9 Best App For Super Speed Android

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Download the Best App For Super Speed Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAndroid devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering numerous functionalities that enhance our productivity and entertainment. However, as our usage of these devices increases, we often encounter performance issues that slow down our experience. This is mainly caused by cluttered storage, background processes, and outdated software. To tackle these issues, various apps have been developed that claim to boost the speed and performance of Android devices. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the best app for super speed Android.

Firstly, this app offers a comprehensive scan of your device’s storage to identify and remove junk files, residual files, and cache data that occupy valuable storage space. It also clears the RAM by closing background processes that consume memory resources, resulting in a smoother and faster performance. Moreover, the app provides an option to uninstall unused and unwanted apps, freeing up storage space and improving device speed.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best App For Super Speed Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best App For Super Speed Android

1. Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping

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Net Optimizer is a tool that helps users find and connect to the fastest DNS server based on their location and network, ultimately improving web browsing speed and reducing lag on online games. It features a one-touch connection to the fastest DNS server, automatically detects connection changes, and allows users to manually scan all DNS servers to see details. It works for both mobile data and WiFi connections and supports various DNS servers, including Cloudflare, Google, and OpenDNS.

By optimizing a device’s DNS records, users can find the fastest routes for their data packets to take when traveling the Internet. This can result in a noticeable improvement in web browsing time, although it won’t boost download/upload speed. Net Optimizer is designed to help users choose the fastest DNS server for their location, thereby speeding up browsing and improving gaming experience.

Test results have shown a significant improvement in speed when using Google’s DNS servers over stock DNS servers, although real-world usage might not be as drastic. Nevertheless, using Net Optimizer can potentially make a user’s internet connection feel much faster.

Net Optimizer requires overlay permission to show the Auto Optimize pop-up and does not collect any personal information.

2. Opensignal – 5G, 4G, 3G Internet & WiFi Speed Test

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Opensignal is a free mobile connectivity and network signal speed test app that allows users to measure their mobile and Wi-Fi internet speed. The app runs a 5-second download test, 5-second upload test, and ping test to provide an accurate measurement of internet speed. The speed test runs on common internet CDN servers, and the result is calculated with the middle range of samples.

In addition to speed tests, Opensignal also offers a video playback test that measures load time, buffering, and playback speed issues for HD and SD videos on the user’s network. The app also provides a network coverage map that shows signal strength down to street level, using speed test and signal data from local users.

The cell tower compass feature allows users to see the direction of the closest or strongest signal, enabling them to use broadband and signal boosting technology more accurately. However, this feature uses aggregate data, and accuracy issues may occur in certain areas.

Opensignal also records the time users spend on 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, or no signal at all, allowing them to check if they are getting the service they paid for from their network provider.

As an independent source of truth in mobile network experience, Opensignal collects anonymized data on signal strength, network, location, and other device sensors to show how users worldwide experience mobile network speeds, gaming, video, and voice services.

3. Speed Test SpeedSmart – 5G, 4G Internet & WiFi

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SpeedSmart Speed Test is a free app that can be used to test internet speed and network performance. With just one tap, it can test internet connection through hundreds of high performance servers worldwide and provide results within 30 seconds. This app is capable of testing speed for Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Cable, Fiber and more, and is also a wifi analyzer that can help to test wifi connection to ensure the best performance.

This app has many features that allow users to test their internet speed and network performance. It can test download speed, upload speed, and ping latency, analyze the internet speed of wifi network and ISP, check the speed of mobile carriers, verify if the internet service provider is delivering the service they promised, save internet speed test result permanently with result history, and share test results with friends easily. It also has a data usage manager that helps to monitor mobile data usage, and a SpeedSmart account that allows users to log in to all their devices to keep result history in one place.

This app is fast and reliable, and can be used to test download and upload speed, and latency (ping & jitter). It can be used for cellular connections (5G, 4G, LTE) and wifi hotspots. This app is 5G ready with servers capable of 10 Gbps.

In summary, the SpeedSmart Speed Test app is a useful tool for testing internet speed and network performance.

4. Slow motion video FX: fast & slow mo editor

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The Slow Motion Video FX app is a post-processing editor that allows users to edit their videos and adjust the speed. The app offers two types of editing processes: the simple process where the entire video is slowed down or sped up, and the advanced process where special time points can be added to change the speed of the video at different intervals. Users can choose the speed of the output movie and can select from a variety of ideas such as recording pets, sport activities, or falling objects to create funny slow-motion videos.

The app allows users to choose videos from their gallery or record new ones and add points to the timeline to adjust the speed. Moving the point up adds speed to the movie, while moving it down makes the video slower. The app also allows users to add video filters, sound, and music to their movie. The slow-motion maker can create many points with different speeds in one movie, and the speed changes smoothly. Users can choose the time interval in the simple mode and select slow-motion speed up to 1/5x or fast motion up to 5x. The app also allows users to upload their output video to social media platforms such as Youtube or Instagram.

