7 Best Android Looping App

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Download the Best Android Looping App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLooping is a common technique used in music production to create repetitive patterns. It involves the seamless repetition of a section of a track, allowing musicians and producers to explore different variations and experiment with different sounds. With the advent of smartphones and mobile devices, looping has become increasingly accessible to a wider range of users. Android users, in particular, have access to a variety of looping apps that allow them to create and manipulate loops in real time. In this article, we will explore some of the best looping apps available on the Android platform.

Looping apps come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities. Some are designed for professional use, while others are simple enough for beginners to use. Regardless of the user’s experience level, the best looping apps are intuitive, easy to use, and provide a wide range of tools for creating and manipulating loops.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android Looping App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android Looping App

1. Beats and Loops – looper

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Beats and Loops is a mobile app that allows users to turn their phones into a looper and drum machine pedal. This app enables users to jam with guitar, bass, or any other electric or acoustic instrument. It functions like a guitar pedal and can be controlled by placing the phone on the floor and lightly swinging the foot above the screen. Users can start and stop songs, trigger drum fills, switch song parts, and record loops hands-free.

The app includes a looper feature that enables users to record loops using just the phone microphone. Users can place their phone next to their instrument or amplifier and start recording without requiring any cables or expensive gear. However, to achieve acceptable sound quality, users need to connect the phone to an external speaker, such as headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or AUX input of an amplifier.

The app also has a drum machine feature that offers all essential drumming styles in multiple variations, each with A and B parts and unique fills. Users can trigger fills, adjust tempo, and edit the kick drum pattern. The drum sounds are sampled using an awesome vintage Ludwig kit and are played back in uncompressed, multi-sampled 24bit quality. Furthermore, there is a natural sounding cajon kit for jamming in an acoustic setting.

Beats and Loops provides users with a chromatic tuner that one beta tester claimed was the best tuner I’ve ever used.

2. uFXloops Music Studio

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UFX Loops is a free digital audio workstation designed for DJs, songwriters, producers, and musicians to create music, mix and record their melodies, beats, and effects. Users can create their own drum kits or PCM synthesizer instruments and use them in patterns. MIDI import and soundboard workstation features are also available. The community supports users with the best sounds for their compositions. High audio quality and any music style are supported, including Electro, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trance, Techno, Rock, R&B, Pop, and Heavy Metal.

With 99 tracks and 64 voices polyphonie, the DAW offers unique new ways to create loops, patterns, instruments, parts, and songs, giving users thousands of possibilities for their own ideas. The software supports samples import, including WAV, OGG, AIF, MP3, and different frequency rates. The sampler editor has a click track, loop flag, and audio recorder. The instrument editor is available for melodic and percussive instruments, while the pattern editor is for melodic and percussive/drums patterns. MIDI import/export and pitch shifters on several layers are also available.

The software features automatic loop point finder with cross fade, volume mixer on four layers, community-based sound library with fast search functions, easy-to-learn soundboard sequencer and arranger, and export options for projects and songs.

3. Loop Video – Loop vid to GIFs & video to GIF maker

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Loop Vid Snap is an application that enables users to create visually appealing mini videos and GIFs that play forward and backward in a continuous loop. The app allows users to create videos that range from 1 to 15 seconds in length, and it also generates GIFs of up to 10 seconds.

The app offers a wide range of features, including longer video lengths, superb filter effects, and the ability to generate both GIFs and videos. Users can easily download the app for free and begin using it immediately.

Some of the key features of the app include the ability to take short videos of life’s best moments using both front and back cameras. The app also allows users to shoot bursts of photos and turn them into mini videos. Additionally, users can generate both GIFs and video files and save them to their camera roll.

Once users have created their mini videos and GIFs, they can share them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Email, YouTube, and Whatsapp. Alternatively, users can share their creations later from their camera roll.

4. nanoloop

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Nanoloop is a versatile sequencer, synthesizer, and sampler package designed for mobile use. It runs smoothly on various phones and tablets, including older and low-end devices. The interface can fit any screen resolution and can be customized with adjustable font/icon size and white/black color schemes.

