8 Best Android App To Mix Colors

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Download the Best Android App To Mix Colors on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonColor mixing is an essential aspect of art, design, and various other fields. It involves combining different shades and hues to create new colors. For many artists and designers, color mixing is a crucial part of their creative process. However, manually mixing colors can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for those who are new to the art of color blending. Thankfully, there are several Android apps available that can simplify this process and help users achieve the perfect color combination.

These color mixing apps provide a user-friendly interface that allows users to mix colors, adjust the hue and saturation, and create stunning color palettes. They are designed to cater to a wide range of users, from amateur artists to professional designers. With these apps, users can easily create custom shades and save them for future reference. Moreover, some apps even allow users to share their color palettes with others, making them a valuable tool for collaboration and teamwork.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App To Mix Colors for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App To Mix Colors

1. Color Grab (color detection)

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Color Grab is a versatile color tool that allows users to pick, capture, and recognize colors using their phone’s camera. It is a popular app used worldwide by designers, artists, professionals, developers, scientists, and color-blind individuals. The app is available for free and is considered a must-have for designers and artists.

Color Grab offers real-time color measurement, color palette generation, color extraction, and color recognition. Users can also calibrate the app to use a reference white object and create custom white balance. The app has a color blending tool, tune tool, and color palette and harmony theme generation tool. Users can find the perfect color combinations and reveal matching colors. The app supports most common color models, including RGB, HEX, HSV, LAB, and more.

Additional controls include a flash light for low-light conditions, smart color stabilization and locking mechanisms, motion-sensed auto-focus, zoom control, and camera switching between the rear and front cameras. Color Grab supports various color palettes, such as analogous, monochromatic, triad, and more. It also supports color references from RAL Classic, RAL Design, and NCS 1950, among others.

The app supports various color models, including RGB and Hex, HSV/HSB, HSL, Lab, Greyscale, Web-Safe, CMYK, and more. Users can export their color data to popular applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, and Gimp.

2. ColorSnap® Visualizer

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ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams is a mobile application that allows users to virtually visualize how any Sherwin-Williams color would look on their wall in real-time. Using augmented reality or a photo of their space, users can tap on the wall to change its color instantly. The app also features a color matching tool that enables users to match colors in a photo, and provides color details such as where to find the color in Sherwin-Williams stores and which colors complement it. ColorSnap is designed to help users make quicker and more confident color decisions.

The app has been updated with several new features, including an Explore tab that displays all of Sherwin-Williams’ colors on a digital color wall. Users can also match a photo or scan a color number. The Paint tab allows users to view colors within the context of a room using the Instant Paint or Paint a Photo options. The Resources tab helps users find a store, calculate how much paint they need, and log into their mySW account to view previously saved colors.

ColorSnap Visualizer also allows users to create, save, and share their own paint color palettes, and quickly share images of rooms they have virtually painted in the app. Overall, these enhancements aim to make the app more user-friendly and accessible, and to provide users with a more comprehensive color visualization and management experience.

3. Color Mixer

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ColorMixer is a software tool that allows users to predict real-world color mixing results. It has the ability to provide users with the specific colors and mixing ratios needed if a particular mixing target is in mind.

The software offers various modes, including Mix mode, which shows the mixing result of selected colors at different ratios. The Unmix mode provides the possible mixing solutions of the selected color. Additionally, Convert mode tells users how to turn one color into another.

ColorMixer includes a built-in color library that contains colors from the RAL color standard and popular paint brands such as Winsor & Newton, Tamiya, Gunze, and more. Furthermore, the software has a comprehensive color picker that allows users to select colors from color libraries, color codes, and even from a circled area of an image or live camera view.

Overall, ColorMixer can help users take the guesswork out of their color mixing tasks by providing accurate predictions and specific color and mixing ratio recommendations.

4. Real Color Mixer

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Real Color Mixer is a digital tool that simulates the mixing of real paints, such as oil or acrylic, in different proportions. This allows users to preview newly created colors without actually mixing physical paints. Unlike the additive process used in RGB color models, the colors are not mixed additively in Real Color Mixer, and mixing red, green, and blue does not achieve white or black colors. The tool uses the spectrum of light and a range of reflected and absorbed light of a given color as mixing information, which can result in colors such as dark khaki.

Real Color Mixer offers various features, including the ability to define up to 12 colors for each palette, save up to 40 mixed colors for each palette, copy the palette, access a database of 430 predefined colors, set the texture and form of the brush, create and delete custom colors, edit color names, import and export palettes, use the calculator function to calculate component paint amounts for a given mixture, search for color accuracy, pick colors from an image, and find a color mixture for a given color.

To add a color to the mixer color panel, users can press and drag the desired color. The mixing ratio can be changed using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons, which increase or decrease the amount of a specific color by one unit. Pressing the button slightly longer changes the color ratio by 10 units.

5. Color Mixer – Match, mix, learn colors for Free

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The Color Mixer application is an entertaining tool that allows users to practice color mixing and change the difficulty level if they find it too easy. The application features a free mixing function with color value conversions and output, customizable color circles, and the option to pick a unique color through a device camera. Users can also engage in different game modes, such as the Close Call game mode or the round-based game mode with an online scoreboard. Other modes include RGB Sliders and Speed Matching.

The Color Camera setup feature allows users to use the camera to pick a color as hex to the clipboard, although this feature may not work on some Android 4.4 devices due to problems with the OpenCV library. Users can turn off the vibration feature from the settings if needed. The application requires camera permission for the camera color picker and an internet connection.

Users can contact the developer for feature requests or bug reports through the provided contact form. The application credits the use of the HoloColorPicker library from GitHub.

6. Color Mix Free

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Mixing colors can be a challenging task for artists who aim to achieve the desired hue, saturation, and value. However, a new app called Color Mixer is now available to enable artists to mix colors like a professional. The app provides a platform where users can mix real tube colors and store the results for future use.

The Color Mixer app has two modes: Palettes and Table. In the Palettes mode, users can mix real colors with proportion and store the result for future reference. On the other hand, the Table mode allows users to intersect two colors and observe the resulting mix.

With the Color Mixer app, artists no longer have to guess the outcome of color mixing. The app provides a comprehensive visual color reference that eliminates the need for guesswork.

Experienced artists can take advantage of the Color Mixer app’s customization feature to personalize their palette with new tube colors. The ability to customize the color selection makes the color mixing process more convenient and efficient.

7. Mix & Paint

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In this activity, participants are prompted to paint a picture using their fingers and a palette to mix colors. The objective is to create a piece that closely matches a provided sample. The level of accuracy in color and shape replication determines the number of points earned, with a higher score awarded for a closer match. The challenge is to achieve a perfect score of three stars in every stage.

8. Color Mix

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The Mix Colors application offers a tool for artists to mix real tube colors and organize palettes. There are two modes available within the application. The first mode, Palettes, allows users to mix multiple colors with proportion and store the resulting color. In the second mode, Table, two colors intersect to form the mix result.

Color Mixer serves as a visual color reference and organizer, eliminating the need for artists to guess color mixing results. Experienced artists are able to customize their palette with new tube colors for personal use.

The application aims to make color selection more evident for its users. Breaking each paragraph after every three lines of text can help improve readability.