7 Best Android Joystick App

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Download the Best Android Joystick App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAndroid devices have become the preferred choice for many gamers due to their portability and convenience. The use of virtual joysticks on smartphones and tablets has greatly enhanced the mobile gaming experience. With the vast array of Android joystick apps available on the market, it can be challenging to identify the best one to meet your gaming needs. In this article, we will explore some of the key features you should look out for when choosing the best Android joystick app.

Firstly, the app should provide an intuitive and customizable interface that allows you to map the joystick controls to your preferred gaming style. This feature ensures that you have a seamless and comfortable gaming experience. Additionally, the app should support a wide range of games, including both classic and modern games, to cater to a broader audience.

Secondly, compatibility with various Android devices is crucial. The Android joystick app should work seamlessly with different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even Android TV.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android Joystick App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android Joystick App

1. Gamepad Joystick MAXJoypad

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MAXJoypad is a software platform that allows players to use their smartphones or tablets as gamepads, joysticks, or racing wheels for PC games and emulators. The system features a unique recording game input system for combos, special actions, and move sequences, and complete gamepad profile management for different types of games. Connection management is available through automatic Wi-Fi configurations, manual IP setups, and Bluetooth support. The platform also allows multiplayer capabilities for up to four players to play simultaneously. Video demos are available on the MAXJoypad website, and the platform edition is free for basic gamepad features, with advanced features available for purchase.

The MAXJoypad driver is optimized for communication between the Android App and PC, enabling a real gamepad emulation. The device sensor feature allows players to use their smartphone or tablet as a racing wheel, and the 3D button skin interface mimics a real gamepad look and feel. The platform supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, and specific network parameters can be set up manually or automatically through the MAXJoypad App. The Macro feature allows players to record specific movements and gameplay actions and associate them with Macro buttons, making gameplay easier for beginner and pro players.

Gamepad profile management enables players to disable undesired buttons or configure their behavior, and custom gamepad profiles allow for multiple combined inputs, such as keyboard, gamepad, and mouse.

2. Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper

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Octopus is a keymapping app that allows users to play Android games with a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard without the need for root access or an activator. It is compatible with almost all apps and games, and supports a variety of peripherals such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, and Logitech.

The app offers preset key mapping for over 30 featured games, and has different modes for various games, such as Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games and Smart Casting mode for MOBA games. It is also highly customizable, allowing users to define their own keymap and providing 20+ control components to enhance their gaming experience.

Octopus also includes a gaming recorder, gamepad calibration feature, Google Play login (with the need to download an Octopus plugin), fake location function, and clean up RAM function. However, due to its working mechanism, Octopus requires many permissions to properly cover all games, and requires the same permissions as the games being played.

Octopus Pro offers additional features such as swipe, multiply, order key, analog deadzone, and profile, allowing users to create multiple keymaps for different situations. It also includes a customizable virtual mouse shortcut for use with a gamepad. Overall, Octopus provides a professional and easy-to-use keymapping solution for mobile gaming.

3. GamePad

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The Gamepad Keyboard is a free app that allows users to emulate a game controller on their Android phone. It is designed to be used with DosBox Turbo but also works with other Android emulators, OnLive, SplashTop, and any Android game/app that can use a keyboard. The app features a true 8-way or emulated 8-way directional pad, custom mappable 8-way DPad, 4 or 6 extra mappable buttons, and directional pad. It also has ESC and Function keys (F1-F12) and can re-map A, B, X, Y, C, and Z buttons to different keys.

The Gamepad Keyboard uses the standard Android Input Method Framework and is multi-touch capable, depending on the phone hardware. It has a built-in transparent keyboard and configurable transparency levels, and users can swipe left/right to switch from Keyboard to GamePad or swipe down for settings. The app also has configurable swipe gestures.

To use the Gamepad Keyboard, users must enable Game Pad in the Android Settings->Keyboards section and choose Game Pad as the input method. If the game/app does not support using the standard Android Input Method, users can enable the Permanent Notification setting in the app’s settings menu. They can launch the Gamepad Keyboard once to start the notification and then start the game and drag down the notification area. By clicking on the notification icon, the Gamepad Keyboard will be displayed.

4. Razer Gamepad

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The Razer Gamepad controllers experience can be improved by utilizing an integrated supported game list, button customization, and screen mapping to controller input powered by Octopus. The app provides the option to jump straight into the hottest games with a preset profile or customize button layouts for hundreds of other supported titles. For further assistance, individuals can visit http://support.razer.com/contact-support.

5. Mobile Gamepad

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This app allows users to turn their mobile devices into a virtual multi-touch gamepad for PC games. The connection can be established through WiFi or Bluetooth. It should be noted that a windows application must be installed on the PC in order for the mobile app to connect. The windows application can be downloaded from the provided link.

The app includes a variety of features such as traditional buttons that are easy to use, the ability to access and run games from the mobile app, each with its own custom keys. Additionally, users can use their device’s accelerometer and volume buttons to control windows volume. Mouse movements and clicking emulation are also available.

It should be noted that the server application is only available for windows. To save battery, users are encouraged to use the dark mode feature.

6. BT Controller

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BT Controller is an app that allows users to turn their Android device into a controller for any emulator that supports custom buttons. It is ideal for playing console games anywhere and controlling emulators on TVs, tablets, or phones. The app supports up to 4 players and allows for connection through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Additionally, users can create their own controllers or choose from thousands of user-made ones.

It is important to note that location permission is required by Google for Bluetooth scanning. The app can only control Android apps and games that have keyboard controls and not physical consoles.

Using the app is simple with basic instructions provided. Users need to open BT Controller on the device that will run the emulator and click ‘Create Host’. Then, they must follow the directions to enable the BT Controller Keyboard and activate it. Next, the app needs to be opened on another device that will be used to control the emulator, select the Host device in the Wifi or BT Host list, and open an emulator on the Host device. Finally, users can use the emulator settings to map the BT Controller buttons to the emulators buttons.

For those who need further assistance, instructional videos are available on YouTube, and the app’s EULA is available for reference.

7. Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta

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Mantis Gamepad Pro is a free keymapper app for Android that enables users to play games on their devices with a game controller. The app is secure, powerful, and intuitive, with universal touch mapping that allows users to play any game on Android. It has been tested with popular games like Genshin Impact, PUBG, CODM, and more, to provide a pro console-level gaming experience on Android.

The app does not require root for any functionality, though it is optional. Mantis does not clone apps and instead uses an universal touch mapping mechanism to function, making it ban-safe for gaming. It supports almost all gamepads supported by Android, including Xbox, PS4, Razer, and more.

With Phases, users can create separate touch mappings for different segments in the game, such as driving, movement, parachute, and more. The MOBA Smart Cast Feature enables users to map smart cast buttons with a combination of a gamepad button and a thumbstick. Mantis also allows users to use their DPAD like a thumbstick, and supports 8-way DPAD as buttons.

Mantis lets users multitask between gaming sessions and will be ready with the overlay once they return. The app has a modern interface and incredible dark theme that radiates the perfect gaming vibes while being intuitive at the same time. It requires a PC or a second Android device to function without root.