The software offers an easy-to-use sequencer suitable for both melody and rhythm. It comes with automation of all parameters, eight channels, each of which can be a synth or sampler, and eight patterns per channel. Users can load samples from SD-cards, sample via microphone, trim samples, and re-sample. Polyphonic FM-, PWM-, and noise synth are also available. The song editor comes with a loop function, and projects can be sent and received via email. The software is compatible with iOS version and offers WAV and Ogg Vorbis export. Sharing projects and audio is possible through Dropbox and SoundCloud if the applications are installed.

The interface has been simplified, and a long press on an icon normally reveals info or a menu. The FM synth offers a maximum level of flexibility within a small set of parameters. It comes with a stereo modulator detune effect and covers various clean bells, Rhodes-like sounds, spheric pads, thick beats, basses, and all kinds of exotic sounds and noises.

The step sequencer visualizes the rhythmic structure in a compact 4×4 square matrix, making it incredibly easy to lay out patterns.

5. Loopify

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Loopify is an Android mobile application that enables users to record their own loops through their device’s microphone. It eliminates the need to purchase a physical loopstation, allowing users to start looping immediately.

The app offers several features, including the ability to choose from 4, 6, 8, or 9 channels, merge channels, loop samples, use a metronome, countdown, and overdub, among others. Users can apply audio effects to input, output, and individual channels, including pitch, reverb, echo, flanger, bitcrusher, compressor, limiter, filter, gate, and guitar distortion. They can also share projects and songs (.m4a or wav) with friends and use panning per channel.

If users experience issues with syncing their loops, they can calibrate their device using the built-in calibration mode available in the menu. Additionally, users can connect a USB audio device with both input and output audio to minimize audio latency for an optimized experience.

Although the free version of Loopify provides all the necessary features to start looping, users have the option to upgrade for additional features. They can purchase a one-time upgrade to access all extra features except for the loop samples or opt for a subscription to access all extra features, including current and future loop samples.

6. LoopStation – Looper

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LoopStation is a music app that turns your Android device into a looper/loop station. It allows users to record their own sounds or voice and combine them into one big symphony. However, it is important to note that the app is no longer supported and may have issues on newer Android versions.

Users can use LoopStation to create their own music by beatboxing, singing, or playing around with their instruments. The app allows users to record the basetrack or start the metronome to help with timing. Every next recording will be an overdub of the basetrack. Users can add reverb, change volume, and adjust the position of their tracks. When finished, they can make a single track of their loop by recording a session and share it with other apps on their phone such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, and Mail.

To ensure clean recordings, it is crucial to use headphones to prevent the app from re-recording itself.

LoopStation offers several features such as recording synced tracks, controlling volume per loop, saving/loading loops, and recording multiple bars. With the premium upgrade, users can shift timing of each individual loop, save unlimited recordings, merge tracks, change playback speed, add reverb, and export sessions to other apps.

The app also has a FAQ section, which covers common issues such as calibration, deleting tracks, and sharing loops. Users are encouraged to contact the developer if they have any problems or feature requests.

7. Looper!

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Looper is a casual game that challenges players’ sense of rhythm and timing. Each tap creates a new beat that travels through increasingly intricate constellations, and mistiming can lead to failure. However, success generates a satisfying loop harmony. The game boasts hundreds of unique levels that cater to players’ puzzling needs, making Looper a music puzzle game like no other.

For players interested in enhancing their Looper experience, subscribing to Looper VIP Membership access provides several benefits. These include accessing three new beat skins and exclusive audio tracks, unlocking all levels, 20 special levels, and free solution hints. The subscription also includes the Remove Ads product, which eliminates non-optional adverts from the game.

Two subscription options are available: a weekly subscription priced at $5.49 per week after a 3-day free trial period and a monthly subscription priced at $14.49 per month. Upon confirmation of purchase, the subscription is auto-renewable, and users are charged accordingly. Prices are subject to change depending on the user’s location, and charges may be converted to local currency. Cancelling a subscription during the free trial period requires the user to cancel it through their account in the store, at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid charges.