8 Best App For Auto Mute Android

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Download the Best App For Auto Mute Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced world, mobile devices have become an essential tool for communication and entertainment. However, there are times when we need to mute our devices, such as during meetings, classes or even while sleeping. This is where the auto mute feature comes in handy. An auto mute app for Android can automatically silence your device based on pre-set conditions, making it a useful tool for maintaining a peaceful environment. In this article, we will explore the best app for auto mute Android and its features.

Auto mute apps for Android come with a variety of features, such as scheduling, location-based muting, and the ability to customize sound profiles. These features can help you keep your device silent during specific times or in designated locations. Additionally, auto mute apps can also help conserve battery life by reducing unnecessary sound notifications.

Finding the best auto mute app for Android can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available in the Google Play Store.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best App For Auto Mute Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best App For Auto Mute Android

1. Escalating Ringtone: Automatic volume increase

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Escalating Ringtone is a feature that gradually increases the volume of incoming calls, similar to what was present in older mobile phones. It offers customizable settings to ensure that the volume is just right. Escalating Ringtone eliminates the need to manually adjust the volume before every call. Moreover, it is designed to start at a low volume and gradually increase to avoid loud and embarrassing ringtone situations.

Setting up Escalating Ringtone is hassle-free, and the feature is easy to customize. Furthermore, users can simulate their settings to test them instantly. The feature allows users to set the start and end volume levels, and it respects silent and vibrate modes. Additionally, Escalating Ringtone vibrates before turning on the volume, alerting users of incoming calls.

2. IFTTT – automation & workflow

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IFTTT is a platform that allows users to connect and automate their favorite apps and devices through a simple no-code interface. With over 700 popular services to choose from, users can automate practically everything in their lives. Pre-built automations are readily available, but users can also create their own custom workflows that involve multiple services and conditional logic.

IFTTT presents various integration and automation ideas to get users started, such as controlling every aspect of their smart home with Google Assistant, using location to trigger their Hue lights and Spotify playlist, preparing for bad weather with custom Weather Underground notifications, and staying safe with home security alerts. Users can also streamline their social media presence by cross-posting to multiple platforms and integrate services not yet on IFTTT using Webhooks.

The platform offers 25 of the most popular apps, spanning health, productivity, smart home, and social media, including Alexa, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Slack, Spotify, and YouTube. Users can discover automations for their home, office, car, staying informed on news and politics, Android devices, and exploring outer space.

For more information, users can visit the IFTTT website, get help through their support platform, or build on the IFTTT platform.

3. Polite – Automatically Silence Your Phone

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Polite is a mobile application that automatically places your phone in silent or vibrate mode at specific times to avoid interruptions. Users can set up weekly schedules or use keywords to identify events in their calendar app to trigger the silent mode. Polite also offers the option to match busy events only. The app is free, open source, and does not include any ads. Users can provide feedback by emailing the developer at politebycam@gmail.com, and contribute to the app’s development via the Polite GitHub page.

4. Mute Pro (Auto Silent Ringer)

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The Mute Pro application provides users with the ability to program their phones to automatically enter silent or vibrate mode during specific times or at certain locations. This can be particularly useful for individuals who have regular meetings or appointments that require their phone to be silenced. The app allows users to either manually input these times or import them from their calendar events. Additionally, the app can mute the phone’s ringer for a period of time, restoring it to normal volume once the designated time has passed.

Mute Pro offers a variety of scheduling options for users to choose from, including one-time, daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, and yearly events, all of which can be set to any timezone. Users can also set their phone to silent mode when they enter specific locations, such as a concert hall or movie theater, and have the ringer automatically restored once they leave. The app provides a useful tool for those looking to avoid disruptive phone rings during important events or meetings.

5. SureMute (Auto Mute Ringer)

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SureMute is an Android application that allows users to mute their phone’s ringer at specific times according to their schedule. This feature ensures that both the user and others are not disturbed by phone rings during those times. Once the event ends, the phone ringer will revert back to normal volume. The application allows users to manually enter mute times or import them from events/appointments in their calendar.

In addition to muting the phone ringer at specific times, users can also use SureMute to mute their phone’s ringer right away for a period of time. The phone ringer will be restored to normal volume afterwards. This feature is useful when users need to mute their phone’s ringer right away but only for a short duration so they will not miss calls after that time has passed.

The key features of SureMute include muting the phone ringer right away for a period of time, muting the phone ringer at specific times, and support for various types of events (i.e. one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). The application supports all timezones and is timezone cognizant.

Users are encouraged to rate and review the application after using it.

6. Auto Mute

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Auto Mute is an open source application designed to mute or unmute media volume automatically based on the type of audio being played. The app features configuration options that allow users to set automatic unmute or media volume control display when media audio, music, assistant, or game audio begins to play. Additionally, it can automatically mute audio when it stops playing. Users can access the project page for Auto Mute on Github at https://github.com/sommd/auto-mute.

7. Media-Mute

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When the silent mode, priority mode, or vibration mode settings are enabled on an Android device (version 4.x or higher), apps can still produce sound through the music audio stream. This means that music or video apps and games can continue to play audio, even though the device should be silenced.

To address this issue, the Media-Mute app was developed. This app automatically detects when the device has been set to silent/priority/vibration mode and sets the volume of the music audio stream to 0. This effectively mutes even media apps and most games. When the device is taken out of silent/priority/vibration mode, the app restores the previous volume settings. Users can also increase the volume while a video is playing, by using the hardware volume buttons to override the set volume.

While the newer do not disturb mode introduced in Android 6.0+ is more effective, apps can still produce sound when the device is set to vibration mode rather than the all-blocking DND mode.

The Media-Mute app is open source, and the code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/j4velin/Media-Priority-Mode.

8. Auto Mute: Mute annonying ads

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Auto Mute is a third-party application designed to eliminate frustrating ads and enable uninterrupted music listening on Spotify. The tool accurately determines the timing of ads and mutes them accordingly, without requiring any special permissions to work.

To start using Auto Mute, users must have Spotify installed and enable device broadcast status in Spotify settings. The app also offers media controls and day/night mode, and provides live updates in notifications and an ad counter.

Auto Mute does not support Spotify Lite or video ads, and is not affiliated with Spotify AB. The developer welcomes feedback at contactbaymax1@gmail.com and requests that any trademark or copyright violations be reported. Icons used in the app are sourced from Freepik.com.