8 Best Android App Learn Japanese

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Download the Best Android App Learn Japanese on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLearning a new language is a challenging yet rewarding experience. With the increasing popularity of Japanese culture and business in recent years, the demand for learning Japanese has grown significantly. Fortunately, with the help of technology, learning a new language is now more accessible than ever. In this article, we will explore the best Android app that can help you learn Japanese efficiently and effectively.

The app provides various features such as interactive lessons, vocabulary lists, pronunciation guides, and quizzes. These features are designed to help users develop their reading, writing, and speaking skills in Japanese. The app also includes a range of learning materials that cater to users of different levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

One of the app’s most significant advantages is its flexibility. Users can learn Japanese at their own pace and on their own schedules, making it ideal for busy professionals or students. Additionally, the app provides a range of learning methods, from audio and visual aids to interactive games, making learning Japanese fun and engaging.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App Learn Japanese for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App Learn Japanese

1. Learn Japanese Language, Kanji

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Drops is a language learning app that uses mini-games and illustrated pictures to help users memorize practical vocabulary in Japanese, among other languages. The app limits practice time to five minutes per day, but the addictive nature of the games helps users stay engaged. Drops solely focuses on vocabulary and does not teach grammar. The app also seeks to help users establish a language learning habit. Drops is free for casual learners and includes over 2500 words in 100+ topics, while premium subscribers have unlimited learning time. The aim of the app is to empower people worldwide with language knowledge, using pictures as a universal language.

2. FluentU: Learn Languages with authentic videos

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FluentU is a language learning platform that uses real-world videos to make the process more engaging. It offers courses in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Russian, and Korean, and includes content such as music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks. Regardless of skill level or interest, FluentU offers a variety of options to choose from. The platform uses entertaining videos to create immersive language learning experiences.

3. Google Translate

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Google Translate is a tool that allows users to translate text between 108 different languages through typing. It also offers the Tap to Translate feature, which permits users to copy text from any app and translate it by tapping the Google Translate icon. The app supports translation without an internet connection for 59 languages. Another feature is the Instant camera translation, where users can translate text in images instantly by pointing the camera at it.

Users can also translate text in photos by taking or importing pictures. The app provides translation for bilingual conversations on the fly for 70 languages. Additionally, users can draw text characters instead of typing through the Handwriting feature, which supports 96 languages. The app includes a Phrasebook feature that enables users to star and save translated words and phrases for future reference in all languages. Login is required to sync the Phrasebook between the app and desktop. Finally, the Transcribe feature translates spoken words in near real-time for eight languages.

Google Translate supports translations between 108 different languages, including languages such as English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Users can grant Google Translate permission to access the microphone for speech translation, camera for text translation via the camera, SMS for text message translation, external storage for offline translation data, and accounts and credentials for signing in and syncing across devices.

4. AnkiDroid Flashcards

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AnkiDroid is a tool that helps users learn flashcards efficiently through spaced repetition. It is compatible with Anki software and available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS. Users can utilize idle time to study anywhere, anytime. AnkiDroid has over 6000 free decks available for download in various languages and topics. Users may add material through the desktop application or directly through AnkiDroid, which even supports automatic addition from a dictionary. For support, there is a help page available instead of relying on comments in reviews.

The key features of AnkiDroid include support for text, images, sounds, and LaTeX; spaced repetition with the supermemo 2 algorithm; text-to-speech integration; more than 6000 premade decks; progress widget; detailed statistics; syncing with AnkiWeb; and open source. Additional features include the option to write answers, whiteboard, card editor/adder, card browser, tablet layout, import existing collection files through Anki Desktop, dictionary integration, custom font support, full backup system, navigation by swipe, tap, shake, fully customizable interface, dynamic deck handling, night mode, and 27 localizations. All previous AnkiDroid versions can be downloaded from the website.

