8 Best App For Sg Buses Android

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Download the Best App For Sg Buses Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPublic transportation is a crucial aspect of modern urban living. Singapore, being a bustling city-state with its fair share of vehicular traffic, has a well-developed public transportation system. A significant portion of Singapore’s population heavily relies on buses as a mode of transportation.

As a result, several apps have been developed to aid commuters in navigating the bus system. These apps, designed for both iOS and Android, offer a range of features such as bus schedules, real-time arrival information, and route planning.

Among the various apps available for Singaporean bus commuters, one stands out as the best. This app offers an intuitive user interface, reliable real-time information, and a multitude of features that make it an essential tool for daily bus travels around the city-state.

In this article, we will review this app, highlighting its features, benefits, and how it stands out from the competition. We will also provide step-by-step guidance on how to download and use it.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best App For Sg Buses Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best App For Sg Buses Android

1. Citymapper: Transport Navigation

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Citymapper is a journey planner app designed for commuters in urban areas. It suggests the best route by combining all available transport modes, including bus, MRT, LRT, train, ferry, taxi, walk, and cycle. It provides real-time data, including live bus and train times. The app has won various awards, including the LTA Partner App and the Google Play Best of 2016.

Citymapper’s journey planner is the app’s standout feature. It allows users to find the best route by combining all available transport modes. It also provides real-time data, including live bus and train times, to ensure that users don’t miss their ride. Users can personalize the app by saving bus stops, train lines, and bus routes for quick access. The app also provides daily updates on users’ commutes and alerts for disruptions, delays, and strikes.

Citymapper has social features that allow users to share their live trip with friends and family. It also provides information on the best carriage to board an MRT and the correct exit to take from an MRT or LRT station. The app works with Android Wear and provides full step-by-step instructions for journeys in real-time.

The app currently covers cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, New York, and Barcelona, among others.

2. SG Buses

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SG Buses is a mobile application available for Android users in Singapore that serves as a bus guide with an estimated arrival time feature. Its features include the ability to load the arrival time of SBS and SMRT buses, display nearby bus stops, and show bus routes and stops on a map. The app also allows users to search for buses, roads, bus stops, and bus stop numbers, and bookmark buses and bus stops for easy reference.

Furthermore, SG Buses is a free mobile application that is supported by advertisements. For reporting any issues or bugs, users can contact the developer through their Twitter account at twitter.com/honcheng.

3. SG BusLeh: Award Winning

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SG BusLeh is a bus arrival app for both SBS and SMRT bus arrival timing that provides additional features such as SMRT train arrival timing as well as NTU & NUS internal shuttle bus timing. The app was awarded LTA’s Land Transport Excellence Awards 2016 – Most Innovative Solution. The app allows users to check their EZ-Link Card balance and presents SBS and SMRT bus capacity as simple bars. It also offers a magical unified search feature and allows users to add bus stops to their favorites. Additional features include bus routes, bus intervals, and notifications. The app is optimized for speed and is available on Android Wear for paid users.

Users must agree to the terms and conditions stated at the bottom of the app description upon downloading or using the app. The app permissions system on Android is flawed, and requesting permission within any permission group can lead to Android displaying a warning for the entire permission group.

While the app is free for personal use, the developers are not liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the app. All bus arrival estimates are provided as-is by Land Transport Authority, cached on the app’s servers, and served to users. The developers make no guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of bus arrival estimates.

4. MyTransport.SG

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The MyTransport.SG mobile app has undergone an update, providing users with valuable travelling information and new features to assist them in navigating Singapore. The app offers several new features, including personalization, my notifications, near you, and a multi-modal journey planner. Personalization allows users to quickly access frequently used bus services and traffic information. My notifications enable users to manage push notifications for MRT or Road alerts that are of interest to them. Near You provides users with information on nearby bus services, MRT stations, and traffic information in the immediate vicinity. Finally, the multi-modal journey planner allows users to plan their journey using different transport options based on their travel needs.

It is essential to note that the MyTransport.SG mobile app is a Singapore Government service. However, the app comes with a disclaimer that continued use of GPS in the background could decrease battery life.

5. bus@sg for Android

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Bus@sg is a mobile application that offers real-time bus arrival predictions for SBS and SMRT bus routes in Singapore. Users can add bus stops to their favourites list for easy access, and enable auto-loading for individual bus routes at a favourite stop. The app also provides a list of nearby bus stops sorted by distance from the user’s current location. A full-size map of all bus stops is available, and users can search for a specific stop by its name, id, or road name. Additionally, the app includes a list of all bus routes in Singapore, as well as full route schedules that include first and last bus times and frequency. It is important to note that all real-time bus arrival data, bus routes data, and bus schedules data belong to the operators of those bus routes and not to bus@sg. Users can send feedback to the app’s support team via email.

6. SG Bus / MRT Tracker

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The app’s new feature allows it to function as a background service, ensuring constant accessibility to bus arrival status through the Android notification bar, even if the app is closed.

The app offers a range of features to maximize convenience and accessibility. Its Next coming bus feature predicts the next possible bus based on the user’s current location, and provides a map with nearby bus stop locations. Clicking on a specific stop allows users to explore all bus routes via the stop.

The Nearby Stops feature provides a list of all nearby bus stops, sorted by distance from the current location. Clicking on a specific stop displays all bus routes via the stop, along with the stop sequence and their estimated arrival times. Additionally, users can explore nearby points of interest (POI), such as food, restaurants, attractions, and other store information, by clicking on a specific stop.

The app’s Bus Routes/MRT (LRT) Information feature allows users to search for specific bus information using route#, stop#, or partial stop name. It also includes frequently used bus routes for quick selection.

Users can plan their direction using the Direction Planning feature, which provides suggested traffic routes (walk, take bus, MRT, train, etc.) between the desired departure and destination location. The route map indicates the traffic types to be used, and users can use speech recognition to speed up route planning.

7. SG Buses: Timing & Routes

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SG Buses is an app that provides useful information about bus timings in Singapore. The app offers several key features that can be beneficial for users. These features include the ability to query the bus service time at a particular bus stop, search for nearby bus stops and display them on a map, and browse all bus stops on the map.

Additionally, users can also browse all the bus service routes in Singapore and view a bus service route on the map with all the bus stops along the route. The app also allows users to add a bus service to their favorites or bookmarks and set reminders for the bus service. Users can also backup their data to Google Drive Cloud.

Overall, SG Buses can be a useful tool for those who rely on public transportation in Singapore. The app provides a simple and efficient way to access essential information about bus timings and routes.

8. SG Bus Timing

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The SG Bus Timing App is designed to provide Singapore commuters with accurate bus arrival times for SBS, SMRT, Tower Transit, and Go-Ahead Singapore buses. The app offers several features, including real-time bus tracking, up to three bus timings, information on bus occupancy levels, and a search function allowing users to access bus numbers, road names, and building names. Additionally, users can add frequently used bus stops to their Favourites list for easy access.

The Bus Arrival Timing App stands out from other similar apps due to its live bus tracking feature, which provides users with the bus’s exact location on a map. The app also allows users to view up to three bus timings, enabling them to better plan their journeys. Moreover, the app’s occupancy level feature lets users know if the bus is crowded before they board, making their commutes safer and more comfortable.

Users can easily search for bus numbers, road names, building names, and bus stop IDs using the app’s search function. Furthermore, they can add frequently used bus stops to their Favourites list by tapping the star icon while viewing a bus stop’s timings.

It is important to note that the app’s bus timing data comes from the Land Transport Authority and may not always be accurate. Users are advised to use the app at their own risk. The developer has no control over the data’s accuracy.