5. Phone Booster – Phone Cleaner

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The phone speed booster is a mobile application that offers a variety of features to help users improve the performance of their Android phone. One of the main benefits of this app is the ability to hibernate running apps that the user chooses, which can help speed up the phone and reduce its temperature. Additionally, the app provides a tool to clean junk files from the phone, which can help free up storage space and improve overall performance. Lastly, the app includes an app manager feature that allows users to backup, uninstall, or remove android Package files that are installed.

Some of the key features of the phone speed booster include an app manager, phone speed booster, and junk cleaner. With the app manager feature, users can backup or uninstall any app of their choosing, as well as remove android Package files that are installed. The phone speed booster feature allows users to boost their device’s performance by cleaning unnecessary processes that are running. This feature also helps reduce the phone’s temperature and CPU usage by stopping running apps with the memory cleaner. Lastly, the junk cleaner feature efficiently cleans up junk files, including memory cache, RAM, ads files, and other junk files to free up storage space and improve the phone’s performance.

The phone speed booster is designed to be easy to use, allowing users to boost their phone’s speed and clean up junk with just a few steps. The app is also lightweight, making it easy to install and run on most Android devices.

6. Speed Booster for Android 🚀

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Speed Booster for Android is a free app that aims to improve the browsing experience of Android devices by locking other working applications such as Chrome, Facebook, or Amazon in one click. With a package size of only 108K, the app claims to be the lightest clean and boost app. The app also features a simple and intuitive user interface and can optimize and speed up the Android device in one tap, improving performance and saving battery life.

The app offers a 3 in 1 feature set that includes Memory Cleaner, Speed Booster, and Battery Saver. The Memory Cleaner cleans up the memory (RAM) of the Android device to leave more space for apps and games. The Speed Booster improves the performance of the device and helps to get rid of freezes and lugs. The Battery Saver stops all other working apps, such as Chrome, Facebook, or Amazon that consume battery power and extends the battery life in just one tap.

Speed Booster for Android is developed by the Dolphin Browser Team and can be used as an exclusive add-on for Dolphin Browser, which has over 150 million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide. The browser offers unique features such as adblock, incognito browsing, flash player, fast download, sync, gesture, and Sonar. The app also offers add-ons such as Dolphin Video Player, Web to PDF, and Dolphin Translate.

Those interested in the app can contact the Dolphin Browser Team at support@

7. Speed Booster – Faster Phone

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Speed Booster is a mobile application designed to enhance the performance of phone or tablet devices by optimizing their overall speed. Whenever a device’s speed slows down, the app can be launched to accelerate it. The process of speed improvement involves eliminating background processes, clearing the cache, and releasing memory. Additionally, browser data such as search history, cookies, temporary files, and its cache are cleared to further improve speed. Users are appreciated for their patronage of the app.

8. Speed Booster & Super Cleaner

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The Phone Speed Booster and Cleaner app is designed to optimize the performance of Android devices by cleaning junk files, optimizing cache memory space, and boosting RAM. It is one of the fastest clean apps available and serves as a phone speed booster and game booster.

The app’s main features include a Junk Files Clean feature that quickly identifies unnecessary data and deletes cache and residual files to free up storage space, a Phone Speed Boost feature that kills unnecessary processes to speed up the device, an App Lock feature that locks private apps, a CPU Cooler feature that cools down the device’s temperature by closing overheating apps, an Apps Manager feature that helps users uninstall unwanted apps, and a System Monitor feature that tracks CPU usage, RAM, internal storage space, battery levels, and temperature.

The app includes a Junk Cleaner that is both lite and powerful, a feature that boosts up the speed for Android phones, a CPU cooler that helps to temper overheating issues, and an App Manager that can uninstall unwanted apps and manage APKs. The app also provides a shortcut feature that enables users to quickly clean their phones by simply clicking on the android cleaner shortcut on their home screens.

Users have reported that the app makes their phones faster by optimizing their CPU, memory, and storage space. The app is available for download, and users can contact the developers if their device is not supported.

9. Speed Booster – Phone Boost & Junk, Cache Cleaner

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Super Speed Boost Master is a speed booster app that aims to optimize the performance of Android phones with just a single tap. The app’s features include CPU performance optimization, Junk File Cleaner, RAM Booster, Battery Booster, and Game Speed Booster. It can accelerate web browsing speed, improve gaming experience, extend battery life, clean cache, and remove junk files.

The app’s Speed Booster feature frees up memory, speeds up the phone, and saves battery power. It automatically boosts the performance of games and apps. The Memory Cleaner feature cleans up cache and junk files that take up memory and storage space, which helps to optimize the speed and performance of the phone.

The CPU Cooler feature continuously monitors temperature changes, detects applications that consume high CPUs, and initiates the cooling process to reduce handset temperature. Memory boost cools Android devices as quickly as possible. The Battery Saver feature optimizes battery usage, reduces charging time, and minimizes power consumption. It helps to extend the life of the battery charger and reduces the need for frequent charging.

The App Manager feature allows users to easily delete old and unused apps and identify apps with irregular activity. The Speed Booster feature optimizes and accelerates Android phones with just one touch. It can also scan the cache and junk files in the phone and clean them up to speed up the phone’s processing. The app is easy to use, and users can tap the boost button to speed up their phone and keep it clean and fast.