5. Jsho – Japanese Dictionary

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Jsho is a user-friendly English-Japanese dictionary that is designed to be simple, fast, and accurate. It does not require any additional downloads or splash screens. The app is fully functional offline and offers flexible input and search methods, including multi-radical kanji search and limited wildcard searching. Users can input Romaji, which is automatically converted to hiragana, and filter search results by noun, adjective, verb, etc.

Jsho’s input analysis feature de-inflects conjugated words and attempts to split sentences into individual words to perform searches on each. The app offers detailed lexical information, including pitch accent and parts of speech for words, detailed kanji information, and verb conjugation tables. Users can choose between light and dark themes, toggle between kana and romaji, and access stroke order animation by tapping on Kanji Details page.

Additionally, Jsho allows for 3rd party connectivity, which allows users to send words directly to AnkiDroid and share words with Jsho from other apps. Users can also bookmark search results. It is worth noting that the extracted dictionary files require around 37MB of external storage space, and ads are displayed when online. The app does not collect any user data and only uses network permission for ads. Overall, Jsho is a convenient and useful tool for English-Japanese translation needs.

6. Japanese Kanji Study

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Kanji Study is an app designed to assist users in learning Japanese kanji. The app comes equipped with features such as flashcards, multiple-choice quizzes, writing challenges, kanji and word searches, custom sets, and more. The aim of the app is to become an essential tool for users to master kanji.

Although the app is not entirely free, the free version offers unlimited study of beginner kanji, radicals, hiragana, and katakana. The dictionary and all information screens are free and unrestricted. Users can upgrade to unlock the remaining kanji levels and create custom sets. The one-time upgrade also supports the continued development of the project.

The app features several notable components, such as flashcard study, multiple-choice quizzes, writing challenges, quick kanji and word search, and detailed info screens. Additionally, users can study kanji in various sequences, receive custom study reminders, add shortcuts to their home screen, and save progress using Google Drive or local storage.

The app also offers additional features such as Outlier Essentials, a Kanji Dictionary for learners, and volunteer translation projects in over 30 languages. The app requires permissions for in-app purchases, external drive access, installing shortcuts, running at startup, and full network access.

7. HelloTalk – Learn Languages

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HelloTalk is a language learning and exchange app that connects users with native speakers of over 150 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. The app is designed to enhance language speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. HelloTalk has over 30 million users from over 150 countries, making it the largest language exchange community. Users can search for language partners whose needs match theirs.

HelloTalk’s core feature is the Moments flow, which allows users to share and ask questions about language, culture, or travel with native speakers. The app also allows users to practice their target language with native speakers via text, audio, voice messages, and even audio and video calls. The text-to-voice and voice recognition functions can help users improve their pronunciation. HelloTalk has a built-in grammar correction function, which automatically corrects potential errors before sending messages.

HelloTalk also provides hundreds of native tutors for 1-on-1 language lessons. These tutors have language certificates and practical teaching experience. The app’s aim is to connect language learners from all over the world to create a community that makes language learning more fun, natural, and vivid.

The app has received positive reviews from outlets like 9to5Mac, PCMag, Mashable, and Forbes.

8. Write It! Japanese

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Write It! Japanese is a writing recognition app that enables users to learn Japanese kana characters. This application boasts a hassle-free writing experience, eliminating the need for users to reference how to write a character. Instead, users can practice writing with guides before testing themselves, enabling them to learn quickly and stress-free.

The app offers bite-sized lessons that allow users to learn at their convenience, even if they have only a few minutes to spare. Moreover, users can write anywhere, no longer restricted to pen and paper. With Write It! Japanese, users can break free from the limitations of reference books, videos, and lackluster tracing apps that never test them.

In summary, Write It! Japanese offers a unique and effective way to learn Japanese kana. The app’s hassle-free writing experience, practice guides, bite-sized lessons, and ability to write anywhere make it a convenient and stress-free learning tool. Users can now bid farewell to reference books, videos, and tracing apps that never test them, and embrace a more effective approach to learning Japanese kana.