7 Best Android App To Merge Pdf Files

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Download the Best Android App To Merge Pdf Files on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPDF files are widely used in various industries due to their ability to keep the original formatting of a document intact. However, it can be challenging to work with multiple PDF files at once, especially when it comes to merging them. To ease this process, there are several Android apps available in the market that can merge PDF files with ease. In this article, we will discuss the best Android app to merge PDF files and its features to help you make an informed decision.

With the best Android app to merge PDF files, users can easily combine multiple PDF files into a single document. The app offers a user-friendly interface that makes the merging process effortless. Additionally, the app supports a wide range of file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and more.

One of the significant advantages of the best Android app to merge PDF files is its ability to merge large files without any loss of quality.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App To Merge Pdf Files for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App To Merge Pdf Files

1. PDF Merge: Create & Combine Text, Image & Web page

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The application allows users to merge multiple PDF, web pages, Jpeg, and PNG files into a single PDF file that is easy to share, archive or send for review. Users can arrange files in any order and easily drag and drop files to organize them as desired. The interface is modern and user-friendly with a simple design.

Users can access files from multiple sources including local storage, camera, and website to combine into a compact PDF file. The application also includes a built-in web page to PDF converter, allowing users to convert any web page into a PDF and merge it with other files.

There is no limitation on the number of files that can be merged, and users can create PDF files from scratch using a rich text editor. The application offers several options including merging PDF or images into a single PDF, converting images to PDF, rearranging PDF files, encrypting PDF documents with a password, compressing PDF documents, and converting web pages to PDFs.

2. iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

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iLovePDF is a mobile application that provides document management services for Android smartphones and tablets. Its features allow users to read, convert, annotate, and sign PDF files with ease. Its phone scanner enables users to take a photo of anything and save it as a multipage PDF file with text recognition (OCR) technology. The app also includes a PDF converter, which can turn office documents into PDF files and vice versa. It can also extract images from PDF documents and convert user-uploaded images into PDF files.

The PDF editor allows users to highlight text, add notes, and drawings or insert images to PDF documents. It also supports filling out and signing PDF forms using the device’s touchscreen. The app includes tools for optimizing, organizing, and protecting documents, such as compressing PDF files while maintaining visual quality, merging multiple files into a single PDF, and splitting PDF pages or extracting them to multiple PDFs. Users can rotate pages within a PDF document and add or remove passwords to protect their files. Page numbers and watermarks can also be added to PDF files.

iLovePDF offers a premium version that provides users with unlimited access to all of its tools. The app’s pricing model is based on an auto-renewable subscription that can be purchased annually or monthly. Users have the option to manage and cancel their subscriptions. The app’s terms of use and privacy policy can be found on their website.

3. PDFelement-PDF Editor & Reader

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The PDFelement app provides users with the ability to read, annotate, and manage PDF files conveniently. To use all functionalities for free, users can register for a Wondershare ID and log in. Additionally, desktop version discounts are available within the app.

The app includes several key features, including the ability to markup and annotate PDF files. Users can highlight, underline, or strike through text, as well as add text boxes, shapes, and freehand drawings. The app also offers the ability to combine different format files into a new PDF.

PDF file management is also available, allowing users to move, copy, and rename their PDF files easily. Additionally, the app includes special folders to help manage PDF files and customize folders. Sharing edited PDF files is also possible, with options to share to other apps or email directly.

If assistance is needed, users can contact support through email, the support center, or the forum. The app’s official website and Facebook page are also available for further information. Positive reviews in the App Store are appreciated by the developer.

4. Combine PDF

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PDF files are a commonly used professional file format due to their compatibility and security features. They prevent copying and editing of their content, which can provide a sense of authenticity. Many PDF files contain similar content or are structured in an orderly manner. To merge PDF files with this concept, a PDF joiner named Combine PDF has been introduced.

The Combine PDF app is easy to install and operate with a simple design and modern GUI. It allows users to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file without any limitations on the number of files. The app facilitates unlimited merging and generates a secure resultant PDF file. This file can be easily shared over various social platforms, tools, and applications.

The Combine PDF app is a highly useful tool that generates optimized merged PDF files. These files are reliable, stable, and efficient, ensuring high-quality outputs.

5. PDF Utils: Merge, Split & More

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This mobile PDF utility is a free and lightweight application that operates offline. It offers various features to modify and create PDFs in a user-friendly manner. Users can merge PDFs and images, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF, into a single PDF file. The PDF Merge feature can also merge files stored in the cloud. Moreover, the application enables users to convert image files to PDF format and reorder PDF pages in any sequence. It also allows users to rotate PDF pages by 90/180 or 270 degrees and remove unwanted pages with a single swipe. The application provides a PDF splitter option to split a large PDF file into smaller ones and an image extractor to extract images from PDFs. Users can add text or image watermarks to their PDF files, encrypt or password protect the documents, and remove password protection from PDFs. Additionally, the app features a PDF compressor to reduce the file size and a web to PDF converter to convert web pages to PDF with a simple share option. Users can cut PDF pages into multiple pages to align their content and add page numbers to PDF. The application also allows converting custom text, including emojis, to PDF and PDF pages to images. Tutorial videos are available on YouTube for guidance on merging, reordering, deleting, and rotating PDF files, cutting PDF pages and extracting images, splitting PDF files, and adding watermarks. The app is available without ads for purchase.

6. Multiple PDF Merger

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This article discusses a PDF merging and splitting app that offers several advantages. It can be used offline and does not contain ads or banners. The app allows users to select multiple PDF files for merging or splitting, and uses Google libraries for secure and efficient parsing of PDF documents. Selected files can be removed or relocated using menu options or drag and drop actions. To remove a file, users can long press and swipe left or right, while PDF relocation requires swiping up or down. Merging PDF files may take some time to complete, and users are advised to close background apps for optimal performance. The app offers two methods for selecting PDF files – a custom popup file picker and a native one. However, users with weak devices are advised to avoid selecting too many files as the app may crash due to low RAM memory. It is important to note that the app does not support password protected or broken PDF files.

7. PDF Merge

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PDF Merge is a user-friendly app that allows Android device users to combine multiple PDF documents into a single file. This enables users to quickly and easily organize necessary information in one place, without having to waste time retyping or creating a new document. PDF Merge can combine an unlimited number of files and has no limitations on the number of merge tasks. The app also features a simple design and modern user interface for user convenience.

One of the app’s most notable features is its ability to merge PDF attachments from various cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Users can select multiple documents and merge them all at once, making it even more efficient for users to manage their documents.

To use the app, users simply need to open PDF Merge and select the desired document(s) to be merged. After importing the document(s), the file is automatically sent to the app’s servers for merging. A good internet connection is recommended for this step. Once the merging process is complete, the resulting PDF file can be downloaded. It’s important to note that the app’s servers will delete the user’s documents after the merging process is complete.

Free merges may take up to an hour to complete, but fast merges can be completed in seconds for those who require a quicker turnaround. Overall, PDF Merge is a useful tool for those who need to quickly and easily merge multiple PDF documents into one cohesive file.