7 Best App For Tide Clock Android

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Download the Best App For Tide Clock Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonTide clocks are devices that are used to measure the level of the tide at a particular location. They are commonly used by fishermen, sailors, and beachcombers to help them plan their activities. Tide clocks are typically mechanical or electronic devices that display the current tide level, as well as the time of the next high or low tide. In recent years, tide clocks have become increasingly popular among smartphone users, with many apps available for both iOS and Android devices. In this article, we will review the best app for tide clock Android.

The best app for tide clock Android is an application that provides real-time information on tide levels and predictions. It uses GPS technology to determine the user’s location and then displays the current tide level and the time of the next high or low tide. The app also allows users to set reminders for upcoming tides, making it easier to plan their activities.

One of the key features of the best app for tide clock Android is its ease of use.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best App For Tide Clock Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best App For Tide Clock Android

1. Tide Charts

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Introducing a mobile application that provides a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to view tidal data. The application includes global tidal estimates, lunar data, weather forecasts, and current radar to facilitate outdoor adventure planning. The default station is determined by the user’s location, but an alternative station can be selected by viewing a location map. Additionally, users can store multiple favorite stations for easy switching between locations.

The application is designed to provide tidal and lunar predictions even without internet access, catering to users who may not have a reliable internet connection while outdoors.

Upon the app’s initial launch, it may take up to 3 minutes to generate textures.

2. My Tide Times – Tables & Chart

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My Tide Times is a mobile application that provides users with tide tables and forecasts for over 9,000 tidal stations across more than 30 countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. The app is specifically designed for those who require quick and easy access to tide information for activities such as surfing, fishing, or simply visiting the beach.

The application has several features, including finding the nearest locations to users, ensuring the data is up-to-date, providing 5 to 7 day forecasts for all locations, displaying moon phase, moonrise and moonset times, presenting predictions for the currents at selected locations in the US, offering basic wind speed information for all tidal locations, and allowing for offline use after downloading the information.

My Tide Times distinguishes itself from other applications with its clean and visually appealing interface. If you are in need of tide tables, charts, forecasts, or times, you can download My Tide Times for free today, but it is ad-supported.

3. Tide Clock Free

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This application is designed to provide users with an overview of the current local tide times. Additionally, it offers a monthly colour-coded tide table for easy reference. Users have the ability to add multiple Tide Stations and quickly switch between them. The app utilizes locally cached data, allowing for offline usage after an initial download.

The app offers numerous features such as the ability to manage multiple tide locations, an easy-to-read tide clock, quick reference tide charts for daily high and low tides, and a table for monthly tide times. Users can also select imperial or metric display units depending on their preference.

However, it is important to note that this app is not intended for navigational purposes as tide predictions may be incorrect for certain locations. Therefore, it is advised that users only use this app for recreational activities where no person or property is at risk. By downloading the app, users agree to use it at their own risk.

4. Tides Near Me – Free

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Tides Near Me is a free and fast service that provides information on nearby tide stations and current tidal conditions. Users can easily access the time of the last and next tide and current, as well as sunrise and sunset times for the sun and moon. The service offers fully automated tide tables, charts, and predictions.

With access to up-to-date tidal information for over 5,500 tidal stations in various countries including the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India, there are no ongoing payments required for this service. Tides Near Me ensures that all information is updated regularly for users’ convenience.

5. My Tide Times Pro

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My Tide Times Pro is a mobile application designed to provide users with comprehensive access to tide tables and forecasts for surfing, fishing, and beach activities. The app boasts a visually pleasing interface and supports over 9,000 tidal stations across 30 countries, including the United States, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

Among its key features are the ability to identify the nearest tidal locations to the user and provide up-to-date data that spans up to seven days, or even up to 30 days in the case of select international locations. The app also includes information on moon phases, current predictions, and basic wind speeds for all tidal locations.

Users can access downloaded information without needing an internet connection, and the app is available in a Pro version that is ad-free and includes widgets for easy access. Overall, My Tide Times Pro is a versatile and user-friendly tool for those seeking accurate and detailed tide information.

6. Tide Chart

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Tide Chart is a software application designed to showcase tidal information. Originally developed for recreational fishing purposes, the program is not intended for commercial or navigational use. It is important to note that the software comes with no warranties or guarantees of any kind.

7. Tides app & widget – eTide HDF

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eTide HDF is a tide chart app and widget that provides information on over 10,000 tidal stations in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries, including forecasts for several months. The app allows users to save the last 50 tide charts offline for work without internet, and the widgets are resizable from 1×1 to 5×5 and can be displayed as both a chart and a table. They are automatically updated to reflect the current day and follow the current location to show tides nearby.

Users can stretch and squeeze the tide graph by gestures, swipe left and right to receive ocean tide predictions with minute accuracy for the next few days. The app features a horizontal line on the graph, which, when intersected with the graph, displays the time it takes to launch and retrieve a boat. Users can move the horizontal line up and down to change the depth they want, and the app stores the depth of the line for each port.

eTide HDF supports local, telephone and GMT time, and heights are available in feet, inches, meters, and centimeters. It also features a distance measurement tool that displays the distance between two points in miles, kilometers, and nautical miles. Both the app and widgets offer users options to change the colors and transparency of charts and tables. Widgets display each station with its color, and the app supports day and night themes.