7 Best Android Permission Manager App

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Download the Best Android Permission Manager App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonManaging app permissions on Android can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of apps installed on your device. While app permissions are designed to protect your privacy and security, some apps may request more permissions than they actually need, which can put your sensitive data at risk. To help you take control of your app permissions, there are various Android permission manager apps available on the market that allow you to manage, monitor, and control app permissions on your device. In this article, we will explore some of the best Android permission manager apps that can help you protect your privacy and security.

The first Android permission manager app on our list is designed to offer users a comprehensive solution for managing app permissions. This app allows you to view which apps have access to your sensitive information, such as your location, contacts, and messages, and gives you the ability to revoke permissions that you no longer wish to grant.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android Permission Manager App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android Permission Manager App

1. Permission Manager X

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Permission Manager X (PMX) is an Android app that allows users to view, grant, or revoke manifest permissions and AppOps permissions on a single screen. Manifest permissions refer to permissions such as storage, camera, and more, while AppOps permissions offer a fine-grained control over various permissions, such as background execution, vibration, clipboard access, and more. PMX allows users to set their desired reference value for every changeable permission.

PMX provides a solution for users who need to review all installed apps for granted permissions and revoke unnecessary ones after reinstalling an app or changing their device. Users can set reference states of permissions, which can be quickly backed up and restored. Colored bars on the left make it easy to review packages and permissions at a glance. PMX answers questions related to manifest permissions, AppOps, and permission references.

PMX allows users to control which apps can run in the background, keep the device awake, know the user’s location, send SMS and make calls, read contacts and logs, access accounts, make sounds and vibrations, use the camera and microphone, access files, read and write to clipboard, and install other apps, among other controls.

PMX offers paid features such as sorting apps and permissions by different parameters, scheduled checks to notify bad reference states, auto revoking granted permissions with RED states, and more. Permission Watcher removes permissions as soon as the user stops using an app.

2. Shizuku

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The Shizuku app is a tool that provides root access to Android devices. It can be downloaded and installed using the user guide available at https://shizuku.rikka.app/guide/setup.html. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the app on your device.

For developers interested in the app’s source code and developer guide, it can be found at https://github.com/RikkaApps/Shizuku. This resource provides more in-depth information about the app’s development and functionality.

It’s worth noting that the app requires a rooted device to work correctly. Additionally, the app comes with a disclaimer that states it shouldn’t be used for malicious purposes. Users should be aware of their device’s security settings and use the app at their own risk.

3. AVG AntiVirus – Mobile Security & Privacy

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AVG AntiVirus FREE 2022 – Mobile Security for Android is a mobile security app designed to protect Android devices from viruses and malware. The app includes various features such as App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, Hack Alerts, Malware security, and App Permissions advisor to keep personal data safe. Over 100,000,000 people have installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps, and users can join them to enjoy a variety of benefits.

The app has a range of features that enable users to scan apps, games, settings, and files in real-time, boost speed by killing tasks that slow down the device, clean unnecessary files to free up space, lock sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint, locate lost phones via Google Maps, hide private photos in an encrypted Vault, and stay anonymous with VPN. Users can also scan Wi-Fi networks for potential threats, check Wi-Fi download and upload speed, receive alerts if passwords have been leaked, and gain insight into installed app permission levels.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2022 for Android offers effective virus and malware protection, phone locator, task killer, app lock, Wi-Fi Scanner, and photo vault features to help protect privacy and online identity. The app includes various features such as antivirus scan, website scan, Wi-Fi Scanner, and hack alerts to offer protection against harmful threats.

4. Permission Manager

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Permission Manager is an application that can assist users in tracking and managing app permissions effectively. Its features include the ability to display a list of dangerous permissions requested by each app, granting or denying app permissions for individual applications, displaying granted permissions when an application is opened, and quick access to special permissions.

Users who encounter any issues while using the application are encouraged to provide feedback. The developers of Permission Manager will review and update the app accordingly to address any concerns.

For further inquiries or assistance, users may contact the developers of Permission Manager via email at risebrice@gmail.com.

5. App Permission Manager

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The App Permission Manager is a mobile application that allows users to view and manage the permissions used by all installed apps on their device. This app provides the ability to revoke permissions with just one tap.

To perform the revocation, this app utilizes the Accessibility Service function. Additionally, users receive notifications of the risks associated with newly installed apps.

The app’s features include the ability to check and allow/revoke permissions for installed apps, special permissions for apps, system apps permissions, and group permissions. These features are available for Android Version 6.0 and above.

The app lists installed apps by their severity, categorizing them as High Risk, Medium Risk, or Low Risk. When selecting an app, users can view all permissions used by it. If a user wishes to remove a risky permission, they can simply turn off the relevant button and click on the Apply Changes button. If an app is using background services, users can stop it by clicking on the Force Stop button. If a user chooses to keep an app with known risk, they can click on the Keep button.

The developers of this app welcome feedback from users to improve its performance and features.

6. aSpotCat – Permission Checker

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aSpotCat is an Android app that lists installed apps by permission, allowing users to identify and uninstall potentially malicious apps. The app is designed to manage permissions on Android devices and can assist in identifying apps that use services, such as SMS, that may incur additional costs. It can also help users identify apps that use GPS and consume additional battery power.

aSpotCat does not use any notification ads and offers a no-ads version. However, the app does require certain permissions, including Internet, View network status, Market billing, and Read/Write external storage. These permissions are necessary for various functionalities of the app, such as purchasing the no-ads license and reading/writing the app log to SD.

aSpotCat has been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner due to its innovative design and advanced technology. The app is available in multiple languages, including French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. The developers are also open to assistance with translation into other languages.

7. Revo App Permission Manager

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Revo App Permission Manager is a smartphone app designed to manage permissions used by background applications. The app offers a free version with features such as an app search bar, detailed descriptions of permission privileges, and a permission viewer. The app also lists installed apps according to their risk priority and allows users to easily remove risky permissions. The pro version offers more control over permissions by allowing users access to risky permissions such as Bluetooth devices, location, and audio settings.

The app is designed to protect user privacy and security by informing users about the permissions their apps are using. Android apps must request permission to access sensitive user data and system features. The system might grant permission automatically, or it might prompt the user to approve the request. Revo App Permission Manager ensures that users are aware of the permissions being granted to their apps.

Revo App Permission Manager is essential for Android users who want to be aware of the permissions their apps are using. Some applications may enable sensitive permissions, such as camera, microphone, and location, without the user’s consent. The app guarantees privacy and helps users control which apps have access to their sensitive information.

The app provides systemized information about the permissions of each individual application. Users can easily search for a specific app or view all apps through risk categories to find the desired app. By selecting the app, the user can view all information about the permissions the app is currently using and stop them as needed.