9 Best Android Apps For Instagram

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Download the Best Android Apps For Instagram on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWith over 1 billion active users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. As it continues to grow in popularity, many developers have created Android apps that enhance the user experience on Instagram. These apps can help users to manage their accounts, increase their followers and likes, and create stunning visuals for their posts. In this article, we will explore some of the best Android apps for Instagram that can boost your social media presence.

The first type of app that we will cover is those that help you to manage your Instagram account. These apps allow you to schedule your posts in advance, manage your followers, and track your analytics. With these tools, you can easily stay on top of your social media game and increase your engagement with your followers.

Next, we will explore apps that can help you to increase your followers and likes on Instagram. These apps use various techniques such as hashtags, follow-for-follow, and shoutouts to boost your Instagram presence.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Android Apps For Instagram for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Android Apps For Instagram

1. No Crop & Square for Instagram

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No Crop is a free photo editing app that allows users to post full-sized photos on Instagram without cropping. The app features a user-friendly interface and a pics editor with multiple filters, effects, and smiley emojis to enhance photos. Users can also add animated 3D emoticons, Emoji Arts and stylish fonts to express their emotions. No Crop offers the ability to rotate, flip, resize, and collage photos, and choose from over 200 free background patterns. Additionally, 30 filters, 400+ free stickers and emoji stickers, and text options with varying fonts and sizes are available. The app can be used to share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms. To stay updated, users can follow @NoCrop_RC on Instagram and use the hashtag #rcnocrop. For any questions, feedback, or feature requests, users can reach out to the No Crop team via email or social media.

2. HubSpot

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HubSpot offers its users a mobile sales CRM that enables them to manage contacts, emails, tasks, meetings, and notes from anywhere. The app provides features such as productivity-boosting tools, access to resources from other apps, offline usage capabilities, note-taking and contact-saving options, call management features, task delegation, and customer communication options. HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that provides marketing, sales, customer service, and content management software. Over 121,000 customers in more than 120 countries use HubSpot’s tools.

3. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

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VSCO is a platform that prioritizes self-expression, providing users with photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and a space to be themselves. With advanced filters, effects, and presets, users can boost their creativity, enhance their pictures, and reach their full potential. The free photo editor offers ten VSCO presets to elevate photography, with editing tools such as Contrast and Saturation to make photos pop, and Grain and Fade to add texture and analog film effects. The Crop and Skew tools allow users to adjust photo perspectives, and Recipes let them save and recreate favorite edits easily.

VSCO Membership offers complete access to VSCO’s preset library with over 200+ presets, including vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others with Film X. The membership also provides advanced photo editing tools like HSL and Split Tone, along with Borders to frame images and impressive effects, filters, and presets to enhance pictures. The video editor lets users transform videos on mobile with premium VSCO presets, filters, effects, and advanced editing tools, including white balance adjustment and color control with HSL. The smooth slo-mo effect is also available to keep up with the latest online trends.

VSCO Montage allows users to create a moving collage by layering videos, images, and shapes to tell a video story or illustrate a mood. They can adjust the opacity of any media layered in to create a customized range of gel colors and double exposures.

4. Kontentino – Social Media Management tool

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Kontentino has released an extended version of their social media management tool that allows users to create and manage content directly from their mobile device. Users can easily create social media posts by uploading images and writing copy, and then edit or delete them as needed. The app also allows for posts to be sent for approval to colleagues or clients, who can comment, review, and approve content from anywhere. Users can view their social media posts exactly as they appear on various networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The mobile app provides flexibility and convenience, allowing users to work on their social media content from anywhere and at any time without the need for a computer. For any questions, users can contact the Kontentino team at hello@kontentino.com.

5. Boomerang from Instagram

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Boomerang from Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to create looping mini videos that bring a fun and unexpected element to everyday moments. Users can easily capture their own experiences or find something in motion to record using either the front or back camera of their device.

By simply tapping a single button within the app, Boomerang captures 10 photos in quick succession and turns them into a seamless mini video that loops back and forth. Users have the option to immediately share their creation on Instagram or Facebook directly from the app, or save the video to their device’s camera roll for sharing later.

