups to increase their chances of survival. The game also includes space ships and asteroids, which add to the cool and fun gameplay. If you enjoy fast-paced arcade shooter games, this game is definitely worth trying.

The game features a rating system, encouraging players to rate their experience. If players enjoy the game, they are encouraged to give it a high rating. Frenetic Gamez also provides support for the game through their website, where players can contact them for assistance or to report any issues. Overall, the game offers a fun and exciting experience for those who enjoy arcade shooter games.

8. Asteroids: Space Defense

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The game Try to Survive is an old-school arcade game that features a high quality pixel art style. The game offers smooth and adjustable controls that allow players to navigate through challenging waves of asteroids. Each wave requires players to destroy asteroids in order to progress to the next level.

The game is designed to challenge players with increasing difficulty levels as they progress through the waves. The game’s classic arcade style and retro feel will appeal to players looking for a nostalgic gaming experience.

Overall, the game offers a fun and challenging experience for players. The feedback of players is important to the developers and they welcome feedback at msarcadegames@gmail.com.