7 Best Android Apps For Raspberry Pi

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Download the Best Android Apps For Raspberry Pi on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonRaspberry Pi is a small, affordable, and versatile computer that can be used for a variety of projects, ranging from home automation to programming and media centers. It is a popular choice among hobbyists, students, and professionals alike due to its low cost and ease of use. One of the strengths of Raspberry Pi is its ability to run various operating systems, including Android. In this article, we will explore some of the best Android apps that can be used on Raspberry Pi to enhance its functionality and performance.

Android apps can greatly extend the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, allowing users to perform tasks that would not be possible with the default software. Some apps can turn the Raspberry Pi into a media center, while others can enable remote access or provide additional security features. Additionally, Android apps are often designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, which can be particularly useful for beginners who are just getting started with Raspberry Pi.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android Apps For Raspberry Pi for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android Apps For Raspberry Pi

1. Fing – Network Tools

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Fing is a network scanner that has helped 40 million users worldwide answer questions about their WiFi and broadband. It can identify all the devices connected to a WiFi network and alert users to potential security risks. Fing’s patented technology is used by router manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide. Their app offers free tools and utilities to run speed tests, scan networks, and analyze device information such as IP and MAC addresses, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer. It also includes advanced device analysis and network security alerts.

Users can add Fingbox to unlock advanced network protection and smart home troubleshooting features such as digital presence, digital fence, parental controls, and bandwidth usage analysis. The Fingbox can block intruders and unknown devices before they join the network and provide reports for benchmarking ISP performance. The app also allows users to find Wi-Fi sweet spots and automate network speed tests. For additional information or support, users can contact Fing at support@fing.com or visit their website at fing.com.

2. AndFTP (your FTP client)

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AndFTP is a versatile client that supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure FTP (FTPS), Secure Copy Protocol (SCP), and Secure FTP (SFTP). The application can manage multiple FTP configurations and provides a device and FTP file browser for easy navigation. Its features include the ability to download, upload, synchronize, and share files, with support for resuming interrupted transfers. The application also allows users to open, rename, delete, update permissions, run custom commands, and more, both locally and remotely. Additionally, AndFTP supports SSH RSA/DSA keys and allows sharing from the gallery. The application also provides support for Intents for third-party applications. However, folder synchronization is only available in the Pro version.

3. ATV Launcher

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ATV Launcher is a newly developed launcher for Android TV set-top boxes, TVs, and tablets. The launcher is available for free and offers a fast, simple, sleek, and highly customizable user interface for Android TV users.

One of the key features of ATV Launcher is that it provides a seamless 1-click operation to run apps designed for TVs, smartphones, and tablets. It eliminates the need for additional tools or applications, thus streamlining the user experience.

The main features of the ATV Launcher include support for application widgets, D-pad optimized navigation, and support for TV (leanback), tablet, and phone apps. In addition, users can customize the launcher by setting a color, image, or transparent background for any application or widget. The launcher also automatically extracts and uses TV icons and banners for Android TV-enabled apps.

Furthermore, ATV Launcher offers wallpaper support even for devices without native wallpaper support. Users can contact the developers via email at info@dstudio.ca to suggest any improvements or provide feedback.

4. Google News – Daily Headlines

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Google News is an online news aggregator that is personalized to display news articles according to the user’s interests. It brings together news stories from various sources across multiple categories, making it easy for users to stay informed about what is happening around the world.

The For You tab is designed to display top stories across all the user’s favorite topics and sources in one place. Users can dive deep into topics like science, entertainment, fashion, sports, finance, and more.

Full Coverage is a unique feature that enables users to view a story from different perspectives. By tapping the Full Coverage button, users can access recent headlines from various sources, videos, news analysis, social commentary, and a timeline of events for stories that developed over time.

The Headlines tab provides an unfiltered view of top and breaking news articles from around the world. Users can also dig into more specific categories like tech news, business news, travel news, national and international news, health, and more.

The Newsstand tab makes it easy for users to find and follow the sources they trust, as well as browse and discover new ones. Users can also access their favorite news and magazine subscriptions within the same app.

Google News is designed for every type of phone and internet connection. When a user’s connection is weak, its image sizes and downloaded data are reduced to smooth the app’s functioning. Articles can also be downloaded using Wi-Fi to read later when offline.

5. Pi SD Card Imager

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A mobile application has been developed to prepare bootable SD cards for Raspberry Pi without requiring a PC. The app can write Raspbian NOOBS, LibreELEC (KODI), and Ubuntu SD cards without root access. It can also use internal/external SD cards or USB card readers, and allows for writing while downloading without using up phone storage. The app is safe, as it doesn’t delete files on SD by default. Root access is required for SD card backup, custom OS .img writing, and backing up SD card to a zipped .img file. However, users can download OS images directly in the app and write SD card directly from custom .img file or zipped .img (root). The app also allows for reading and backing up the SD card, which requires root access. It is recommended to use an OTG USB cable and a USB card reader. The developer’s Twitter handle is @mikered.

6. RaspController

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The RaspController application is a remote management tool for Raspberry Pi devices. It offers several features such as GPIO port control, file management, terminal command sending, camera image viewing, and sensor data collection. Additionally, the app provides wiring diagrams, pins, and other useful information for the proper use of the Raspberry Pi.

The app’s notable features include GPIO management, file management with a text editor, SSH shell access, monitoring of CPU, RAM, storage, and network, camera image display, customizable user widgets, process list, and support for various sensors such as DHT11/22, DS18B20, BMP, and Sense Hat. It also offers Wake On Lan, shutdown, and reboot options.

The app utilizes SSH protocol and offers authentication via password or SSH Key (RSA, ED25519, ECDSA). It also has a plugin for the Tasker app. The developer requests that bugs be reported directly rather than using the Evaluation System.

7. RaspManager

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RaspManager is a smartphone application that enables easy checking and control of Raspberry Pi® via SSH connection from anywhere. It is comprised of three sections, namely Status, Explorer, and Terminal. The Status section provides information about Raspberry Pi® such as running processes, available memory, network status, temperature, and allows remote restart, shutdown, mount, and dismount of drives and filesystems, as well as remote killing of processes. The Explorer section provides a basic file explorer feature that enables users to copy, cut, paste, and delete folders and files locally and remotely between their smartphone and Raspberry Pi®. Additionally, users can also receive and send folders and files between their smartphone and Raspberry Pi® as well as download files to their Raspberry Pi® via a download link.

The Terminal section includes a simple console terminal that provides full control of Raspberry Pi® from anywhere and features a command history that can store up to 100 commands, which can be navigated using volume keys on the smartphone. Custom commands can also be created and used in Terminal. For those with a Pi Camera, the Camera section enables users to take photos and preview them on their smartphone.

To function properly, RaspManager requires a SSH server, which is usually pre-installed in most Raspberry Pi® distributions or can be installed via the openssh package. Additionally, the ifstat package must be installed to ensure that bandwidth is displayed correctly.