With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Boomerang does not require any sign-up or account creation. Users can download and start using the app immediately, with all features accessible through a single button. The app offers a fun and creative way for users to share dynamic and engaging content on social media platforms.

6. Snapseed

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Snapseed, developed by Google, is a comprehensive and professional photo editor that offers users 29 tools and filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, and Perspective. The app is compatible with both JPG and RAW files, and users can save their personal looks and apply them to new photos later. The selective filter brush allows for precise control over all styles, which can be tweaked as needed.

Snapseed’s tools, filters, and face-enhancement capabilities are vast and include RAW Develop, which enables users to open and tweak RAW DNG files and save changes non-destructively or export as JPG. The Tune Image tool allows users to adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control, while the Details tool brings out surface structures in images. The Crop tool allows users to crop to standard sizes or freely, and the Rotate tool enables rotation by 90° or straightening of a skewed horizon. Perspective corrects skewed lines and geometry of horizons or buildings, while the White Balance tool adjusts colors for a natural look. The Brush tool allows users to selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness, or warmth, while the Selective tool uses Control Point technology to position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements. The Healing tool removes unwanted elements from pictures, and the Vignette tool adds a soft darkness around the corners. The Text tool adds stylized or plain text, and the Curves tool provides precise control over brightness levels.

7. Story Maker – Templates for Instagram Story

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UniStory (formerly inStory) is a story editor and maker that allows users to make their stories stand out. With over 500 designs to choose from, users can easily express their thoughts and life moments in elegant stories. The app offers a variety of features such as templates, text, background, and highlight cover to help users decorate their photos. Users can share their stories on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to attract more followers and likes.

UniStory (formerly inStory) offers 100+ stylized templates, including Film, Magazine, Ripped Paper, and others, to make users’ stories look like they were crafted for hours. The app adds new collections every week to fit any occasion. Users can use 100+ text styles to write down their moods and customize the size, color, and border with advanced text tools. They can also make their IG story profile elegant with 100+ icons and elements like background color picker pen.

UniStory (formerly inStory) doesn’t require users to sign up or have an account. The app has high-resolution export options and is compatible with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The app is also working on adding new features such as preset filters and effects, video support, and massive stickers.

UniStory (formerly inStory) offers a Pro membership that grants users access to all premium features and materials, including story templates, selected text styles, highlight covers, and backgrounds.

8. Layout from Instagram: Collage

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Instagram has added a new app, Layout, which allows users to make collages using their personal photos and share them with friends. Users can choose photos from their own gallery or take new ones using the Photo Booth feature, and then view them in a collage layout. The app offers a variety of editing options such as flipping, resizing, and swapping images to create a unique and personalized layout.

Layout allows users to remix up to nine photos at a time in a fun and creative way. Additionally, the Faces tab makes it easy to locate photos with people in them. Users can save their layouts to their gallery and share them on various social media platforms. The Recents tab shows the last thirty photos that were selected, making it easier to find and reuse photos.

The app pairs well with Instagram’s filters and creative tools to enhance the appearance of each collage. Layout is available for download without requiring an account, allowing users to start creating immediately without cluttering up their device with unnecessary apps.

9. Instagram

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Instagram is a social media platform owned by Facebook that allows users to create and share photos, stories, and videos with friends and followers. Users can connect with others, view new content from around the world, and share their daily moments and highlights.

One of the features of Instagram is INSTA Reels, which provides users with a new way to create and discover short videos that are up to 15 seconds long. Users can add special effects, music, filters, emojis, and stickers to their videos to make them more creative. Videos can be uploaded to the Explore section of Instagram to reach a wider audience.

Another feature of Instagram is INSTA Story, which allows users to add photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users can add text, music, stickers, and GIFs to their stories to enhance them. Memes can be shared privately with friends, and videos can be pinned to a user’s profile to highlight their favorite memories.

Instagram also offers Direct messaging, where users can chat with friends about content they see on their feed, stories, and INSTA Reels. Video chat is also available for users to connect with others, even if they are in different locations. Users can send messages to friends, share posts privately, and receive chat notifications.

Users can post photos and videos to their Instagram feed, which is visible to their followers. Notifications are sent when someone likes or comments on a user’s post.