7 Best Android Tabla App

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Download the Best Android Tabla App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMobile technology has made it possible for people to access diverse sources of entertainment and education on-the-go. For music enthusiasts, the digital world offers numerous options to learn and play musical instruments. With the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices, it has become easier than ever to carry a music studio in your pocket. Among the various musical instruments that enthusiasts are keen to learn, the tabla holds a special place. This Indian percussion instrument has a unique sound and rhythm that makes it a popular choice among learners and musicians alike.

The popularity of the tabla has led to the development of numerous mobile applications aimed at aiding learners in their quest to master this instrument. These applications serve as virtual tutors, providing learners with lessons, exercises, and feedback on their progress. With such a vast array of choices available on app stores, it can be challenging to identify the best android tabla app that meets your needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android Tabla App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android Tabla App

1. Tanpura Droid

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Tanpura Droid is a software application designed to emulate the Tanpura, a traditional Indian music instrument that produces a constant drone sound during musical performances. The software provides realistic sound effects that imitate the original instrument.

The application is suitable for individuals who practice Indian classical music and those who desire a meditative and calming background sound. The software is available as a free app and can be downloaded on compatible devices.

Overall, Tanpura Droid is a useful tool for individuals interested in traditional Indian music or seeking a relaxing and soothing background sound.

2. Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura

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Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura is a user-friendly app designed for singers, composers, and dancers to practice and improve their skills anytime and anywhere. The app provides the taste of Indian classical music with its manual tabla and tanpura beats that add a unique flavor to the overall experience.

The app includes several features, such as a karaoke-style beat counter that highlights the tabla bols to assist learners and enthusiasts. The vibration with every beat contributes to the sense of rhythm while singing. Additionally, the app indicates the current beat progress, enabling users to understand the timing of the next beat, especially when the tempo is low.

The tabla section allows users to control the tempo between 10-720, volume, pitch, bayan scale, and Sam identification with adjustable bell volume. Similarly, the tanpura section enables users to control the tempo between 40-150, pitch, and volume. Users can also choose between North Indian (5 beat) or Carnatic Style (6 beat). The swarmandal provides 115+ raags, Aroha and Avaroha, tempo control between 60-720, pitch fine tuner, and control volume. Users can customize the playback repeatation timing.

3. Tabla Studio – Tabla App with Tanpura & Swarmandal

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Tabla Studio is an Android app that provides users with real tabla and tanpura sounds. It is suitable for both professional Indian Classical Music musicians and hobbyists alike. The app also includes a metronome and swarmandal raags. Users can create their own music using the tabla rhythms and tanpura drone provided. The app features a mixing panel that enables the user to listen to real tabla loops on the go. Users can practice their harmonium or singing skills using the professional recorded tabla and tanpura. The app is suitable for all musical instruments and genres, whether it be harmonium, sarangi, bansuri, or vocal.

The app features live recorded tabla loops, an extensive range of swarmandal, and a wide range of scales and rhythms, unlocking an impressive library of taals and genres. The user can use the tempo changer to select the desired metronome or tabla beat. The app includes a tuner that enables the user to tune their instrument meticulously, such as sitar or sarod, to the exact pitch. The intuitive display counter ensures that the user never misses a beat. The app can be used to play the android device like a real tabla, tanpura, or swarmandal instrument.

4. SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura

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SurSadhak is a free and user-friendly app that enables users to practice Indian Classical music with a variety of built-in instruments such as Tabla, Tanpura, Sur Peti, Swar Mandal, and Manjira. It allows users to do their daily practice or riyaaz by playing percussion instruments offline. The app offers several features such as composing, recording, adding tracks, creating songs, listening, and sharing music.

To use SurSadhak, users need to select the musical instrument(s) of their choice, and the app provides the instruments to play and practice at their convenience. The Tabla feature of SurSadhak offers a real Tabla experience and allows beginners as well as maestros to practice with this percussion instrument. Users can select from a list of 22 Taals, and also adjust the scales and pitch using the Tuner section. The Taal list ranges from 4 beats to 19 beats, such as Pauri, Dadra, Pashto, Rupak, Teevra, Keherva, Bhajani, and others.

The Tanpura feature comes with three Swar, namely Pa, Ma, and Ni. Users can easily adjust the scales and volume control, and also regulate the volume control for other Indian musical instruments like Sur-Peti, Swar-Mandal, and Manjira.

5. Tabla Taal

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This is a tabla application that is designed to offer a natural and seamless experience for users on the Android platform. It is particularly useful for riyaaz and provides all the commonly needed taals. The sound quality is optimized for practice sessions when used with headphones or external speakers, making it appropriate for vocal, instrumental, and dance practice.

The current version of the application supports a range of different taals, including Teentaal, Ektaal, Jhaptaal, Dadra, Rupak, Keherwa, Bhajan, Deepchandi, Aamirtaal, Choutaal, Saraswati taal, Mani taal, and Vilambit Ektaal. The developers intend to add more taals in subsequent versions to improve the user experience when using the application.

Users have the option to adjust the tempo and pitch for all the taals supported by the application. For any queries, complaints, or suggestions, users can contact the developers via email at sumeetdhariwal@gmail.com.

If users enjoy using the application, they are encouraged to leave a review and rating.

6. Tabla: India’s Mystical Drums

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Experience true Indian percussion with the TABLA app, a free and user-friendly tool that transforms your phone or tablet screen into a simulation of the famous Hindu percussion instrument. The TABLA consists of a pair of drums, the DAYA and BAYA, which are widely used in Indian devotional and meditative music.

The app is simple to use, and all you need to do is tap on the drum pads to enjoy instant playback. If you want to learn, TABLA offers ten video tutorials and 25 loops in various styles to jam along with.

With 12 pads, studio-quality audio, 10 rhythm samples with tutorials, 9 loop styles to jam along with, and a recording mode, the TABLA app offers a comprehensive package for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs, or beginners. The app works with all screen resolutions, and you can export your recordings to MP3.

One of the best things about TABLA is that it’s perfect for practising without taking up too much space, so you won’t be bugging your neighbours. The app is free, but you can purchase a license to remove ads.

Overall, the TABLA app is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fun, free, and comprehensive tool to learn and play Indian percussion.

7. Tabla – Classical Indian Drums

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Tabla – Real Sounds is a percussion instrument app that allows users to learn and practice Indian Classical music. The app features real tabla sounds and provides various tabla configurations for both drums (Syahi). Users can practice anywhere and anytime, improving their sense of music and identifying beats. The app supports various strokes and taals, allowing for customization and improving music skills. Users can download additional apps for a deeper understanding of various Ragas and Alankars.

The app’s features include realistic graphics of tabla drums for visual feedback, real recorded sounds of tabla strokes, audio recording in high or low quality, sound effects for mixing with playback, loops for practicing in a concert-like setting, and video lessons for beginner to intermediate tabla players. Users can configure the Syahi on both heads and follow the Caesium Studio on various social media platforms.