7 Best Android App To Hide My Number

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Download the Best Android App To Hide My Number on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe need for privacy when communicating through smartphones is on the rise. In certain instances, users may want to hide their phone number from recipients, while still being able to make or receive calls or messages. This is where a third-party application comes in handy. Android users have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to hiding their phone number. These apps offer a range of features, including the ability to make anonymous calls or texts, mask the outgoing number, and protect user privacy.

One of the primary reasons users may want to hide their phone number is to protect their privacy. In some cases, individuals may not feel comfortable sharing their personal phone number with acquaintances or business associates. By using a third-party application to mask their number, they can maintain a level of anonymity while still being able to communicate with others. Additionally, some users may want to avoid receiving unwanted calls or messages, and hiding their number can act as a deterrent.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App To Hide My Number for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App To Hide My Number

1. Hushed – Second Phone Number

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Hushed is a private phone number app that provides local numbers from over 300 area codes in the US, Canada, and the UK for private calls and texts. Users can manage multiple lines and make calls or send texts from their dedicated Hushed number without revealing their cell phone number. The app is useful for classified ads, online dating, and international travel. It is easy to use and does not require verification or contracts, and users can burn their numbers once they are finished with them to maintain privacy.

Hushed offers a temporary number for buying or selling on local classifieds, adding a layer of security to online dating, and enabling friends and family to reach users on a local number without paying long-distance or roaming charges when traveling internationally. Users can choose from 1 or 3-line recurring subscriptions and enjoy unlimited local calling minutes and texts in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom (UK).

The app features full talk, text (SMS), and picture messaging/MMS capabilities, customizable voicemail greetings, auto-reply text messages, call forwarding, call routing, and integrations with Slack and Dropbox. The subscriptions are auto-renewing and apply to all US, Canada, and UK numbers, including unlimited calls and texts within North America or within the UK. Payments are charged to the Google Play account, and auto-renew can be turned off at any time.

2. My Verizon

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The My Verizon app is an all-encompassing platform that provides users with a central location to manage their Verizon services. The app offers a range of features, including the ability to track account changes and the latest promotions, switch to Verizon, and more.

With My Verizon, users can switch to Verizon quickly and easily, regardless of their device, by scanning their ID for a fast setup. The app also allows users to check eligible offers and view their account in one smooth feed. On-demand support tools are available, including Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions.

A control center within the app enables users to monitor data usage and see how much data is being used, who is using it, and how to obtain more data when necessary. Additionally, users can securely manage their account, including switching to a different plan or going unlimited, making secure payments, and enrolling in Auto Pay.

The Verizon Up rewards program offers users exclusive perks and experiences from their favorite brands. The app also offers a one-stop-shop for purchasing phones, wearables, smart devices, and accessories, with delivery as quickly as the same day. By downloading My Verizon, users can have complete control over their entire Verizon experience in one convenient app.

3. Burner – Private Phone Line for Texts and Calls

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Burner is a private phone number app that provides a second phone number for calling, texting, and picture messaging in everyday situations. This app aims to protect personal information as a phone number is often connected to personal data and can easily be searchable online. Burner offers a 7-day free trial subscription and additional numbers are available through in-app purchase or subscription.

Users can use Burner to create a disposable, private second line for dating, salespeople, deliveries, shopping online, or selling items on Craigslist. They can also use it as a long-term second line for their business or side projects. The app allows users to create multiple private phone numbers, keep them as long as they want, or burn them anytime.

Burner intercepts calls on the app and routes them to the user’s cell to maintain their privacy and keep their real phone number anonymous. Integrations allow users to archive text messages and voicemails and communicate with their team. Users can share their Burner with anyone or keep their second number secret for anonymous texting.

The app offers two types of Burners: Prepaid and Subscription. Payment will be charged to Google Play Account at confirmation of purchase. Users can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel from the Manage screen inside the app or from the Google Play store. It is important to note that phone calls use cell phone minutes and Burners are free for a trial period only.

4. Hide My Number |Hide Caller Id

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Hide My Number is a mobile application designed to provide users with an easy and quick way to conduct confidential conversations without revealing their phone number. With just two clicks, users can enter into a hidden mode for their next conversations. This simple process eliminates the need for manually changing settings.

To use Hide My Number, users simply need to open the app and switch to Hide mode. Doing so will activate the hidden status, allowing users to enjoy a confidential conversation. This app is compatible with GSM phones and is completely free to use.

It is important to note that this application modifies cellphone settings without the need for the cellphone service carrier’s involvement or any fees charged. By providing a straightforward solution, Hide My Number is an effective tool for anyone who values privacy in their phone conversations.

5. Hide My phone number

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This phone contacts manager offers the option to hide your phone number from selected contacts or all contacts by utilizing the hide code of your country. The purpose of this function is to provide privacy protection during calls. This app is uncomplicated and easy to use. Additionally, it may be utilized as an alternate contact manager or phone dialer.

6. Hide My Number Pro

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The Pro version of Hide My Number has a new feature that shortens the process of entering hidden mode. With the touch of a button, users can activate the hide mode, and with another push of a button, they can exit this mode.

Hide My Number is an app that offers a simple solution to hide a user’s phone number. By activating the Hide Number option, the user’s number will be hidden for every call they make. This feature provides an easy and quick way to have confidential conversations without manually changing settings or adding numbers before calls.

The app is easy to use and works perfectly on GSM phones. Users can open the app and click on the switcher to activate the hidden status. This feature allows users to have private conversations with ease.

The app is completely free, and it does not require the intervention of the cell phone company. It modifies the cell phone settings without charging a fee.

7. Anonymous Call

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This application offers the feature of automatically adding a prefix to your phone number, thus allowing you to conceal your caller ID and keep your number private.

It provides you with the option of selecting who can view your phone number and who cannot.

You can easily toggle between two contact lists, one being private and the other being public.

The app enables you to hide your phone number selectively by adding a prefix and selecting specific contacts or all of them.

Additionally, the application can be used as an alternative contact manager, and allows you to add, edit, and delete prefixes as per your convenience.