7 Best App For Level Meter Android

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Download the Best App For Level Meter Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA level meter is a device that is used to display the level of a surface or object relative to a reference plane. It is commonly used in construction, engineering, and other industries where accurate measurements are crucial. With the prevalence of smartphones, level meter apps have become popular for their convenience and portability. However, not all level meter apps are created equal. In this article, we will highlight the best app for level meter for android devices based on its accuracy, usability, and additional features.

Accurate measurement is the primary purpose of a level meter app. The app should be able to provide precise readings in different orientations, angles, and lighting conditions. An app that can compensate for the device’s tilt sensor error and calibration can enhance its accuracy. Moreover, an app that uses visual and audio feedback to indicate the levelness of the object can be useful, especially in noisy environments or when the user needs to multitask.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best App For Level Meter Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best App For Level Meter Android

1. Bubble Level

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A spirit level, also known as a bubble level or level, is a tool used by carpenters, bricklayers, and stonemasons to determine if a surface is vertically or horizontally aligned. The Bubble Level app is a simple, accurate, and useful tool designed for Android devices. It features three indicators that allow users to check the level or plumb of any surface using any side of their phone. The Bubble Level app also functions as a clinometer, measuring angles of slope or tilt. It displays the slope direction and value of any surface, as well as the inclination in degrees, percent, roof pitch, or inches per foot.

The Bubble Level app has several main characteristics that make it a useful tool. It allows users to measure angles using any of the four sides of their phone. It displays the slope direction and value of any surface, as well as the angle in degrees, inclination in percent, roof pitch, or inches per foot. It also has sound effects that enable users to measure without looking at their phone. The app offers relative and absolute calibration, as well as cumulative calibration that averages multiple consecutive calibration values.

When calibrating the Bubble Level app, users can calibrate each side of their device independently. When used in landing mode, it is best to calibrate the device using two samples: a first one and then a second one after rotating the phone by 180 degrees.

The Bubble Level app can be used in a variety of everyday situations.

2. Perfect Level (Bubble & Laser)

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The Best Level application is a precise and reliable tool that has been tested on numerous devices. It functions the same as its physical equivalent, allowing users to easily check if a measured surface is flat. The app also includes calibration options and a bull’s eye level that measures the level simultaneously in two dimensions. If the measured surface is flat, the ball shown on the screen will become red, but if it is unlevel, the ball will remain gray and situated outside the center of the viewfinder.

Additionally, the app contains a laser leveling/laser pointer that utilizes built-in sensors, the camera, and extended/augmented reality to help users determine the vertical and horizontal levels around them. It can be used to measure the elevation, roof, shelf, or any inclination, utilizing the accelerometer to help test almost any object for plumb/level.

The Best Level application is a useful tool for carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, surveyors, metalworkers, and anyone else in need of measuring angles of slope, elevation, or inclination of an object with respect to gravity. It is also known as an inclinometer or clinometer, and various other names such as gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge, level meter, declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.

3. Bubble Level Galaxy

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Bubble level Galaxy, also known as a spirit level, is a mobile application that has been developed with the aim of checking whether a surface is level or plumb. This app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing clear and concise readings.

The developer of the app claims to have placed a great deal of effort into ensuring that the bubble level Galaxy is a powerful and aesthetically pleasing application. It is hoped that users will find this product to be a valuable tool for their leveling needs.

4. Precise Level

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The Spirit Level is a tool that features horizontal and vertical angle gauges, as well as a bull eye level that displays surface inclination. It is commonly known as a Bubble level and is ideal for measuring tilt and leveling surfaces.

One of the key features of the Spirit Level is its Calibration function. This allows for increased precision by compensating for any curvatures on the device, such as protruding camera lenses or buttons. The user can calibrate one flat surface and one edge, with the selected edge being displayed on the bottom-right button.

Another useful feature is the Save function, which allows users to save the bubble level gauges in a notebook and give them a name for future reference. The Board option allows users to read the saved bubble level gauges.

The Calibration Time function is also available, which allows users to extend the time of calculating results from the sensor, resulting in more stable spirit level results. Devices with good accelerometers may not require this function.

For extreme cases, engineers can use the Secondary Calibration option. This is helpful if a different edge or surface needs to be used, such as when working with ceilings. Users can toggle between calibrations for different surfaces as needed.

Overall, the precision of the Spirit Level tool depends on the quality of the accelerometer and proper calibration.

5. Level Tool App

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The app is designed to utilize the camera on a smartphone to measure the angle of any surface. Upon opening the app, users can calibrate the surface they wish to level by using the onscreen lasers. Measurements can be taken and shared with others, and the lasers can be easily recalibrated with the touch of a button.

The app offers several leveling options, including a 3 in 1 bubble level, a clinometer for measuring the angles of sloped lines, and the option to use the phone as a traditional level by laying it on a surface or on its side. In addition, the app includes a built-in compass with a bubble level, providing users with the ability to check their heading and level simultaneously.

Overall, this app offers a convenient and accurate way for users to measure the angle of any surface using their smartphone’s camera. Its various leveling options and ease of use make it a useful tool for both personal and professional applications.

6. Spirit Level

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The Spirit Level is a free, ad-free mobile application that does not require any permissions to use. This app provides a bulls eye level with roll and pitch gauges on the screen and a horizontal and vertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. It also includes a calibration feature to correct for accelerometer misalignment and different axis sensitivities, which can be accessed by touching the CAL button.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that users calibrate the app first. The accuracy of the Spirit Level is based on the accuracy of the device’s accelerometer, which is indicated for reference purposes only. Users are advised not to use the app in situations that may cause damage to their device and to opt for a real spirit level when appropriate.

Additional features of the app include a pause button to hold the current reading, a zero and reset button to make measuring angles easier, and an option to automatically select the screen based on inclination. Overall, the Spirit Level is a practical tool that can benefit users who require a free and easy-to-use spirit level application.

7. Sound Meter

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The Sound Level Meter (SPL) app is a tool that measures environmental noise and displays the resulting decibel (dB) values in various forms. The app features a tidy graphic design with a high frame rate for a smooth user experience.

Among its features, the app can indicate decibel levels using a gauge, display the current noise reference, and exhibit minimum/average/maximum decibel values. It also displays decibel levels using a graph line and shows the elapsed time of the decibel measurement. Additionally, the app can calibrate decibel values for each device.

It is important to note that the microphones in most Android devices are aligned to the human voice, and the maximum decibel values are limited by the device itself. As a result, very loud sounds (over approximately 90 dB) may not be recognized by most devices. Therefore, the app should be used only as an auxiliary tool. For more accurate dB values, actual sound level meters are recommended.