7 Best Android App To Write Arabic

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Download the Best Android App To Write Arabic on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWriting in Arabic can be a complex task as it involves a right-to-left writing direction and intricate calligraphy. For Android users, finding the right app to write in Arabic can be challenging. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store claiming to be the best app for writing in Arabic, but not all of them deliver on their promise. To help you find the best android app to write Arabic, we have conducted extensive research and testing of various apps available in the market. In this article, we will introduce you to the app that we believe is the best one for writing in Arabic on Android devices.

Firstly, our research focused on identifying the key features that are essential for an app to be considered the best for writing in Arabic. These features include support for the Arabic language, a user-friendly interface, the ability to customize fonts and styles, and the ability to save and share the written content.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App To Write Arabic for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App To Write Arabic

1. Smart Keyboard Pro

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Smart Keyboard Pro is a lightweight but powerful international keyboard application designed to improve typing experience on Android devices. Users can personalize the keyboard’s appearance and functionality through numerous customization options, including layout, skin, sound, prediction, smileys, and calibration. Some of the top features of the application include T9 and compact layouts for most languages, built-in and downloadable keyboard themes, custom text shortcuts, voice input, easy language switching, and predictive typing. Smart Keyboard Pro also includes an emoji keyboard, self-learning smart dictionary, and quick actions with gestures.

The application provides a few tips to make the most of its functionality, such as using long press on the 123 key to enter keyboard settings, long press on the enter key to display customized smileys, and long press on a word in the suggestion bar to add it to the user dictionary. Users can subscribe to beta versions of the application through the provided link or download the trial version from Google Play. The Pro version is a standalone app and doesn’t require the trial version to use it. Smart Keyboard Pro comes with built-in layouts for many languages, and users can check Google Play for available dictionaries.

Samsung users are advised to disable the Optimizer for this app to avoid unexpected issues.

2. Arabic Dictionary & Translator

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Dict Box is a mobile application designed for English-Arabic speakers and learners. It functions as an English to Arabic and Arabic to English dictionary and translator app. Users can translate words and phrases between the two languages without an internet connection.

The app is fast, convenient, and easy to use. It offers highly intelligent word suggestions and houses all dictionaries in one place. Users can simply tap on a word to see its meanings. Additionally, the app allows users to translate text directly in the web browser and other apps.

Dict Box also provides text pronunciation and a picture dictionary. Users can set word reminders and there are numerous dictionaries available to install. The application offers a host of other useful features as well.

3. Write It! Arabic

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Write It! Arabic is a writing recognition app designed to help users learn to write the Arabic alphabet with ease. The app boasts of hassle-free writing, eliminating the need for users to go back and reference how to write a letter. It also includes practice guides and bite-sized lessons to make learning letters fast and stress-free. Users can review the letters they have already learned in review mode, and write the alphabet anywhere, without restrictions.

Write It! Arabic offers a faster and more effective way to learn the Arabic alphabet, compared to referencing books or watching videos. The app’s unique feature of testing users after practicing the letters sets it apart from tracing apps that do not provide such tests. By downloading Write It! Arabic, users can learn to write the Arabic alphabet quickly and easily, even with just a few minutes to spare.

4. Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Letters Writing

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The Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Letters Writing app allows users to learn and practice Arabic writing using various guides before testing themselves. This approach creates a fast and stress-free learning experience. The app can be downloaded instantly and allows users to practice offline at any time.

This app features a free Arabic Alphabet and the ability to practice with Arabic letters offline. Users can write anywhere as the app is not restricted to paper and pen. Additionally, the app saves the user’s progress and score for analytics.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the app to improve its functionality.

5. Learn To Write Arabic Alphabet

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Learn to Write Arabic is a free mobile education app that offers an easy and fast way to learn Arabic characters. The app incorporates writing recognition to allow users to practice writing the Arabic alphabet correctly. Write Me, the app’s mini-game feature, is designed to make learning the Arabic alphabet as easy and fun as possible. The game involves growing lots of lily flowers in a garden to feed a hummingbird, which changes color as the user progresses through the learning process.

Write Me offers a variety of mini-games, quizzes, and interactive games, including flashcards, character quizzes, matching characters with transcriptions, practicing writing each character, and completing the missing parts of each character. The app features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, individual courses that cover different aspects of the Arabic characters, and the opportunity to learn how to pronounce Arabic characters with a native speaker.

Learn to Write Arabic is free for the first three units and provides users with all the necessary tools and guides to learn how to write the Arabic characters, from the fundamentals to advanced material. The app encourages user feedback to provide the best possible user experience. Interested users can download the app and learn how to write Arabic characters in an easy and fun way.

6. Learn and Write Arabic Alphabet

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The Write the Alphabet app provides an interactive and engaging way for children to learn the Arabic alphabet. Its key feature is the ability for children to draw letters by hand using up to four different colors. The app also includes an eraser feature to help boost children’s confidence. The app aims to make learning fun and entertaining for children, as it recognizes that some children need more than just reading and writing to learn. The app is designed to be a fun and engaging activity for the whole family to enjoy. With over 10 million installs, the Write the Alphabet app is parent-supported and kid-approved.

7. Arabic Keyboard with English letters

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Arabic Keyboard is an application that allows users to type in English characters, which are instantly converted to Arabic. This keyboard is designed to work within all applications on Android phones and tablets, eliminating the need for other Arabic input tools. With over 21 themes to choose from, users have a trendy and easy way to type in Arabic letters on their device.

Users can chat with friends and family in their native language, as this keyboard allows for native Arabic text in any chatting or social media applications. Setting up Arabic typing is simple, requiring users to open the app, enable and select Arabic Keyboard as their default keyboard, customize settings and choose from the available themes.

Typing in English with this keyboard offers Arabic word suggestions, and the application has offline support coming soon. Users can easily switch between Arabic and English text, access emojis, and change color themes from the settings page.

Additionally, the App Search feature allows users to search for and open apps installed on their phone, as well as discover new apps relevant to them. This is a free, fast, effortless, and easy-to-use keyboard that does not collect personal information or credit card details.

Users are encouraged to share their suggestions with the developer and leave feedback to help improve the application.